Tom & Marnik Van Gaver (Moortsele, BE) power through the 2022 season

The Van Gaver colony is a well-oiled machine. This has also been the case in the 2022 season in which they battle for the victory every week, with success!

It is high time to get to know these winners and top performers a little better.  

Argenton II

Starting off with the most recent top result on the ever so tough Argenton II last weekend. With 4 pigeons in the Top 50 national, the Van Gaver pigeons show what they are capable of. Even in the gruesome heat their quality is evident, possibly even more so under these tough conditions. 

Finn's Magic

The first pigeon to arrive was Finn's Magic, BE21-4177064, taking 7th Nat. against 12,936 yearlings! This hen is a granddaughter of stock pigeon Finn crossed with the breed from Adrien Mirabelle on mother's side. This hen showed to be in good shape on Bourges I as well, where she won 375th Nat. Bourges against 24,221 p. These prizes have resulted in a preliminary 44th place in the PIPA ranking Best Belgian Middle Distance Yearling across 2 races

Interestingly, this youngster was raced by Kristof Delmulle as a youngster and now shines as a yearling on the lofts of Tom en Marnik. 

Finn's Queen

Second pigeon back on the lofts from Argenton was the hen Finn's Queen, BE21-4201816. She arrived some 6 minutes behind her loft mate in Moortsele which was good for the 13th Nat. Argenton II 12,936 yearlings. Finn's Queen is a cross between Geerinckx x Van Gaver. On mother's side she is a granddaughter of Queen James (5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2017) and on father's side we once again see Finn as a grandfather...

She too, had already achieved a top result this season with the 215th Nat. Argenton I 18,763 p. Which brings her to a preliminary 42nd place in the PIPA ranking Best Belgian Middle Distance Yearling across 2 races

Icon Finn and his parents

The third pigeon that was clocked was the old cock Allround Finn, BE20-4037342. He takes 34th Nat. Argenton II against 10,634 Old birds. As a youngster this crack became 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Young birds in 2020. He is a son of the famous Finn Pair and thus a full brother of Finn himself! 

Allround Finn

The fourth pigeon to take a Top 100 spot on Argenton II is the hen Just Like Tetske, BE21-4201732. With a fantastic 50th Nat. against 12,936 yearlings, she shows to carry the same genes as het sister Tetske (1st Nat. Brive). Moreover, just like many of her lofts mate, she already flew a good result on a national race this year. She won 590th Nat. Bourges I against 18,763 p. As a result, this yearling hen of Tom & Marnik is ranked 65th in the preliminary PIPA ranking Best Belgian Middle Distance Yearling across 2 races

Limoges I

A week earlier, on Limoges I, the Van Gaver pigeons didn't hold back. The provincial and zonal victory was missed by just a hair, only Bernard Lefebre from Zulte managed to clock a pigeon before them. 

In Fondclub Denderstreek, Tom and Marnik basketed 33 old birds to compete against a total of 1,669 old birds. They dominated the results list with 1-3-6-12-14-...and 22 prizes from 33 pigeons. A fantastic result! 

The winning cock was Just Little Ricky, BE20-4037201 taking 2nd Provincial against 4,011 p. and 2nd Zone against 5,432 p. On a national level Just Little Ricky took 5th Nat. against 17, 356 p. This wasn't his first top result; as a yearling he took the victory on Noyon! A super racer and a son of Ricky, 9th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2014...

Just Little Ricky

Their second pigeon, taking 3rd prize in the club, is Big Ricky, BE19-4207220. Indeed, another son of Ricky! He too is one of the current stars of the Van Gaver loft, besides this 16th Prov. Limoges I 4,011 p. and 26th Zone 5,421 p. and 36th Nat., he was an impressive list of prizes on his palmares on the heavy middle distance and long distance races. 

Big Ricky

Chateauroux provincial Oost-Vlaanderen

Whilst the old pigeons were taking on Limoges, the yearlings team was basketed on the provincial race from Chateauroux in Oost-Vlaanderen. The 39 strong Chateauroux team of Tom and Marnik was just as strong as their elders on Limoges. In Fondclub Denderstreek they once again dominated the results list against 2,118 yearlings: 1-2-4-17-28-47-52-62-65-67-68-73-75-79-82-85-90...(34/39). Good for a Provincial 4-6-9 against 4,194 pigeons! 

