Pigeons theft at the combination Bastogne-Henry (BE)

We've just heard the sad new that around 200 pigeons from the combination Bastogne-Henry have been stolen.

When Sébastien's son went to the lofts thursday morning around 08h00, he quickly noticed that something was wrong and that many pigeons were not there anymore. Almost the entire team of the pigeons born in 2022 was found missing. The theft was apparently done during the night of wednesday and thursday and was probably achieved by a well organized gang.

Police is currently investigating in order to find any clue that could lead to the identification of the thieves.
Le travail de reconstitution est actuellement en cours afin de rechercher le moindre indice qui mènerait aux responsables de ce vol.

No pigeon from their auction starting this coming monday has been stolen.
If you have any information that could be linked to this theft, please email redactie@pipa.be