Freddy & Petra Coppens-Segers (Okegem, BE) are in possession of a wonder couple for the One Loft Races

Freddy Coppens and Petra Segers have been practising the pigeon sport for years at their lofts in Okegem, a municipality in Eastern-Flanders to the south of Denderleeuw.. But they have also been quite active across a number of One Loft Races across the globe.

At these One Loft Races they discovered they were in possession of an extraordinary breeding couple. The couple is composed of a cock from Dehon-Demonseau and a hen from Leo Heremans.

Father, BE15-1011408, is an inbred cock after the phenomenal Best Kittel, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Short-Distance KBDB 2017 from Dehon-Demonseau. He comes forth from a cock whose parents are the uncle and grandmother of Best Kittel. Mother of the 408-15 is a half-sister of Best Kittel.

Freddy & Petra with the father of Best Pattaya

The Mother is Sis Olympic Martin, DV 02114-18-8338. She is a full sister of Olympic Martin, Olympic Pigeon Brussel 2017.

A son from this wonder couple is the 'Best Pattaya' BE20-4094105, which was the best European Pigeon over the Last 2 races in january 2021 in the Pattaya OLR. In addition he also scored an 11th prize at the semi-final against 4.601 pigeons and a 23rd prize against 3.563 pigeons at the final race in Thailand.

There is also a daughter of this couple who was active in Portugal. To be more exact in Mira at the OLR aldaar. She too was exceptional. Super Mira (BE20-4094148) became the 5th Ace Pigeon General Grand Prix Mira 2020. She won the 20th place against 1.295 pigeons during the semi-final, the 54th place against 1.086 pigeons at the final race as well as the 97th against 1.423 pigeons in Hotspot I and 24th against 1.385 pigeons in Hotspot II.

2021 was another successful breeding year for the wonder couple. BE21-4021409 won this year at the Sevilla Winter Race Carmello Yupi in hotspot 1 the 2nd prize against 504 pigeons and in hotspot 2 the 29th against 472 pigeons. This successful one loft racer is yet another descendant of the couple Inbred Best Kittel x Sister Olympic Martin.

Team Championship Mira

There is another admirable feat on Freddy and Petra Coppens-Segers list. For 2 years in a row they have won the team championship European Championship, in 2020 and 2021! A strong performance which was primarily achieved through pigeons that were mostly bred after the well-known couple Dehon-Demonseau


It is obviously going well for Freddy and Petra. They have been killing it at the OLR. With their wonder couple to get the ball rolling they have become the newest sensation. They have become more and more prominent at various one loft races in recent years. 2021 has become an incredible year for the fanciers. The proof of this is the overview of the performances that these wonder birds have achieved across the recent year. A warm congratulations to them with these beautiful achievements.!