Przejdź do treści

A report on the Central Southern Classic Flying Club race from Guernsey on 7th May 2022

221 members sent 2,683 pigeons to Guernsey with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club. They were liberated at 10.15CEST into a moderate north-north-west wind and with visibility at 20 miles. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

First open and first SE section was won by Mr and Mrs Brian Wall from Havant with a two year old, chequer cock on 1346ypm. Brian's winner was bred from birds he received from John Crehan of Manchester. It is the smallest cock in Brian's loft and as a result is bullied into a bottom nestbox. Not raced as a yearling, this was its third race of the 2022 season. 

John & Kevin Zerafa & Darren Ede

K & J Kerafa of Portsmouth timed a three year old on 1345ypm to take second open and second SE section. Kevin was also waiting for birds from a north road race and was in the loft when his first arrival came from Guernsey. The winner was a hen bred from their good breeding hen, Enigma, whilst the sire was bred by Darren Ede of Southampton and carries the famous Harry bloodlines. The Zerafas timed a further five birds in the top twenty-five of the provisional result. This will be Kevin's first season racing since he lost his father and he is hoping to do his dad proud. 

Colin Harvey's pigeon

Mr and Mrs C Harvey of Waterlooville were third open and third SE section with a three year old on 1342ypm. Colin's blue hen was bred by Bill Harris of Elton in Gloucestershire. The sire is from Richie Herron of Sunderland, whilst the dam came from Paul Dalton of Liverpool. 

B & L Scutt pigeon

B and L Scutt of Portsmouth were fourth open and fourth SE section, clocking a two year old on 1340ypm. Bryce and Lloyd's pigeon was a Louis Cooreman x Lambrecht blue pied cock, raced on the widowhood system. They have raced the Cooreman family of pigeons for many years and they have proved successful from 60 through to 400 miles. 

Dave Waterhouse

Mr and Mrs D Waterhouse of Bedhampton timed a yearling on 1338ypm to take fifth open and fifth SE section. Dave and Lisa's first on the clock was bred from a son of Sagen x Darren Mayes De Wit Yves. They clocked a second pigeon on 1325ypm to also take eighth open and eighth SE section. 

Buddy Shipp

M Shipp of Bedhampton was sixth open and sixth SE section with a yearling on 1334ypm. Buddy timed a gift pigeon from his good friend Ivan Lowden. 

Jason Bowen's hen

J Bowen of Waterlooville was seventh open and seventh SE section with a two year old, chequer hen on 1328ypm. It was bred by Nigel Easton from his sprint family, was raced on the widowhood system and on its second race of the season. 

John, Darren & Josh May

Mr and Mrs May and Son of West Ashling timed four pigeons to take ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth open and the equivalent section positions. The first two both timed on 1323ypm and the next two on 1322ypm. First on the clock was a direct daughter of Nieuwe Jul x Pretty Pitbull. Next up was bred from a grandson of Spiderman. Third to time is a direct daughter of Olympic Lord x Olympic Lady and fourth was a direct daughter of Pitbull Superke x sister Champion 652, the RPRA region sprint winner in 2017. 

Around the sections 

Ray Dibben, daughter Hayley & Jess the dog

Ray Dibben of Poole clocked a two year old on 1215ypm to take first SW section. Ray timed one of a kit of pigeons containing Vandenabeele bloodlines that he bought from Brian Shipley lofts. 

Tony Cottrell

Cottrell, Richmond and Rogers of Wimborne were second SW section with a two year old hen on 1176ypm. Named The Wink, it was bred by Justin Rogers of Bosliven Lofts in Cornwall. The sire came from a son of Rossi when paired to a daughter of De Power, whilst the dam is an inbred, double grand-daughter of De Jan. 

Paul Weems

Paul Weems of Chippenham timed two pigeons on 1170ypm to take first and second NW section. First was a two year old, followed by a four year old, both of which contain 100% Syndicate Lofts bloodlines and were raced on the roundabout system.  

Barry Timberlake

Mr and Mrs Timberlake of Chippenham were third NW section with a five year old on 1152ypm. Barry timed a red chequer cock containing the Janssen bloodlines of Red Fox De Klak, Van Den Bosch and Jan Aarden Salty Hen from Anner Smith. The sire was a home bred Red Fox Janssen. 

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe of Reading was the NE section winner with a two year old on 1248ypm. Roger timed a roundabout hen named Double Delight. The sire is Beauty Diamond, from Little Diamond when paired to a son of Hooyman's Beauty Harry. The dam, Fabulous Girl comes from the Main Man when paired to Fabulous Harry. 

Beasley & Oglesby

Beasley and Oglesby of Reading timed a three year old on 1234ypm to take second NE section. The partners' winner is a cock bird, flown on the roundabout system. It has now been named, Not As Fast As Roger! It contains half the bloodlines of Roger Lowe and half Janssen. 

That concludes the report on provisional result of the Central Southern Classic Flying Club race from Guernsey.