Peter Theunis (Hoeven, NL) dominates in division Brabant 2000

Peter Theunis (Hoeven, NL) heerst in afdeling Brabant 2000
Peter Theunis is one of the absolute trendsetters in pigeon sport in 2022, with 10 top 10 prizes over multiple sectors

A strong start

As we have come to expect from Peter, he has immediately been holding his own again in 2022. In the first race (April 30th, Niergnies), which was raced in Brabant 2000 as a grand competition, Peter immediately delivered his calling card with an 8th and the 9th place against 17929 pigeons. The ten races of the pigeons in 2022 became a succession of dizzying results, the provisional apotheosis of which took place on the one-day NPO flights. Before that, Peter basketed a total of 48 pigeons, of which 44 managed to qualify, including a 4th and a 10th NPO. Last weekend at Chateauroux, Peter's pigeons followed one another at lightning speed. Within a time frame of barely 15 minutes after the first pigeon arrived, he saw 16 of his 24 basketed pigeons back. With five pigeons in the top 25 of the NPO competition, Peter delivered a remarkable performance. To give you an impression of the strong game so far, we will  give you an overview of the results in Rayon 2 - East of Brabant 2000;

30-4 Niergnies 184 km 3148 p. 1-2-9-11-26-58-60-91-95-100-etc.(56/67)
7-5 Morlincourt 248 km 3217 p. 5-6-11-13-19-29-35-36-44-45-49-50-51-etc.(51/68)
14-5 Melun 351 km 2951 p. 2-11-12-17-20-24-26-29-42-45-46-etc.(52/63)
21-5 Melun 351 km 2164 p. 5-6-7-8-9-10-17-21-22-24-26-27-30-31-35-37-38-etc.(50/59)
28-5 Issoudun 546 km 1424 p. 3-6-7-9-10-16-20-22-23-32-37-38-44-47-etc.(24/24)
NPO 6438 p. 10-14-15-18-21-45-61-68-69-etc.(24/24)
4-6 Sens 385 km 1338 p. 1-2-4-8-9-11-14-32-442-43-47-48-etc.(41/58)
11-6 Chateauroux 567 km 1160 p. 2-7-8-9-10-12-13-16-18-19-20-23-26-28-29-etc.(20/24)
NPO 5290 p. 4-20-22-24-25-32-35-47-59-61-62-etc.(20/24)

Avatar and Super Rossi make a striking difference

After taking a closer look at the pedigrees of the pigeons that managed to distinguish themselves with a top 10 listing in the grand competition, two pigeons, in particular, stand out. No fewer than six pigeons are grandchildren of Super Rossi. In addition, among the top 10 pigeons are no fewer than three children of Avatar. Both former top pigeons have more than proven themselves in the breeding loft of Peter Theunis. We would like to bring both pigeons to your attention;

Six grandchildren of Super Rossi are among the top 10 grand competition

six grandchildren of NL11-3024491 Super Rossi are racing in de top 10 of the Brabant 2000

NL11-3024491 Super Rossi is a well-known name in the loft of Peter Theunis. This phenomenon managed to distinguish itself as a racing pigeon with 10 first prizes, including a 1st Creil against 7696 pigeons. As a breeder he has been invaluable. His grandchildren will prove that in 2022, with six top-ten rankings in the grand competition already;

NL21-2117849 Olympic Rossi (grandson Super Rossi) wins in 2022 a.o. 7th Morlincourt against 18352 pigeons

NPO winner Avatar distinguishes itself as a breeder 

NL17-1371054 Avatar, 1st NPO Quiévrain against 13331 p.

The checkered cock NL17-1371051 Avatar won for Jan Timmermans (Donkerbroek, NL) a 1st NPO Quiévrain against 13331 p. Avatar is a son of the Millennium couple of Peter Theunis and thus a brother of countless top pigeons, of which NL17-3714984 Olympic Millenium with its 1st place in the PIPA Rankings in 2017 is undoubtedly the very best. Children of Avatar once again prove its enormous breeding value in 2022. His three children who took home a top-10 ranking in the grand competition are also all grandchildren of Super Rossi. Because of this, the pedigrees are shown above. It is striking, to say the least that all three of Avatar's children were born from a pairing with a daughter of Super Rossi x Argentina.

