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Karlo Van Rompaey (Sint-Truiden, BE) wins KBDB Ace Pigeon title, 4 years in a row!

After winning the titles 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings KBDB in 2019 and ’20 and the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings KBDB in ’21. Karlo wins the 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old birds title in 2022.

Winning… the ultimate goal in pigeon sport

In pigeon sport only one thing counts...'winning'. Nobody knows this better than a veterinary. Why do pigeon fanciers go to the veterinary during the racing season? Simply because the results aren't the way they imagined, and...because they aren't 'winning'. Regular checks are also common, to be sure that there aren't any underlying infections from their time in the basket. This could potentially be a reason in the coming weeks to not be 'winning' anymore. Nobody knows the ins and outs of a pigeon fancier better than veterinary Karlo Van Rompaey. 

Keeping his client's pigeons healthy is his occupation, ensuring these pigeons can reach their peak condition. Moreover, he himself is a skilled and passionate pigeon fancier, and competes against many of his clients during the weekend. Beating them to the win is the challenge, focussing on the heavy middle distance and long distance classics. There too, Karlo wants the play a lead role. 

With quality, class and the necessary pigeon skills, he has made his way to the absolute top in Belgium. Large victories against thousands of pigeons, seems like child's play for the colony of Karlo Van Rompaey. His two national Bourges winners - breeding wonder Hattrick (winner 1st National Bourges against 14,496 p. and fastest of 60,041 p.) and Prima Dora (1st Nat. Bourges against 18,826 p.) - form the ironclad foundation to the explosion of new succeses. New breeding gold from the PEC lofts - especially the Porsche 911 bloodlines - ensured the latest quality injection! The world-class quality, led the Karlo Van Rompaey colony to the absolute top. His place amongst the best Belgian fanciers was confirmed again in the past racing seasons. 

In 2018, the first group of PEC youngsters moved to the lofts in Sint-Truiden, to be raced and tested. Starting in 2019, this led to 4 years of new KBDB Ace Pigeon titles: 

2019: 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings  
2020: 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings  
2021: 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings  
2022: 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old birds

We would like to introduce the cracks which achieved these fantastic titles on the lofts of Karlo Van Rompaey to you further. Starting with the phenomenal racer that - in 2021 - stood on the highest national KBDB podium spot.

Pascal BE20-4157827: 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB Yearlings 2021

Superstar Pascal is not just any pigeon. He comes directly from the PIPA Elite Center (PEC). The results with which he won the national title, say enough. Supercrack Pascal shined on the long distance races by winning not 1, but 2 Provincial races. Moreover, both victories were good for a National Top 4 result! 

  1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB YL 2021
  1st Prov. Tulle 770 p. - 4th National 7,267 p.
  1st Prov. Souillac 371 p. - 3rd National 4,571 p.
48th Prov. Gien 2.910 p.

Full brother 1st Interprov. Chateauroux 6,923 p.

Father: the "914", BE14-2230914, an extraordinary racer himself, which showed his breeding class in the meantime. He won a/o:

  3rd Prov. Vierzon 1,175 p.
 32nd Nat. Bourges 21,522 p.
 53rd Nat. Zone Argenton 3,188 p.
 84th Nat. Montluçon 9,462 p.
113th Nat. Limoges 6,492 p.

As a breeder he became father of:

1st Interprov. Châteauroux 6,923 p.
1st Prov. Tulle 770 p.  - 4, National 7,267 p.
1st Clermont 544 p.
2nd Soissons 2,077 p.
7th Prov. Sourdun 3,713 p.
7th Prov. Fay-Au-Loges 1,350 p.
15th Nat. Valence 7,591 p.
22nd Nat. Zone Souillac 1,285 p.
25th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB 2021
45th Nat. Brive 4,384 p.
61st Nat. Brive 4,384 p.
76th Nat. Châteauroux 33,833 p.

The "914" is a son of Nice One x Toppie, BE13-6143677 an original Bart Geerinckx pigeon and Miss Tarzan 88, BE13-5065188, full sister of star breeder Dali and Salvador and thereby a daughter of Tarzan x New Patricia, the other success line of the PEC. 

Mother: Cayman BE18-4194399. Another direct child of the wonder pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve and thus a full sister of Porsche 911, Boxster, Prince Porsche, Panamera etc., …!

It didn't take long before Karlo had a successor to this phenomenal ace pigeon. In 2022, a grandson of Hattrick reeled in the latest Ace Pigeon title, and took the highest podium spot on the provincial level. 

