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New auctions: Roger Debusschere, Arie Dijkstra, Lubomir Kubacek, Frits & Wytse Mantel, Paul Gevaert, Derek Walsh, Verweij-De Haan, Joël Verschoot & collectors items

Monday the 21st of November these new auctions will start: Roger Debusschere, Arie Dijkstra, Lubomir Kubacek, Frits & Wytse Mantel, Paul Gevaert, Derek Walsh, Verweij-De Haan, Joël Verschoot & collectors items.

Roger Debusschere (BE)
De Bruyn special

Not many fanciers will ever match the quality that resides on the lofts of Roger Debusschere... Roger is continuously looking for new gems and has found these amongst the pigeons of Willem De Bruijn. Children from stars such as Uranus, Floris Junior, Apollo Junior, Indiaan, Ozosnel, Garmin and Hunter strengthened his breeding team, with Brother Jacob as valuable breeder and Golden Willem as the loft superstar; this son of Gijs x Marianne has already bred 2 generations of 1st Prize winners and many Top 10 racers! In auction, are children of the best De Bruijn breeders from Roger Debusschere. 

Arie Dijkstra (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Arie Dijkstra possibly owns one of the best allround collections in the world. The Dutchman managed to win races from 100 to 1,000 km with his superior colony and in addition the Dijkstra pigeons perform fantastically on the most prestigious One Loft Races around the world! Stock pair Leonardo x Tinkelbel is renowned within pigeon sport and has now bred 6 generations of first prize winners at the highest level. Due to his health, Dijkstra sold his biggest stars in last year's auction season on PIPA and continued his pigeon sport career with a smaller but quality rich group of pigeons. Arie now offers a superb selection of youngsters from his best breeders, here on PIPA. 

Lubomir Kubacek (CZ)
Youngsters from the best breeders

The Czech superstar Lubomir Kabacek booked many 1st National victories and has delivered several Olympiad pigeons. In 2022 he also achieved podium spots on National and Provincial races, to which stock pair Koler x Sudorka and wonder breeder Toni form the foundation. In auction, are pigeons from the same bloodlines as a.o. 1st Nat. Yearlings 2021 Carapaz and the Olympiad pigeons Olympic Bull and Olympic Gregorian...etc., etc. 

Frits & Wytse Mantel (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Frits and Wytse Mantel have put their focus on International One Loft Races. The bloodlines of old cracks such as Olympic Amador, Olympic Cape and Vardy where supplemented with NPO and OLR winners which quickly lead to successes on their new favorite discipline. Frits and Wyste offer a.o. 2 children of Vardy, 1st NPO Issoudun and father of 3rd Final Corabia Winter OLR …a sister of 9th Final & 4th Ace Pigeon Sofia OLR from super pair Jason x Starling (1st NPO Troyes, Leideman)...child of Alonso (father 7th Final Algarve Golden Race) x Starling...a child of Jason x Vardess, 3rd Final Corabia OLR... and a brother of 2nd Ace Pigeon and 3rd Final Sofia OLR, from to pbreeer Salvador x Ellis (1st NPO Melun). 

Paul Gevaert (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Since the passing away of team member Carlos Lannoo, Paul shifted his focus to racing with young birds only. This brought him some fantastic highlights in 2021 including the 1st Prov. Orleans, 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2021 and 11th Nat. Ace Pigeon Allround Young birds 2021. In 2022, he continued where he left off and won many 1st prizes, the season highlights where winning the titles of 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2022 and 1st Prov. Champion Middle Distance KBDB 2022! In this auction on PIPA, Paul offers an exclusive two year old full brother to Olympiad pigeon Ivanka... youngsters from Ace Orleanske, 1st Prov. & 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB and from parents Ace Orleanske...but also from 11th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Clooney I and from parents Clooney I. 

Derek Walsh (IE)
Best breeders & racers

The Irish star fancier, Derek Walsh, spent the past decade building a breeding team from the best of Belgian legends such as Leo Heremans, Dirk Van Den Bulck, Patrick Boeckx and the Dutch Marcel Sangers. It lead to a valuable breeding team, 1st Prize winners and top performers in large competitions. In auction are all his best breeders and racers, which made name for themselves in Ireland. Renowned bloodlines from icons such as Kittel, Sagan, Broer Goede Rode, Boonen, Di Caprio, Bolt, De 030, De Gilbert, Pitbull - but also Best Kittel from Dehon Demonseau - make this a spectacular auction. 

Verweij-De Haan (NL)
Milos Special

With the passing away of superstar Milos in 2022, Verweij- De Haan lost their breeding phenomenon at 20 years of age. In the super colony of Michel and Peter this stock pigeon forms the foundation to countless super racers; at least four generations of (Inter)national ace pigeons and Top 10 winners. Here on PIPA, Verweij- De Haan offers a selection of Milos' descendants, including an exclusive last son, (double) grandchildren and also inbred pigeons to super daughter Miss Milos (2nd European Ace Pigeon and grandmother 1st Int. Barcelona 2022), his granddaughter Red Rose (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Perpignan & best current breeding hen). Furthermore, the auction lots include children from Red Ross and his super daughter Jessie Rose, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon and 1st European Ace Pigeon Hens Extreme Long Distance 2022). 

Joël Verschoot (BE)
Armando Special

With wonder pigeon Armando, Joël Verschoot housed one of the Belgian's best long distance pigeons ever. This crack became 1st and 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB with a.o. 1st Nat. Angouleme, 2nd Nat. Limoges, 2nd Nat. Limoges and 10th Nat. Brive … Armando was the first pigeon ever to be sold online for more than €1 million on PIPA. Joël has restarted with a.o. children of Armando and can once again be found at the top of the charts. In 2022, he won a.o. 1st Nat. Valence, 1st Prov. La Souterraine and the title 5th Nat. Champion Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2022. In auction; a top selection of youngsters from the best children of Armando - exclusively on PIPA! 

Collectors Items
International top-class pigeons

Children to icons - which in many cases are no longer alive - or pigeons from renowned bloodlines which have become phenomenal breeders. PIPA aims to find these 'collectors items' and bring them to auction. This edition includes a beautiful selection of unique pigeons - especially for fanciers who admire quality! Amongst others direct pigeons from the best of Bart Geerinckx, Gebr. Leideman, Karlo Van Rompaey, Norbert & Stefan Ally, Hok Jos Vercammen, Gaby Vandenabeele, Jan Hooymans, PIPA Elite Center, Gino Clicque and Sangers Pigeons will become available, here on PIPA!