First pigeon to arrive for Tom and Marnik was Miss Magic Turbo, BE21-4177026, a cross between Van Gaver x Geerinckx. 

Miss Magic Turbo

Second to arrive was Suprême Finn, BE21-4201705, a daughter of the legendary Finn. 

Suprême Finn

The third pigeon to contribute to the phenomenal result on both the club and provincial level was Finn's Queen, BE21-4201816 who we mentioned earlier as winner of 13th Nat. Argenton and 42nd in the preliminary PIPA ranking. She is clearly working on a phenomenal season...

In the same week as Limoges I and provincial Chateauroux, there were also fireworks on middle distance race. Tom & Marnik Van Gaver win 1st Sermaises 1,133 p. and have the fastest of all 3,731 pigeons with Sabina (NL20-1525613). This winning pigeon is a direct Kruijf (NL). 


Argenton I

A week before that, the national race from Argenton was flown. Tom & Marnik had the two fastest pigeon in the club against 892 pigeons. The fastest pigeon that day was the hen Charlies Torres, BE20-4037324, arriving before the cock Pollidor, BE19-4207116. The latter is currently placed 14th in the ranking of Best Belgian Middle Distance Old bird across 2 races. 

Bourges I

Also on the first national race from Bourges the Van Gaver pigeons were on top of their game. This led to an unbelievable club result: 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-10 against 823 pigeons...The winner that day was just discussed: Pollidor BE19-4207116.

Provincial races Vierzon and Orléans

Also on the provincial races shortly before the start of the nationals season, Tom & Marnik their pigeons performed sensationally. 

Vierzon 21/5/2022 - 645 Old birds
2-3-4-5-11-17-18-19-20-27-28-31-34-35-37-55-57-60-61-62-64-... (36/87)

Orleans 14/5/2022 - 797 Old birds
1-2-3-4-6-7-9-13-17-22-23-28-31-37-45-46-59-61-67-68-69-77-82- ... (47/100)

What to think of the preparatory races at the beginning of the season. The Van Gaver colony had already taken their share of victories and top results in Week 1 of the season. A good start is half the work...

An overview of the first (preparatory) weeks of the season: 

1.-2.-3.-4. Club 797 Old birds / 1.-2. fastest 1.237 pigeons / 1.-2. Federation 3.009 pigeons /
1.-2. fastest 4.529 pigeons Ecouen (240 km) grandchild Finn & grandchild Ricky

1.-2.-3.-4. Club 867 Old birds / 4. Federation 4.828 p. / 11. I.Prov. 21.087 p. Orleans (365 km)
First pigeon is a grandchild of the Finn Pair – daughter White Finn

1.-2. Club 440 Yearlings / 1. Federation 1.520 pigeons Ecouen (240 km)
First 2 pigeons were grandchild Finn and direct child Finn

1. Club 903 Old birds / 1. Federation 3.776 p. / 1. fastest 5.767 p. Noyon I (165 km)
With grandchild Finn Pair – from brother Finn 344

1. Club 524 Yearlings / 1. Federation 1.991 p. Noyon I (165 km)
With grandchild Finn Pair – van brother Finn 344

1. Club 1.216 pigeons / 2. Federation 4.849 p. / 2. fastest 7.430 p. Noyon II (165 km)
direct Kruijf, daughter Sabine

1. Club 437 pigeons / 5. Federation 2.361 p. / 13. I.Prov. 9.997 p. Orleans (365 km)
With grandchild Finn Pair – son of brother Finn 232

1. Club 165 pigeons / 2. fastest 348 p. Quievrain (67 km)
With grandchild Sweet 16

New top season in the making

With the pigeons in such condition, one might even say top form as the result show, it seems like there is a new super season in the making in Moortsele. Tom and father Marnik belong to the best on a provincial and national level which they have made clear once again in the first half of the 2022 season. If they compete, they race to win....

A top colony built up of strongly selected pigeons...managed by super fanciers Tom and Marnik. That is the recipe to the endless list of top results which the Van Gaver colony deliver week in, week out!