NL17-3732556 Sisther SuperDaisy is the mother of Avatars Girl, 2nd Sens against 8754 pigeons

The NL17-3732556 Sisther SuperDaisy is one of the daughters of Super Rossi x Argentina who, coupled with Avatar, is successful in the breeding loft. She is the mother of, among others, NL20-2030265 Avatar's Girl and NL20-2002167 Millennium Ava (At the time of writing 7th Ace pigeon sprint Brabant 2000).

NL20-2030265 Avatar's Girl
1st Sens 2601 p.
2nd Brabant 2000 8754 p.
8th Nat. Ace Pigeon PIPA Rankings
18th Peronne (Brabant 2000) 12231 p.
20th Pont.St.Max (Brabant 2000) 16292 p.
41st NPO Issoudun 6667 p.
71st NPO Chateauroux 5290 p.

NL20-2002167 Millennium Ava
1st Chateaudun 2456 p.
3rd Brabant 2000 6277 p.
8th Quiévrain 2500 p.
20th Morlincourt (Brabant 2000) 18352 p.
50th Morlincourt (Brabant 2000) 10746 p.

Grandchild Golden Pair wins 3rd Sens 8754 p.


NL19-4204009 Millennium Ace is father of the 3rd Sens 8754 p.

The other input regarding the top 10 pigeons of the grand competitions comes from, among others, the Golden Pair (whose father is a son of the Millennium couple and the mother is a daughter of Super Rossi). The father of the NL21-2111044 Millennium Star, 3rd Sens against 8754 p., is NL19-4204009 Millennium Ace (son of Golden Pair). Millennium Ace was the 11th national ace pigeon WHZB. 

Grandchild Millennium couple wins 4th NPO Chateauroux 5290 p.

NL17-3748931 Miss Milenium is the mother of the 4th NPO Chateauroux against 5290 p.

The NL21-2127811 Millenniums Fighter wins the 4th NPO Chateauroux against 5290 pigeons. That cock is a son of NL17-3748931 Miss Milenium (daughter Millennium couple). Miss Milenium previously became the mother of, among others, Witbuiks Blue, who won a 1st NPO La Souterraine against 2753 pigeons and finished 11th in the national competition WHZB.

Millennium's Winner is mother 8th Niergnies 17929 p.

NL20-4211126 Millennium's Winner is the mother of the 8th Niergnies against 17929 p.

The NL21-2127844 Blue Flame took care of the first top-10 ranking (in the grand competition) of 2022 with an 8th Niergnies against 17929 p. (1st against 6068 p.). Blue Flame is a daughter of NL20-4211126 Millennium's Winner, who herself won a 1st NPO from Chalons en Champagne against 6221 pigeons. Millennium's winner is a grandchild of both Super Rossi as well as the Millennium couple.

Grandchild Millennium couple wins 10th NPO Issoudun 6438 pigeons

Finally, NL21-2111149 Rainbow's Millennium won a 10th NPO Issoudun against 6438 p. His father is NL19-1735272 Blue Millennium (son of the millennium couple).

At other lofts

The Theunis pigeons also managed to score in the top-10 in other lofts in the grand competition. Compagnon Jan Timmermans won with grandchildren of Super Rossi a 4th from Weert in his department against 18654 pigeons, a 4th NPO Sourdun against 6649 pigeons and a 6th NPO Sens against 5753 pigeons. Auke van der Deen from Hoogeloon won a 1st in the province, East Brabant, against 8812 pigeons in a very tough middle-distance race from Melun with a grandchild of Fast Rocket. On the same flight, Henri Vennix from Oostelbeers was successful with the 7th place with a grandchild of New Rocket.