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Thieves caught in the act by Eric Berckmoes!!

Last night the pigeon thieves were caught in the act by Eric Berckmoes. Just after midnight Eric saw the thieves in the lofts, this was followed by a car chase where the police finally captured the thieves. These are the same people who had already stolen 50 pigeons the previous week, this time they had the basket with them that they had stolen from Berckmoes during the first theft.

The story of that evening:
At about 21h30 the wife of Eric Berckmoes let the dog out, who was acting weird.
Eric was near the house watching the football with 2 friends. When, just after midnight, the dog started barking like a madman, Eric’s wife telephoned Eric to say that there was something not right. Eric was near the house at the time. When he returned home he went straight to the lofts and the thieves were caught red-handed as they were trying to escape from the lofts. One of Eric’s friends called the police straight away while Eric pursued them on foot. The thieves were driven towards their car, in the meantime the police were in position. After a short chase the thieves were closed in just before the approach to the autostrade. The Berckmoes family would like to congratulate the police who were at the scene very quickly and took the case very seriously. Five or six police cars were involved in the car chase.
Let us all hope that this will put an end to the series of pigeon thefts.
The thieves are Romanian.

If there is more information available you can read it here!