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Russ and Denise Skinner of Boston win the coveted Lerwick race with the North Road Championship Club

The Lerwick Winners - Mr and Mrs Skinner
138 members sent 779 pigeons to Lerwick with the North Road Championship Club. The convoy of pigeons were held over for three days due to poor weather conditions. The liberation eventually took place on the Tuesday morning at 07.00CEST and the race was finally underway.
The Lerwick winning hen - Tushka

Husband and wife, Russ and Denise Skinner of Boston were the Lerwick race winners, timing their pigeon at 16:58 on the first day and winning the coveted King George V Lerwick Trophy. Russ was introduced to the pigeon sport by his father, Albert who was known locally as Mr Thurso due to his multiple wins from that race point amongst others. It is Albert's family of birds which form the basis of those flown by Russ and Denise to this day. After flying with his father for a number of years, Russ started up his own loft on moving to Boston with his wife in 1996. Both father and son use the sprint races as preparation for the longer distance events and Russ and Denise now have four North Road Championship Club wins to their name. Their first win was from Thurso in 2006 with a pigeon named Diamond Geezer. 

The Skinner's lofts

The Lerwick winner is descended from original pigeons from Albert and also from Russ' uncle Billy. Named Tushka, it came straight off the expected line of flight and trapped without hesitation. Despite the holdover, it was still looking as good as the day of basketing. Russ and Denise race on the widowhood system with both cocks and hens and there are no hard and fast rules with regards to the preparation of their birds. Rather, every season is different and they adapt to the situation from day to day. This year the birds were paired up a couple of weeks later than usual so racing also commenced a couple of weeks late. 

The winner's wing

Denise takes care of the youngsters once they are weaned off from their parents and they are trained to come in when she calls them down. What doesn't trap back, misses tea, so they quickly learn to do as they are told. With regards to the old birds, the widowhood team are let out for an hour each morning and evening with half an ounce of food after each session for the hens, whilst the cocks get an ounce and a quarter. These rations are supplemented according to the appetite of individual pigeons. The cocks and hens don't see their boxes or each other throughout the week, only on their return from racing are they let in together. Preparation for Lerwick would usually include all races in the club programme, however due to the amount of east in the wind this year, they had a weeks rest after Perth and another after Fraserburgh. 

Inside the loft

Tushka's previous results include 112th Perth and 30th Fraserburgh in 2019. In 2020 there was a break from racing due to Covid, but in 2021 she was back on the road and won 138th and 145th Lerwick. 2022 saw her placed 12th from Fraserburgh, 16th Thurso, 21st Lerwick, 35th Thurso and 48th Lerwick. Already this season she has been 118th from Dunbar and now first open from Lerwick. Tushka will now be retired to the stock loft. 

Congratulation on your achievement, Russ and Denise!