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A report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Perth on 25th June 2022

Lightning Strike 2 (photo courtesy of Andy Colby)
One hundred and five members sent 819 pigeons to Perth with the British Barcelona Club. They were liberated at 07.30CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Mellonby, Knowles & Simpkin

Mellonby, Knowles and Simpkin of Bridlington timed a yearling on 1127ypm over 206 miles to take first open and first section E. The winner was the same hen that won from Hexham on 11st June, Lightning Strike 2, a Romain Klein x Premier Stud Geerinckx pigeon flown on the roundabout system. 

Tony Webster

Tony Webster of Wisbech clocked three pigeons to take second, third and fourth open, first, second and third section J. First on the clock was a three year old on 1124ypm over a distance of 297 miles. This pigeon was bred by Simon Hughes of Rochdale. Next to time was a yearling on 1124ypm, followed by a two year old on 1123ypm. Second on the clock was a Lambrecht x Laereman hen that has raced well both north and south. Tony's team of pigeons are raced on a double widowhood system. 

Tom Burkill, son Archie & David Hicks

Tom Burkill of Mattishall was fifth open and fourth section J with a two year old on 1075ypm over 316 miles. Both the parent's of Tom's hen were bred by Les Green of Irlam and the dam contains fifty percent Stefaan Lambrechts and fifty percent Dirk Van Den Bulck bloodlines. It is bred out of a son of Lincia Doffer when paired to Kleine Kittel Hen. 

Hoggard, Linley & Ellis' hen

Flying 206 miles, Hoggard, Linley and Ellis of Bridlington took sixth open and second section E with a yearling on 1074ypm. The partners' pigeon is a Gaston van de Wouwer widowhood hen that has scored well in the federation. It is bred from a grandson of Kaasboer and Kamiel on the sire's side and Bro / Jente and Emma on the dam's. 

Nick Barran

Nick Barran of Norwich was seventh open and fifth section J with a yearling on 1065ypm over 320 miles. Nick timed a blue cock flown on the chaos system and a full brother to his Hexham winner from two weeks previous. Bred by Darren May and Family it contains Geeloger and National Wonder bloodlines of Wilms Vermerbergan.

John Adams

The Watford loft of John Adams timed a three year old cock on 1028ypm over a distance of 353 miles to take eighth open and first section D. Flown on the celibate system, this cock is bred down from John's Golden Gaby Dutch Master bloodlines. 

David Hicks

D Hicks of Mattishall clocked a yearling on 1023ypm over 316 miles to take ninth open and sixth section J. David timed a Van Dyke hen bred through his old Kannibaul lines. A consistent racer, the sire of this hen scored from Dunbar. 

Andrew Hitchcock

Completing the top ten and in second section D is Andrew Hitchcock of Windsor who timed a yearling on 979ypm over 362 miles. Andrew clocked Clewer Hill Comet, a chequer cock bred by Dave Atkin. This sire is a direct son of Mysterio x Little Comet, whilst the dam is a Rudi Van Reeth pigeons from the lines of Kittel, Late Rode and Supersprint 80. 

Around the sections 

Lewis, Angela, Eva & Ewan Milne

Lewis and Angela Milne of Dorchester were eleventh open with The Loner, a late bred Gaby Vandenabeele hen that has been a consistent racer. 

Terry Haley

Terry Haley was twelfth open timing a yearling blue hen that was second from Darlington the previous week, beaten by a loft mate. 

Ede & Family

Darren Ede and Family of Southampton were the section A winners with a two year old on 933.08ypm over 392 miles. The sire of Darren's winner is a Darren McFadden cock that is turning out to be a super breeder. The dam is a daughter of Mark Gilbert's super racer, Iron Man. The partners timed a further five pigeons in the top ten of the section. 

Erik Neilson

Wearn Brothers and Neilson were the section A runners-up with a three year old on 933.04ypm over a distance of 389 miles. The partners pigeon is a Tim Hague x New Laureaat x Special One from their good friend Nigel Langstaff. It was previously second section from Hexham. 

Marg Cowley

Mr and Mrs Cowley of Dorchester timed a two year old on 899ypm over 395 miles to take first section B. Lawrence and Marg clocked a blue hen containing Nick Stevens' Padfield bloodlines. It was flown on the roundabout system. 

Mel & Sue King

Mel and Sue King of Blandford Forum were second section B with a yearling cock on 884ypm over 391 miles. The sire is a son of Padfield Invincible from the House of Aarden Stud. The dam was bred by Joe Raeburn and is a daughter of Litton Glory. 

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury were first section C, clocking a two year old chequer hen on 924ypm over a distance of 310 miles. The sire of this winner is a son of Sheppard's delight 3 x 1st Barcelona. The dam is a full sister to Olympic Ric, whilst the grand-dam is Sportsview Diamond. 

Lyndon Rowland

The section C runners-up were L Rowland and Partner of Tamworth who clocked a two year old on 886ypm over 275 miles. Lyndon timed one of his three Musketeers containing Aarden Padfield bloodlines via stock from Steve and Lesley Wright. 

Pavel Dann

P Dan of Aldershot timed two pigeons to take first and second section G. First was a three year old on 821ypm over 376 miles, followed by a two year old on 810ypm. The sire to Pavel's section winner was bred by Alasdair Muir of Abinger Hammer in Surrey and the dam contains German Jan Aarden bloodlines. Both the sire and dam have long distance Barcelona blood. 

Steve Howard

Mr and Mrs Howard of Guildford were next up in section G with a three year old on 730ypm over 377 miles. Steve and Tessa timed a cock that was a gift from their late friend Ray Hammond. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Perth.