TNT Lofts triumphs with the 'grand final' Africa Pro Series in sight

While all eyes are already on the Africa Pro Series final on September 17, TNT Lofts took advantage of race 9 over 239 km to show its skills; 1st-5th-8th prize against 519 pigeons and in that way: Fancier Of The Week!

The aperitif for the final race of more than 600 km, became a 'smooth assignment' for the 519 pigeons entered. More than 300 pigeons arrived within 10 minutes, making this a simple warm-up in which the real 'punchers' competed for the main prizes. In the top 10 this time a diversity of Nationalities:

1th TNT Lofts, Zuid-Afrika
2nd JJM Loft, Zuid-Afrika
3th Murray & Mills, UK
4th Stieneker & Van Veen, Duitsland
5th TNT Lofts, Zuid-Afrika
6th Murray & Mills, UK
7th, Zuid-Afrika
8th TNT Lofts, Zuid-Afrika
9th Highfield Lofts, UK
10the Thatha Mali, Zuid-Afrika

TNT Lofts stars of the day

TNT Lofts has a very passionate fancier in Tyrone Bernard who, as a youngster, was already attracted to the pigeon sport because of his grandfather Barney Barnard – driving force in the Old English Game Fowl Association in South Africa. Barney died when Tyrone was 16 years old, but the pigeon sport did not disappear from his life for long. A few years later he met icon Joe Gomes, who gave Tyrone the final push to become an independent fancier, as a member of the Benoni Homing Society Pigeon Club since 2009.

Tyrone Bernard of TNT Lofts, winner and Fancier Of The week race 9

Tyrone regularly sends his pigeons to one loft races, with several notable successes:

1st South African pigeon final Million Dollar race 2012 with Paloma
3rd Ace pigeon Dinokeng OLR 2018 with Genlee
Car winner Hot Spot 1 Million Dollar race 2018 with Scotch Lass
2nd South African pigeon final Million Dollar race 2018 with Bounty Hunter
Gauteng Pigeon Union Knock Out 2019 Winner
10th ace pigeon Million Dollar race 2019 with Daisy 1
Winner Dinokeng One Loft Team Competition 2020
GPU Silver Medal Winner 2020 in Young Birds Series
GPU Gold Medal Winner 2020 in Open Series
GPU Bronze Medal Winner 2020 in Open Series
GPU Gold Medal Winner 2021 in Young Birds Series
Genlee, 3rd Ace pigeon Dinokeng OLR 2018 for TNT Lofts

Tyrone had no doubts about the question of taking part in the Africa Pro Series. “In my view, this will become one of the most popular one loft races in the world. After previous good races, Race 9 became a highlight for us, with 3 pigeons in the top 10 and crowned Fancier Of The Week. We are really looking forward to the final later this week.”


The winning pigeon in Race 9 was ZA-GPU-21-7543 Stewart ... previously winner of a 135km Training Race and already 14th in Race 5 and 16th in Race 6 in the Series...


The winner of the 5th prize is ZA-GPU-21-7553 Senna, who won a.o. in Race 7 as the 6th prize.

Finally the winner of 8th place, the ZA-GPU-21-7568 Verstappen … a full brother of Genlee, the 3rd Ace pigeon Dinokeng OLR 2018 and Clark the best Africa Pro pigeon of TNT so far … but also brother of the 10th Ace pigeon Million Dollar race, Gold and Silver medal winners GPU … and half brother of 2nd South African pigeon in Million Dollar race Bounty Hunter.

Can Ebraheem Mohammed withstand the competition?

Due to the smooth arrivals, not much changed in the rankings in terms of positions … especially in the Blue Jacket competition – ace pigeon over all races based on average speed – the tension is increasing considerably. Week-long leader Karayel from Ebraheem Mohamed had a slightly lesser day with the 382nd prize, while number 2 Romeo with the 15th prize snatched something from the deficit ... with only the final to go, the top 5 looks like this:

1st Ebraheem Mohamed with Karayel (1406 mpm)
2nd Koekemoer & Gomes with Romeo (1398 mpm)
3rd Diamond Pigeon Stud with Grace (1369 mpm)
5th Douw Steyn Racing Pigeons with Million (1359 mpm)
5th Douw Steyn Racing Pigeons with Siya (1347 mpm)

Also in the top of the Black Jacket classification – the 'Best Fancier overall', where the flight time of the 2 first pigeons is added up on each flight – the tension is high. The top 3 is to be found on less than one minute and a half – a gap that can easily be bridged with a selective flight over more than 600 km. With only the final to go, the standings are:

1st Ebraheem Mohammed (South Africa) 67 hrs, 56 mins, 25 secs.
2nd Triple J Lofts (South Africa) 67;57;08
3rd Diamond Pigeon Lofts (South Africa) 67;58;53
4th JJM Loft (South Africa) 68;17;46
5th Douw Steyn Racing Pigeons (South Africa) 68;22;41

In het Zuid-Afrikaanse Bushveld worden inmiddels de laatste voorbereidingen getroffen voor het slotweekend. Natuurlijk worden de duiven de laatste dagen klaargestoomd voor een ultieme krachtsinspanning; de organisatie opent het weekend op 16 september met een gala diner … maakt op 17 september een spektakel van de finale race …en zal op 18 september de winnaars in het zonnetje zetten tijdens de prijsuitreiking waarop het zwarte jasje (black jacket) en blauwe jasje (blue jacket) ook daadwerkelijk fysiek als absolute hoogtepunten worden uitgereikt. Dit alles in de indrukwekkende setting van Phala Phala Wildlife, een der meest spectaculaire stukjes Afrika. Een weekend om naar uit te kijken dus en slotstuk van de nieuwkomer onder de eenhoksraces.


In the South African Bushveld, the final preparations are now being made for the closing weekend. Of course the pigeons are being prepared for the ultimate effort in the last few days; the organization opens the weekend on September 16th with a gala dinner … will make a spectacle of the final race on September 17th … and will celebrate the winners on September 18th during the award ceremony on which the black jacket and blue jacket are actually physically awarded as absolute highlights. All this in the impressive setting of Phala Phala Wildlife, one of the most spectacular parts of Africa. A weekend to look forward to and a final piece from 'the new kid in town' among the one loft races.