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New auctions: Alpdag brothers, Dirk Deroose, David Caruana, Youri Deblanc, Golden Algarve OLR, Maarten Huijsmans & Barcelona Special

Monday the 7th of November these new auctions will start: Alpdag brothers, Dirk Deroose, David Caruana, Youri Deblanc, Golden Algarve OLR, Maarten Huijsmans & Barcelona Special.

Alpdag brothers (TR)
Armando special

Building the quality rich breeding colony of the Turkish brothers Alpdag can only be done with the absolute best. What to think of direct children of one of the best long distance pigeons ever - Armando - on the breeding lofts? This star was crowned 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2018 and 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB addition to becoming Olympiad pigeon and winner of PIPA Rankings with a.o. 1st Nat. Angouleme, 2nd Nat. Limoges, 10th Nat. Limoges on his surprise that this crack became the first pigeon to be sold for over 1 million Euro during the auction of Joël Verschoot on PIPA. Alpdag now brings a fantastic selection of pigeons to auction from their best Armando offspring, here on PIPA.

Dirk Deroose (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

In this auction, children from the golden breeding lofts of Dirk Deroose will be on offer. National victories, ace pigeons and a long list of prestigious championship titles were won by this colony. Famous breeders are amongst others Picsou, Zoom, Marcel, Porsche, Golden Ghost, … etc. Children from the most prominent pairs will be available in auction on PIPA, of which most are related to Dirk his star breeders. 

David Caruana (MT)
Gert Heylen collectie

Many super lofts in Belgium and far beyond its borders were successful with pigeons from Gert Heylen. Stefaan Lambrechts, Jelle Roziers and Gebr. Leideman are just a few of the names which were successful with direct Gert Heylen pigeons or their descendants. The Maltese fancier, David Caruana, bought the best this Belgian superstar had to offer back in 2017 which lifted his performances to another level; winning many 1st prizes against large numbers of pigeons. On PIPA, he brings 10 valuable Heylen pigeons to auction, with a central role for the legendary stock cock Jackpot and his super son Jacky 3. 

Youri Deblanc (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

In this auction, children from the famous Julien dynasty of Your Deblanc are on offer. This dynasty is responsible for countless National top results from Bourges to Narbonne. From the most prominent breeders, children will be available here on PIPA. These breeders include stars such as Crack Julien,Star Julien en Prince Julien and their super children Crack Renee 760, Daughter Star 275, Cracklou 977, Princess Crack Julien, Crack Monti 685,...figureheads of the Deblanc colony. 

Golden Algarve OLR (PT)
Final stars and Ace Pigeons

The Portuguese Golden Algarve One Loft Race is a fantastic yearly event for International pigeon sport. Fanciers from across the world make the trip to see their favorites battle for honor and a total of over 1 million Euro in prize money! Late July, the first training flights were scheduled which ended on August 20th with a toss across 120km. Hereafter, the ace pigeon program started with races of 170km, 205km, 230km, 300km and 500km during the final of October 1st. Where training 1 still counted 6,807 participating pigeons, 3,622 pigeons were basketed for the final race. The final across 505km was selective, with the first pigeons reaching speeds of just over 1200 m/min and 600 pigeons returning to the lofts on the day of release. In this auction on PIPA, the stars from the final and the ace pigeon competition will be on offer; strong pigeons, often with a renowned background. 

Maarten Huijsmans (NL)
Total auction

Many victories in large competitions and (inter)national ace pigeon titles put him in the spotlight time and time again. His small breeding team, consisting only of national stars, form the steady foundation to his success. These cracks were never sold, which led Maarten to becoming a national superstar.

Now that Maarten has decided to move, he is left with no other choice but to say goodbye to his whole colony - without doubt one of the best in The Netherlands. The choice to auction his pigeons - with no exceptions - is a logical step. World-famous pigeons will be on offer, including Super Cees, Pia, Olympic Roel, Super Yearling, Ace Hen, Blue Pearl, Special Diamond, Super Talent, Next Universe, Blue Dream, Simply The Best, Super Dutch...all (national) winners and ace pigeons. Pigeons that brought Maarten to the highest level, but certainly also helped other lofts win. In 2022 alone, achievements including 1st Nat. Champion Long Distance NPO, 1st NPO Fontenay (380km) 4,410 p. and 1st NPO (Issoudun 525km) 2,472 p. where all on account of pure Huijsmans pigeons! This is a last chance to get your hands on these golden bloodlines; not only children to his cracks, but the superstars themselves! Exclusively on PIPA. 

Barcelona Special

The first weekend of July is circled in red for many fanciers in Western Europe; it is the weekend of the most prestigious race of International pigeon sport. The race from Barcelona is almost magical, and one that many fanciers look up to. A Barcelona winner is always a super pigeon - many colonies were built up from their bloodlines. PIPA offers children from current Barcelona icons in auction. Pigeons from stars such as Cor De Heijde, Alain Delhove, Verweij-De Haan, Jelle Jellema, Frans Bungeneers, Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers, Carlo Gyselbrecht, Herman Hendrix and Gerard Schalkwijk will be available.