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A report on the provisional result of the Central Southern Classic Flying Club race from St Philbert on 2nd July 2022

63 members sent 872 pigeons to St Philbert with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club. They were liberated at 08.30CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Darren Ede & Family

Darren Ede and Family of Southampton timed a two year old on 1691ypm over 249 miles to take first open and first SE section. The winner is bred from Darren's super breeder, Forever Grateful, a son of Harry. The dam is a direct daughter of License to Thrill the super Welsh racer of Rob Pugh of the Rhonda Valley. 

Paul & Eamonn Kenny

Mr and Mrs Kenny and Family of Wantage were second open and first NE section with a yearling on 1651ypm over 296 miles. The section winning hen has previously been 3rd and 18th open from Guernsey. It was bred by Brian Mawdsley from Southport and the sire has won the federation and been 2nd West Lancashire Affiliation. 

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe of Reading clocked a two year old on 1644ypm over 285 miles to take third open and second NE section. Roger timed a roundabout cock containing 100% Jan Hooymans' Harry bloodlines. The sire is Fabulous Beauty bred by Roger from a son of Beauty Harry when paired to a double grand-daughter of Harry. The dam was bred by Nigel Langstaff from a son of Harry x Harriet. 

John, Darren & Josh May

Mr and Mrs May and Son of West Ashling were fourth open and second SE section with a Belgian rung two year old on 1636ypm over a distance of 242 miles. The May's pigeon was bred by their partnership loft of Yves De Wit in Belgium and it was raced on the roundabout/widowhood system. 

J May and Son of Chichester timed a yearling on 1632ypm over 242 miles to take fifth open and third SE section. John's pigeon is a grandchild of May pigeons' super Spiderman and was raced on the widowhood system. 

J and P Parker of Beenham were sixth open and third NE section with a five year old, blue hen on 1617ypm over 282 miles. The partnership of JPS Lofts is made up of father and son James and Peter and Ian Stafford. 

JJ Schoeman's hen

J J Schoeman of Andover timed a yearling on 1585ypm over 271 miles to take seventh open and fourth SE section. JJ's pigeon was bred by Simon Schofield and its pedigree contains the best of Sorin Florea bloodlines of Romania, including Jong Bliksem and Laureaat. 

Dave Waterhouse

Mr and Mrs Waterhouse of Bedhampton had two pigeons drop together to take eighth and ninth open, fifth and sixth SE section. Both were yearlings, flying a distance of 243 miles and timed on 1573 and 1572ypm respectively. First on the clock was a cock bred from a son of Sagan and second to time is from the CWL birds, from a son of Eurovision x Countance Hen. They were both flown on the roundabout system. 

Mr and Mrs Brian Wall of Havant were tenth open and seventh SE section with a yearling on 1565ypm over a distance of 243 miles. Brian and Viv timed a gift bird from Owen Simpson of Darlington. 

Around the sections

Mel & Sue King

Mel and Sue King of Blandford Forum were first SW section with a two year old, widowhood cock on 1549ypm over 256 miles. Bred from the race team, this cock contains Vandenabeele bloodlines going back to their original M and D Gabys that they have had for many years. 

Mike Rumbold

Mr and Mrs Rumbold of Salisbury timed a two year old on 1545ypm over a distance of 270 miles to take second SW section. Mick and Lin clocked a red chequer cock, bred down from their old family of pigeons and sent sitting eight days and feeding a large youngster. 

Mark Gower

Mr and Mrs Gower of Fordingbridge were third SW section with a three year old on 1529ypm over 258 miles. Mark timed a cock bred from a son of Premier Stud's Mano-O-Chester when paired to a hen bred by GWP Macaloney from Camelot x Blue Caviar. 

Frank Quinn

F J Quinn of Devizes timed two pigeons to take the first two places in NW section. First on the clock was a four year old henon 1540ypm over 287 miles. Next to time was a three year old hen on 1512ypm. The first pigeon is known as Bobbie's Girl and was bred by David Parker of Clitheroe. Bobbie's Girl was 28th open NFC two weeks previously. Second on the clock was a mealy containing Andy Parson's bloodlines. 

Stuart Wilcox

Stuart Wilcox of Bristol timed a Dutch rung three year old on 1467ypm over 301 miles to take third NW section. Called Buck Rogers, this pigeon was bred by the famous Dutch fancier Martijn and Buck De Kruijf. Martijn and Buck gifted this pigeon as a youngster along with some stock birds which have been very successful for Stuart. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the Central Southern Classic Flying Club race from St Philbert.