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Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE): 1. National Champion Long Distance OB KBDB

This well-known loft has made a fantastic comeback with this brand new national title won in the long distance, a relatively new discipline for the combination since these distances are only raced for barely two years.

We knew the Thibaut-Boons combination for the performances they achieved in the middle distance races since it is one of Belgium's most titled loft in these races with several titles of national champion KBDB, many national acebirds as well as a national victory won in Argenton. From then on, many insiders were surprised to see this loft winning the title of 1. National Champion Long Distance Old Birds KBDB, a discipline which has nevertheless become their main goal since their new start in 2020 after two big sales held during the previous year.

The Thibaut-Boons combination has been able to win this tile thanks to several top performers (see below) who brought back the gold medal with a coefficient of 16.88% and a nice 8/8 with the 2 first nominated won on 4 races. The silver went to the brothers Desbuquois (Flemish Brabant) and the bronze to the brothers Van Laer (Antwerp). Interesting remark: each fancier of the podium is coming from a different province, most of the times not really well represented in the long distance national championships.

New goals in the long distance

As explained earlier, Jean-Marc (who can be considered as the real fancier of the combination) took the decision to focus on the long distance races since 2020. He had won more or less everything on the middle distance races so it was time to move on but his job also pushed him to go that way. He is working as store manager of a big shop and is also working each Saturday, which means he missed the arrival of the races quite often. The long distance races are offering him more flexibility regarding this. He also concluded a partnership with Gino Clicque and each year, about 20-30 young birds bred in his loft are moving to Sombreffe and this has been really successful since the start. Jean-Marc also obtained several young birds from Pascal Arien in 2020. For the marathon races (who will be seriously approached in a near future), he is mainly working with pigeons from Jelle Jellema, Cor de Heijde and more recently Bert Saarloos.

As stated earlier in this report, the pigeons of Gino Clicque mainly contributed to put this loft on the map and we pointed two top racers especially:

- 'Grandson Golden Prince 680' (BE20-3015680)

His name says it all: this pigeon is a grandson of the super 'Golden Prince' (1. National Acebird Long Distance Yl KBDB and super breeder) and we can consider him as a true all-rounder able to win a top prize in the sprint races just like in the long distance races. He finished his season ranked as 12. National Acebird All-Round KBDB 2022.

2. Bourges prov 1.895 p.
 37. National 33.410 p.
2. Lorris 1.314 p.
2. Châteauroux prov 953 p.
 79. National 10.317 p.
6. Tulle Nat. Zone 1.018 p. '22
 33. National 4.185 p.
6. Soissons 1.421 p.
7. Brive prov 645 p.
 280. National 6.117 p.
9. Argenton prov 1.429 p.
14. Tulle prov 573 p. '21
 200. National 7.267 p.

- 'Son Chocolet' (BE20-3015664)

The other big star of the team bred by Gino Clicque and bred out of the best old bloodlines from Wevelgem. This super performer has been raced on 5 long distance races in 2022 and he became afterwards 2. Best belgian pigeon with 5 prizes on the long distance races. He is also that type of pigeon able to win a top prize either on the short than in the long distance.

1. Brive prov 645 p.
 45. National 6.117 p.
3. Argenton prov 1.429 p.
 164. National 21.282 p.
8. Nanteuil 1.440 p.
14. Bourges prov 3.049 p.
 179. National 33.410 p.
13. Châteauroux Nat. Zone 1.519 p.
 157. National 10.317 p.
15. Limoges prov 1.609 p.
15. Bourges I prov 1.172 p.
 62. Nat. Zone 3.251 p.
17. Lorris 1.314 p.
120. Souillac Nat 4.571 p. '21
166. Tulle Nat 4.185 p.
230. Souillac Nat 4.476 p. '22

- '225/20' (BE20-1005225)

Another top performer coming this time from the loft of Arien-De Keyser (Pascal Arien / PEC) through the purchase of several eggs. He also played a role in the title of national champion KBDB since he won a top prize on Souillac as second nominated of the team. It's a son of 'Remco' (3. best yearling with 4 prizes in long distance in 2019) when paired to a half-sister of 'Jana' (4. National Acebird GMD KBDB in 2019).

2. Brive prov 645 p. 
 122. National 6.117 p.
8. Châteauroux Iprov 377 p. '20
11. Argenton Iprov 907 p. '20
12. Souillac prov 449 p. 
 220. National 4.476 p.
14. Châteauroux Iprov 643 p. '21
 60. Nat. Zone 1.519 p.
44. Bourges prov 1.172 p. '21
 171. Nat. Zone 3.251 p.
47. Argenton Iprov 1.429 p. '21
51. Limoges prov 1.609 p.
92. Bourges prov 3.049 p. '22

- '237/20' (BE20-1005237)

Second topper bred out of the eggs from Pascal Arien, he is also bred from the same line than the '225/20' since his mother is a full sister of 'Remco' (father of the '225/20'). His father is at his turn a grandson of the world famous 'Porsche 911'.

1. Châteauroux Nat. Zone 1.519 p.
 12. National 10.317 p.
3. Limoges prov 1.609 p.
 105. National 17.356 p.
7. Argenton Iprov 1.429 p. '21
 52. Nat. Zone 2.407 p.
7. Argenton Iprov 907 p. '20
 385. National 23.280 p.
159. Bourges prov 3.049 p.

Final word

If you talk about a new start, then you probably talk about new goals as well. Jean-Marc has been able to shine directly in a new discipline and this is certainly not given to anybody. When you own a team of top pigeons and you are yourself a top quality manager, then the top performances are never far away. Jean-Marc proved once again he is one of the best fanciers of his generation. His performance list is now talking for himself and we are curious to see what the future will bring! Through this report, he would like to thank two of his friends for their help throughout the whole year: Philippe Soetaers & Michel Lardinois. Congratulations and good luck for 2023!