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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Guernsey on 30th April 2022

The Guernsey winner - Marquez
2,378 pigeons went to Guernsey for the first race of 2002 for the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 11.20CEST into a fresh east-north-east wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Mike Underhill & Robbie Prettejohn

First open and first WS section was a three year old, blue cock on 1408mpm over 91 miles for Underhill and Prettejohn of Plymouth. The winning bird is now called Marquez and was on its first race of the season. It was sent sitting ten days eggs and preparation was just exercise around the loft and one, twenty mile training toss. The sire of Marquez is Rossi, itself a national winner having taken first open National Flying Club Fougeres. The dam is the mother of Sienna, first UK, sixth open in the Algarve Golden Race final. The partner's bloodlines are prodominately based on distance lines. Mike sends a special thanks to Mark Tracey who helps manage the birds when he is away from home. 

Mike Underhill & Marquez
Mike Underhill & Mark Tracey
Rossi - sire of Marquez (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)
Morgan Newman's 2nd section winner

Morgan Newman of Taylorstown was second open and second WS section with a two year old hen on 1378mpm over 153 miles. Now named the Oil Hen, the sire of Morgan's winner is inbred to Miss Magic, bought from Leach Brothers. The dam came from Derek Flowers of Pontypool. It was racing on the widowhood system. 

1st north centre section for Shaun McDonough

Third open and first NC section was won by Shaun McDonogh of Walsall with a yearling hen on 1369mpm over 217 miles. Shaun's section winner arrived with her loftmate, another yearling hen, both flown on the widowhood system. Both hens were bred by Pieter Oberholster. The breeding of the section winner is a son of Golden Prince x dtr Son Bliksem and the second is bred from son MJ1 x dtr Santorini. Shaun had a third timer, a son of Rudy when bred by Gaby Vandenabeele, when paired to a dtr of a son of Bliksem. 

Richard Goodier

Richard Goodier of Marsh Green was fourth open and third WS section with a yearling on 1360mpm over a distance of 93 miles. Richard timed a Vandenabeele x Van Den Bulck cock raced on the roundabout system. The sire raced well, both inland and channel and was purchased in a breeder / buyer sale, having been bred by Page, Garrod and Nurse of Plymouth. The dam is a double fed winner and comes from the best P & D Stud Van Den Bulck bloodlines. 

The partnership of Scammell, Peploe and Bromley from Pontypool clocked a two year old on 1357mpm over 155 miles to take fifth open and fourth WS section. 

Page, Garrod and Nurse of Plymouth were sixth open and fifth WS section with a three year old on 1354mpm over a distance of 92 miles. 

Silvester Bros, Nicklin & Clarke

Seventh open and first NW section was a two year old on 1342mpm over 242 miles for the partnership of Silvester Brothers, Nicklin and Clarke from Stoke on Trent. The section winner is a Ceuster cross, bred from pigeons acquired from their good friend Paul Morrison of Scotland. The partners had a second pigeon arrive shortly later and this was a New Laureaat cross. 

T Luscombe of Looe was eighth open and sixth WS section with a yearling on 1333mpm over 104 miles. 

In ninth open and seventh WS section is Mark Sparey from Abertillery with a two year old on 1311mpm over a distance of 156 miles. 


Completing the top ten and in eighth WS section is G Treharne and Son of Nantyglo with a four year old on 1299mpm over 160 miles. 

Around the sections

Johnny Attrill

Johnny Attrill of Salisbury was first CS section and twenty-first open with a yearling on 1262mpm over 116 miles. Johnny's blue cock is a double grandson of Nightmare, winner of 5 x 1st sections and also three RPRA awards. The sire is a son of Nightmare x Gd Olympiad 03 and the dam a dtr of Nightmare x Fatima, direct Kees Boshua via John Gerard. Nightmare itself is a Kees Boshua via Crammond and Langstaff and this young cock is the image of its grandfather.  

Andy Cowley, Amy Orchard & Keith Cowley

The Cowley Brothers of Cirencester timed a two year old on 1236mpm over 154 miles to take second CS section. The partners had two pigeons clock together so have probably also taken third section in the final result. First on the clock was a blue pied cock, latebred in 2020. It was not raced as a youngster and only lightly as a yearling. It was sitting five days prior to basketing. Second to time was a chequer pied hen, sent sitting a fourteen day squeaker. 

Steve Buckle

S Buckle of Northwood was third CS section with a two year old on 1214mpm over 173 miles. Steve timed a widowhood hen containing Heinz 57 bloodlines, but mainly Janssen based. 

Foster & Finan's section winner

Foster and Finan of Dagenham timed a two year old on 1178mpm over a distance of 184 miles to take first ES section and fifty-fifth open. The partners' section winner is a Klaas Krom x Hardy Kruger pigeon raced on the roundabout system. 

Dean Childs

Dean Childs of Wickford was second ES section with a three year old on 1176mpm over 198 miles. The sire of Dean's winner is a son of Ted's Lad when he was paired to a daughter of Jan Hooyman's Harry. It was bred by his good friend, Darren Ede. The dam is a grand-daughter of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Champ, 1st NFC Saintes. It was raced on the celibate system and on its second race of the season. 

Mr and Mrs J Buckfield of Wickford timed a three year old on 1174mpm over 199 miles to take third ES section. 

John Garvey's 2nd section winner

John Garvey of Walsall was second NC section with a three year old on 1258mpm over 218 miles. John's winner was bred by Carl Ford and donated to the Rushall LHS club sale to raise club funds, where John bought it. 

Ken Booker's third section winner

Ken Booker of Walsall was third NC section with a two year old on 1249mpm over 215 miles. Ken's pigeon contains Jan Hooymans x Koopman bloodlines from his late friend, Mick Stone. 

Roly Rix

The NE section winner and ninety-seventh open was R Rix from Newmarket with a six year old on 1129mpm over 229 miles. Roly's section winner is a Fabry cross, bred down from Ray Farrington's Lerwick winner. It had two short races in preparation for Guernsey. 

Mr I Raper

Mr and Mrs Raper of Newmarket were second NE section with a five year old on 1127mpm over 226 miles. Ian's winner is a Walter Docx widowhood cock on its second race of the year in a tough easterly wind. 

Glen Chapman

Chapman and Eastoe of Great Yarmouth timed a four year old on 1111mpm over 286 miles to take third NE section. The partners timed a blue hen racing back to her old nestbox. They had all three entrants within twelve minutes. 

Sebastian Szul

Sebastian Szul of Telford was second NW section with a yearling on 1295mpm over 222 miles. Sebastian timed a chequer cock, raced on the widowhood x roundabout system where the partner to the race bird stays at home. The sire of Seb's winner is a blue cock from his father's old Janssen family, whilst the dam is a chequer hen from Grzegorz Czerwinski. 

Baz Vassilev

Vassil Vassilev of Colne was third NW section with a two year old on 1279mpm over 301 miles. Baz timed Little Flo, a small sized, balanced hen with closed vent bones. Little Flo was raced on the widowhood system and trained three times a week in preparation for Guernsey. The breeding on the dam's side is Arma Joe, dtr of Little Joe, purchased from PIPA. On the sire's side it is a grandson of Jan Hooyman's Harry. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Guernsey.