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New auctions: March auction, Chris Hebberecht, Dean Pallatt, Collectors Items, Gebroeders Leideman, Team Hooymans NL & Comb. Elzinga

Monday the 14th of March these new auctions will start: March auction, Chris Hebberecht, Dean Pallatt, Collectors Items, Gebroeders Leideman, Team Hooymans NL & Comb. Elzinga.

March auction

This auction is a a blessing in disguise for interested buyers. Due to some bidders not being able to pay their purchased pigeons, PIPA bring these lots back into auction. These pigeons come form different backgrounds but are nonetheless of the highest quality - as usual on PIPA.

Chris Hebberecht (BE)
Ike Special

The name Chris Hebberecht is always a hot topic in the pigeon world. This was no different in the past seasons, largely due to 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB Ike who contributed to many sublime successes with his super bloodlines. On his own lofts Chris performs sensationally, but just as impressive are the references from other lofts, with highlights such as:
1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB Rhone Vallei 2021 – Kristian Vrebos
1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB Extreme Long Distance 2021- Ivan Eeckhout
1st National Chateauroux 7,674 Yearlings - De Geest-De Cock
1st National Agen France (same pigeon as 2nd Nat. Agen 2020) – Philippe Huyghe
1st National Final Colombodromo Colombia 580 km Bosconia-Bogotá – Ricardo Hardy
This fantastic auction of Chris Hebberecht, revolves around Ike. In auction are a.o. a child of Jempy (father Ike) and from top children of Ike...but also from super racers with the golden Ike-genes such as Remco, Braafke, Triple 3. An auction of exceptional class! 

Dean Pallatt (UK)
Jelle Jellema Special

Dean Pallat brings children from his unique direct Jelle Jellema breeders to auction. Dean without doubt owns the most valuable Jellema collection in the world; from truly all the Jellema icons he houses direct children on his breeding this super auction are gems from his children of stock breeder Zwart Goud...1st Int. Barcelona winner and super breeder Kleine Jade...from Olympiad and 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Romee...from MG430, breeder of 1st Nat. Barcelona 2020...from Silke, 1st Nat. Barcelona 2020, 2nd Int. YL. Narbonne 2016 and grandmother of 6th, 15th, 24th, 40th Nat. Barcelona...from Last Saffier and his daughter Miss Saffier, winner of 1st Int. Hens & 2nd Int. Pau 2019...and many other stars!

Collectors Items
Pigeons of International class!

Children from stars - which are often no longer alive - or pigeons from renowned bloodlines that have become fantastic breeders. PIPA aims to track down these 'collectors items' and bring them to auction. In this edition, a beautiful selection of unique pigeons - especially for experts in true quality! The auction includes a.o. direct pigeons from the best of Batenburg-Van De Merwe, Gino Clicque, Hardy Kruger, Mike Ganus, Stefaan Lambrechts, Dirk Van Den Bulck, Sangers Pigeons, F. & J. Vandenheede, Verweij-De Haan, Bart Geerinckx, Hok Jos Vercammen, Willem De Bruijn and PIPA Elite Center.

Gebroeders Leideman (NL)
Arturo x Tila special

With Arturo x Tila, André and Bert Leideman house a golden breeding pair. Children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of these stars have impressed world-wide, and gathered the following sensational results:
Parents of

  • 2nd Nat. S4 Chateauroux 731 km 3,647 p.(Fabio)
  • 1st club / 3e Nat. S4 Lorris 597 km 6,086 p.(Aura)
  • 8th Nat. S4 Lorris 597 km 6,086 p.(Nancy)
  • 13th Nat. S4 Lorris 597 km 6,086 p.(Haley)
  • 14th Nat. S4 Lorris 597 km 6,086 p.(Fabio)
  • 18th Prov. Isnes 8,525 p.(Nancy)

Grandparents of

  • 1st Nat. S2 Vierzon 567 km 7,956 p.(at G. & S. Verkerk)
  • 1st NPO Argenton 568 km 3,127 p.(at Gijs Baan)
  • 1st I.prov. Sittard 18,592 p.(at Foppe VD Meer)
  • 1st Prov. Kalkar 13,922 p.(at Broos Family)
  • 1st Prov. Fontenay 6,455 p.(at Gebr. Scheele)
  • 3x 1st Prov. winner 2,580 – 1,625 – 1,384 p.(at Wolfgang Roeper)
  • 1st-2nd-2nd-2nd-3rd-4th-7th-7th-8th-10th gemm. 1,300 p. (at Wolfgang Roeper)
  • 1st Sittard 986 p. (at Gebr. Leideman)
  • 1st Prize 460 km 620 p.(at H. & S. Harms)
  • 3rd Prov. Zutphen 11,824 p.(at Foppe VD Meer)
  • 5th Prov. Melun 5,644 p.(at Ruud Bakker)
  • 8th NL Yearling PIPA Ranking 2019 (at Broos Family)
  • Great grandparents of
  • 1st Olympiad pigeon NL Cat. Young (at familie Broos)
  • 1st NPO Chalons En Champagne 3,892 p.(at Gebr. Leideman)

In this auction on PIPA, a super selection of pigeons from the best Leideman breeders, especially the Arturo x Tila lines are on offer…including 2 direct children from Arturo x Tila…from super breeder Ace 820 x Raissa (top sister Tila) … from Brother Fabio (son Arturo x Tila) x daughter Goed Grijs … from Mars (brother Tila) … and from Pizarro (super son Silver Dream) x Tota (sister Tila).

Team Hooymans NL
Children from the best racers and breeders

Jan Hooymans is without doubt one of the leading figures in international pigeon sport. Since a couple of years he races from several satellite lofts, of which Team Hooymans NL (Christian Van De Wetering) belongs to the absolute best in The Netherlands. Yearly, Christian wins NPO races, National Championship and Ace pigeon titles. In 2021, he won a.o. 2nd Nat. Fancier of The Netherlands WHZB, 2nd Nat. Champion Short Distance Nominated, 3rd Nat. Champion Long Distance Nominated, many Top 10 National Ace pigeon titles and placed 4 pigeons in the Top 10 of the Olympiad ranking. On PIPA, 10 youngsters from super pairs will be on offer:
- Special Boy (6x Top 10 Nat./NPO) x Daughter Harry (mother 1st Nat. Argenton)
- Half-brother New Harry (1st Prov. 18,760 p.) x Granddaughter Brave (10th NPO Chateauroux)
- