New auction:Victoria Falls Enduro (ZW)

Monday the 30th of January this new auction will start: Victoria Falls Enduro (ZW)

Victoria Falls Enduro (ZW)
Final stars and Ace Pigeons

A special event at the Victoria Falls One Loft Race is the Enduro Ace competition, which takes place from October to December. These pigeons undergo a well-balanced training program with a training toss every 4 days. These training flights lead up to three races which count for the Enduro Ace Series across 318km, 435 km and 502km. The 728 pigeons basketed for the Final race across 502km, were released at 05:30AM with a strong headwind. Due to overcast, the temperature was not too high - in several places there was even some light rain. The first two pigeons arrived after 9 hours, achieving an average speed of 926 m/min, taking an impressive 36-minute lead! It was a memorable race, in which the pigeons arrived regularly after one another. 50 pigeons arrived on day 1 and when the race was closed, 239 pigeons had reached the lofts. In this auction on PIPA, the diehards of the final and ace pigeons will be on offer.