New auctions: Alpdag Brothers, Pieter Veenstra, Hans-Peter Brockamp & Jelle Roziers

Monday the 12th of December these new auctions will start: Alpdag Brothers (TR), Pieter Veenstra (NL), Hans-Peter Brockamp (DE) & Jelle Roziers (BE). Please note that these auctions end Monday, 26/12 and not Sunday, 25/12 due to Christmas.

Alpdag brothers (TR)
Porsche Special

The Alpdag brothers have built an exceptional breeding colony based on the best West European pigeon stocks. An important role within this colony is reserved for the Porsche 911 dynasty of the PIPA Elite Center. This icon is the most successful (heavy) middle and long distance distance breeder in Belgium of the past years. Countless National KBDB Ace Pigeons, National winners and Olympiad pigeons were brought forth by the Porsche 911 family. Alpdag offers youngsters from their best breeders of this super stock; from direct children of Porsche 911, Louise, Nestsister Boxster, etc., ...

Pieter Veenstra (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders & racers

In 2022, the Veenstra household proved once again that they practice pigeon at the highest level. Starting off with the 1st National Sector 4 on the long distance race from Sailieu and two weeks later the 1st NPO Chalons. It is the result of a well thought out breeding strategy in which the old bloodlines of Dolce Vita play an important role. Targeted purchases to continuously develop these winning genes have been crucial, but especially the Million Dollar phenomenon Return Flojo and her familly have become invaluable as the colony's stock pigeons. In this auction are youngsters from the best breeders! 

Hans-Peter Brockamp
Children of the best OLR breeders

Around the year 2000, Hans-Peter Brockamp was known as one of the strongest extreme long distance fanciers in Europe. World-famous stars such as Euro Diamond, Mistral and various other (Inter)national winners stood in the spotlights. After his total auction on PIPA, Hans-Peter switched his focus on One Loft Races and in the meantime has built a fantastic breeding team. In auction are children of the best breeders, including 1st Final Algarve Golden Race Alaunus...1st Final Pattaya OLR Pattaya Diamond...1st Final Europa Masters 2021...and other valuable breeders which have quite some Porsche 911 from the PIPA Elite Center blood running through their veins. 

Jelle Roziers (BE)
Children from the best breeders & racers

One of the biggest stars of Belgian pigeon sport is Jelle Roziers. He became the first fancier in Belgium to win the 1st National KBDB Ace Pigeon Young bird title on the national races twice and he also won the title of 1st National KBDB Ace Pigeon Old birds Long Distance 2022 with the magnificent Pullman. In short; three 1st National KBDB Ace Pigeons in 6 seasons. In addition, between 2016 and 2022 the 2nd-2nd-2nd-3rd-4th-6th-7th-8th-9th-10th Nat. Ace Pigeon/KBDB Championship titles were achieved. The legendary status is secured. The phenomenal Queen L runs throughout the colony and plays a role in nearly all the successes. In auction are children from the super pair Pullman x New Queen L, the two 1st Nat. KBDB Ace Pigeons. Furthermore, children from super breeder Whity Bart x 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Queen Of Heavens...from Gust (1st Nat. Bourges) x Juneau (mother 1st Nat. KBDB Ace Pigeon)...and from many other National top racers and super breeders will become available.