John and Alex Nijboer - Nunspeet (NL) 1st NPO Breuil Le Vert Province 8 against 14.000 pigeons.

Masonry, that is anchored in the genes of the Nijboer family. The now 58 year old John Nijboer was born in Groningen. Father was a bricklayer and found work in Rotterdam. John also became a bricklayer and via Biddinghuizen he settled in Nunspeet 30 years ago.

And now his son, the 27 year old Alex Nijboer is also a bricklayer. Together they run a bricklaying firm. A busy and tough life. The pigeon sport is central to these men. Pure relaxation after a long day’s work. ‘For a long time we were just average fanciers. We were happy with that. The last two, three years our pigeons have started performing better. Alex made a few well aimed purchases and it has paid off’. They bought pigeons from Peter van de Merwe, Wim Clermonts, Gerrit Sluyer and finally a few pigeons from Geert Munnik. ‘The 2008 season was a real top year for us with a.o. 3rd General Champion of our strong club ‘De Zilvermeeuw’, 1st Middle Distance District and 3rd Ace pigeon Region 1. In addition to good pigeons, we also received good advice from Wim Clermonts’ says an enthusiastic John Nijboer. Father and son Nijboer own 15 breeding couples – 24 racing couples and began with 70 youngsters. The task sharing is clear: during the racing season Alex takes care of the pigeons, in the quiet season John. For the last four weeks the roles have been reversed. Alex was depressed over the disappointing result in the last middle distance race and John took over the care. Thought-provoking results were not achieved, but in the NPO race from Breuil le Vert father and son Nijboer surprised friends and enemies with an impressive victory with their NL 09-1876639, a pretty chequered hen. She was raced whilst brooding for 14 days and she was very attached to her nest. A week earlier from Peronne she won 46th in the club. And now from Breuil she gets the flowers. A friend in Lienden clocked at 10h25 and just over fifteen minutes later John and Alex went outside and straight away ‘the 639’ reported home. She didn’t waste a second. She walked over the antennae at 10h40.36 from a distance of more than 411 kilometres, which meant a velocity of 1.999,891 m/m. In the club they had a lead of no less than 130 mpm. on number 2. In NPO context she is just under 10 mpm. faster than number two C.F. Groen from Kampen. A phenomenal performance which John and Alex are rightly proud of!

The winner of Breuil Le Vert
The winner of Breuil le Vert is so as stated, a beautiful hen, very attached to her nest. She is a youngster from the second round and was not darkened. Her father is the NL 08-1952071, a direct Geert Munnik out Noordbroek. This ‘071’ comes out the capital breeding cock ‘Black Diamond’, a direct Pieter Veenstra. He comes out ‘Son Terminator’ x ‘Diamond Lady’. The mother of the ‘071’ is ‘Liza’. She is a daughter of the world famous ‘Johnny Boy’ x ‘De Sprinter’.
The mother of our NPO winner from Breuil is the NL 05-2191197, a direct Peter van de Merwe. She is a full sister of his ‘Miss Magic’ who won a 1st from 43.000 and 22.000 pigeons!
Father of ‘the 197’ is ‘Lorenzo’, a capital top breeder in the lofts of Peter van de Merwe. He comes out ‘824 Tournier’ x ‘Navita’ (van Loon). The mother of ‘the 197’ is ‘half-sister Demi’. She comes out ‘124’ Verbart Jan Ouwerkerk x ‘Divoza’ (van Loon). A pedigree to make you lick your lips and it is almost certain that this NPO winner will be used to strengthen the breeding loft of John and Alex Nijboer.
John and Alex knew straight away that they had a super early pigeon and John became very nervous. Because how often do you get the chance to win a 1st NPO? At half past twelve in the afternoon the redeeming Telephone call came from Chairman Wim van den Brink from Region 1 Province 8. Flowers from the club, flowers from the sister club ‘De Stormvogels’, many congratulations and telephone calls. In short, everybody happy and rightly so!

The game with the youngsters
Just like so many others here in the region,  John and Alex Nijboer also lost a great many youngsters. Of the 70 youngsters bred, only 20 remain. The pigeons are coupled around  Christmas and two rounds are bred. After weaning, the oldest were darkened for 12 weeks, but there was no use made of lighting. The second round was put in a separate partition and were not darkened. The youngsters train once a day at the end of the afternoon. Due to a busy working schedule the training was late. The furthest raining was 70 kilometres. The feed consists of Teurlings A.S.  – Matador Start  and Matador Super Energy. The medical picture is simple: once every three weeks something for tricho and once a fortnight something for the airways. Further vitamins from time to time.

Everybody can win in our beautiful pigeon sport. They hadn’t reckoned on it here, the victory came as a great surprise. It ensured a fantastic  happening in the Nijboer household in Nunspeet. John and Alex, congratulations and hopefully you will enjoy it for a long time!