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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Wakefield on 28th May 2022

Andrew Hitchcock
106 members entered 1,129 pigeons into the British Barcelona Club race from Wakefield. They were liberated at 08.30CEST into a light north-west wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

First open and first section D was a yearling on 1755ypm over 155 miles for Andrew Hitchcock of Windsor. Andrew timed Clewer Hill Adam, a chequer cock bred by Dave Atkins from his John Crehan, Jan Hooymans bloodlines. It is a grandson of Mystiques Bond, son of James Bond x Mystique. 

Paul Murrell

Paul Murrell of Poole was second open and first section B with a two year old on 1736ypm over a distance of 203 miles. Paul timed Good Omens, a Vandenabeele bred down from Mel and Sue King, A Lawley and M & D Evans bloodlines. 

John Adams

John Adams of Watford timed two pigeons to take third and fourth open, second and third section D, flying 146 miles. First on the clock was a yearling cock on 1726ypm, next to time was a three year old on 1725ypm. The sire of John's first timer is 39 his number one stock cock and a grandson of Dutch Master when paired to a daughter of Golden Gaby. Second was a hen, the sire of which is a brother to 39. 

Lanahan & Gerard

Lanahan and Gerard of Poole were fifth open and second section B with a two year old on 1724ypm over 201 miles. The partners timed a half-brother to their winner Dark Flo, the dam having been paired to King Kong, a son of Zwarte Louders 1st international St Vincent winner. It was raced on the natural system and sent sitting eggs. 

Tom Burkill

Tom Burkill of Mattishall was sixth open and first section J with a three year old on 1697ypm over 123 miles. Tom had four pigeons drop together nut only three made it onto the clock. Tom's winner was raced on the roundabout system. Both sire and dam came from Les Green and were loaned to Tom before Les' total sale of his Dirk Van Den Bulck pigeons. 

K & J Zerafa

K and J Zerafa of Portsmouth were seventh open and first section A with a two year old flying 198 miles on 1692ypm. Kevin's pigeons contains 100% Mark Gilbert bloodlines being from a full brother to Southfield Supreme Junior when paired to a daughter of Starlight and Melissa. 

Wearn Bros & Neilsen pigeon

Flying 186 miles, Wearn Brothers and Nielson of Ramsdean clocked four pigeons together to take eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh open, second to fifth section A. All four were yearlings and the first to time was on 1690ypm. The first to time was bred by James and Peter Parker. Next up contains Syndicate Lofts bloodlines and the next two were bred by Darren and Josh May and Matt Munslow respectively. 

Around the sections

Pete Wood's hen

P Wood of Meriden was first section C with a two year old on 1672ypm over 86 miles. Pete timed a hen sent sitting three days on her first eggs of the season. It is a Romein-Klein cross from David Parsons. 

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury timed a four year old on 1498ypm, over 119 miles to take second section C. The partners timed a black hen that has been a consistent racer in previous seasons. 

Lourens Londt of Cannock was the section E winner with a three year old on 1213ypm over 70 miles. Louren's clocked a chequer hen, the sire of which was a gift from Arthur Jones of Kidderminster. The dam was bought from Geoff Kirkland. 

Mark & Fraser Pass

M and R Pass of Nantwich were second section E with a two year old on 1099ypm over 65 miles. Mark and Becky's second section winner is a dark chequer widowhood cock, both sire and dam of which are retired racers. 

Steve Howard

Mr and Mrs S Howard of Guildford timed a three year old on 1671ypm over 171 miles to take first section G. The section winner is a celibate cock on its third race of the season. 

The Durrant's cock

Mr and Mrs Durrant of Godalming were second section G with a yearling on 1626ypm over 175 miles. Vince, Sue and Jack timed a blue widowhood cock which is a grandson of Northern Expected 1st amalgamation Bourges and Brian's Denny's Tuff Nut. Both parents were bred by Keith Mott. 

David Hicks

D Hicks of Mattishall was second section J with a two year old on 1679ypm over a distance of 123 miles. David timed a Van Dyke cock with both sire and dam inbred to Olympic Neil's. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Wakefield.