Grandson Hattrick BE20-4157801: 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2022

This long distance crack honored the Karlo Van Rompaey name in 2022. This racing star is a grandson of both 1st Nat. Bourges winners: Hattrick and Prima Dora, paired to each other at the time. The supergenes of both national winners were crossed (through mother's side) with the golden lines of Sister Porsche 471 BE15-4013471 - full sister of Porsche 911, Boxster, Prince Prosche, Panamera, Cayman… - and thus a daughter of golden stock pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve from the PEC. 

Grandson Hattrick BE20-4157801 had a fantastic season in 2022. Besides two ace pigeon titles, he also won a series of top results: 

1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2022
11th Best Long Distance pigeon PIPA Ranking – across 3 National races
  6th Nat Bourges 11,952 p.
  9th Prov Tulle 735 p.
28th Nat Brive 6,117 p.
54th Reg Dizy-Le Gros 1,417 p.
62nd Prov Bourges 3,861 p.
64th Nat Limoges 17,356 p.

The father of this newly crowned 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon is Son Hattrick x Prima Dora BE18-4194346 - bred by the PEC - is a mighty breeding cock. Just like his parents, this quality breeder has a long list of top results on his breeding palmares. He is father of a/o: 

1st Hot Spot 1 Victoria Falls 2,667 p.
2nd Reg. Soissons 560 p.
6th Nat. Bourges 11,952 p.
16th Nat. Zone Souillac 1,285 p.
17th Nat. Bourges 25,096 p.
22nd Nat. Zone Bourges 4,514 p.
23rd Nat. Zone Châteauroux 3,349 p.
30th Nat. Châteauroux 24,617 p.
58th Nat. Zone Bourges 4,801 p.
etc., …

Without doubt this pigeon classifies as a 'super breeder'! 

Prior to the above mentioned titles, the 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB title was won in 2019 and 2020, both times with a direct PEC pigeon. 

2nd Prov. Ace BE19-4184293: 2nd Prov. Ace Pig

This crack also comes directly from the PEC. That the descendants of golden stock pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve from PEC gave the performances of Van Rompaey a boost, is proven by this 2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB 2020. His father is also a full brother of Porsche 911, Brother Porsche 697 BE16-4126697...and a direct son of this golden stock pair. 

His mother is Dochter Dali BE17-4062538, daughter from Dali (son from Tarzan x New Patricia) paired to New Amalia. This 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon (a cock) flew the following fantastic results: 

4th Prov.  Souillac 628 p. ’20 – 20th Nat. Zone 1,285 p.
6th Prov.  Limoges 769 p. ’20  – 26th Nat. Zone 1,752 p.
7th Soissons 560 p.
29th Soissons 2,077 p.
48th Prov.  Limoges I  1,583 p. ’22
79th Prov.  Vierzon 2,876 p. ’21
633rd Nat. Chateauroux 33,833 p. ’20

Porsche Noor 312 BE18-4194312: 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB 2019

This fantastic hen became 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance YL 2019 in Fondclub St. Tuiden. She is also a direct PEC pigeon. 
Father: Son Porsche 452 BE16-4129452, a direct son of wonderboy Porsche 911 (indeed, from golden stock pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve), paired to Noor, the super hen of Gaston VD Wouwer (from grandson x granddaughter Kaasboer).

Mother: ‘4 Aces 914’ BE16-6033914, a direct Bart Geerinckx and granddaughter of 4 phenomenal Ace Pigeons: Gladiator (2nd Olympiad pigeon and 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB), Miss Magic (1st Olympiad pigeon Allround ’13), New Freddy (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance KBDB ’10) and Amalia (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance KBDB ’11). 

2nd Club Limoges 964 p. ’19 – 16th Nat. Zone 1,960 p.
2nd Prov Aurillac 488 p. ’19 – 62nd Nat. 3,584 p.
8th Prov Valence 1,230 p. ’20 – 71st Nat. 7,591 p.
128th Nat. Limoges 15,797 p. ’20
4th Club Souillac 392 p. ’19 – 12th Prov. Souillac 422 p.
40th Prov. Chateauroux 1,090 p. ’18
69th Prov. Chateauroux 2,912 p. ’21
99th Prov. Sourdun 3,713 p. ’18

Reaping the benefits 

Karlo now reaps the benefits from his breeding, racing and selection strategy. Thanks to the high quality on the lofts and the tough selection standards, Karlo Van Rompaey worked his way to the national top. A success story which is far from over.