Stef Bals (Wouwse Plantage, NL) can look back on a super season after winning the title of 1st National Champion Not Nominated Long Distance NPO ‘22

Again, Stef Bals shows to house a super colony. On the long distance, he wins the prestigious title of 1st National Champion Not Nominated. He also managed to become 1st in the competition ‘Eendaagse Fondspiegel‘ (Cat. 2).

Stef Bals received publicity and fame in the past years, thanks to his spectacular performances on his favorite disciplines; short and middle distance racing. Year in, year out, he managed the most amazing results and victories against many thousands of pigeons. At the foundation of these results was a small but quality rich colony based primarily on the super genes of Miss Universe from his good friend Maarten Huijsmans (Hoogerheide, NL). Especially New Universe (daughter Miss Universe) and NPO Men (grandson Miss Universe) have put their mark on the current stock. 

As written above, Stef shined on short and middle distance races in past years. However, last season this was totally different. On 1st April 2022, Stef received the key to his new house where he had quite some work to do, leaving little time for his pigeons. Therefore, he decided to focus on the long distance races later in the season instead. This decision turned out amazingly, something his results on this discipline illustrate. On 4 long distance races, which count for the National championships, the following results were achieved (Afd. 2 R2 RCC West):

Issoudun 534 km 1,393 p.: 5-12-33-47-49-52 (6/6)
Chateauroux 555 km 903 p.: 4-5-7-8-33-34-63-95 (8/8)
Souzay 570 km 415 p.: 1-5-15-78-85-95 (6/8)
Argenton 584 km 329 p.: 3-12-19-45-47-78 (6/8)

Total result 30 pigeons basketed:
8 pigeons 1:100 (26%)
19 pigeons 1: 10 (63%)
26 pigeons 1: 4 (86%)

Besides the many top results on these long distance races, the high prize percentages also show the exceptional level which he raced at. As mentioned before, the foundation to these results is primarily built up by the two icons New Universe and NPO Men.

NL15-1800997, New Universe

NL15-1800997, New Universe

New Universe is a daughter of Miss Universe (NL08-1633110), stock hen at Hok Huijsmans. Father of New Universe is De '744 (NL10-1274744), direct Hans Eijerkamp & Znn. This '774 had proven himself both as a racer and breeder. Looking at her pedigree, New Universe met all the high expectations and more, following in her parents' footsteps as a breeder. 

One of her sons, Mister Universe, managed to shine on the long distance races this year and played a key role in winning the national title. 

NL20-2006960, Mister Universe

Besides New Universe (mother) we find another top breeder in the pedigree of Mister Universe on father's side, namely De Bonte (NL13-1316157). Mister Universe won a/o:

1st Souzay '22 415 p. (9th 2,672 p.)
5th Chateauroux '22 903 p.
5th Sens 688 p.
6th Melun '22 1,900 p.
10th Issoudun (S1) 9,963 p.
11th Morlincourt 2,920 p.
12th Argenton '22 329 p.
52nd Issoudun '22 1,393 p.
1st Ace RCC '21
2nd Ace RCC Long Distance '22
8th Ace Afd. 2 Long Distance '22

Another superstar bred from New Universe is Superboy (NL20-1574106). 

NL20-1574106, Superboy

As a youngster Superboy already showed his racing talent with a/o 4th Quievrain (1,256 p.) and winning the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Late tour Samenspel RCC (again, as a youngster). The father of Superboy is a half-brother to Olympic Roel (Hok Huijsmans, Hoogerheide). Mother is New Universe (NL15-1800997) bred from '744 (Hans Eijerkamp en Znn) x breeding phenomenon Miss Universe (Maarten Huijsmans). As a yearling Superboy had 2 spectacular results. In '21 he won the provincial race in Afd. 2 from Pont St. Maxence against 9,829 pigeons. Later that season he was very close to a second victory taking 4th in Afd. 2 from Morlincourt against 10,746 pigeons. The three pigeons beating him were all loft mates. The most impressive results by Superboy are listed below: 

1st Afd. 2 Pont St. Max. 9,829 p.
4th Afd. 2 Morlincourt 10,746 p. (behind 3 loft mates)
4th Quievrain 1,256 p.

Besides New Universe (NL15-1800997) another important stock pigeon on Stef his lofts is NPO Men (NL10-204584).

NL10-2047584, NPO Men 

The phenomenal NPO Men also comes from pigeon friend Maarten Huijsmans and is a grandchild of Miss Universe. As a breeder he followed in the footsteps of his grandmother and became (grand)father of many cracks (see text in his picture). This year too, descendants of NPO Men showed themselves at the top of the results list. Past season, a direct daughter won the 8th NPO Sens against 8,754 pigeons. Another example of his enormous breeding value is great grandchild Sister Flash (NL20-2006965).

NL20-2006965, Sister Flash

The hen Sister Flash is bred from 2 good racers and is a double grandchild of NPO Men. She was the first pigeon to arrive on 3 long distance races past season, and thereby played a crucial role in winning the national title. Below you find the 5 prizes won by Sister Flash on long distance races: 

4th Chateauroux 555 km 903 p.
5th Issoudun 534 km 1,393 p.
12th Issoudun 534 km 315 p.
47th Argenton 584 km 329 p.
85th Souray 570 km 415 p.


Where in the past this colony shined on short and middle distance races with spectacular victories against thousands of pigeons, Stef now shows his small colony also excels on long distance races. No better proof than the 1st National Champion Not Nominated Long Distance 2022 title. Allrounders which are able to win from 100km to 700km. 

Besides his own results, Stef is proud that other fanciers achieve wonderful results with descendants of (especially) New Universe and NPO Men. We end this article with a few of the best references from 2022: 

  • Bernard van Oerle: 1st Asse Zellik (1,703 p). Bred from the bloodline of NPO Men.
  • P. Wezenbeek: 7th Provincial Banteux (12,221 p.). Bred from daughter New Universe.
  • R. Norbart: 6th NPO Issoudun (6,438 p.). Bred from granddaughter NPO Men.
  • Br. Godschalk: 8th NPO Issoudun (6,438 p.). Bred from granddaughter NPO Men.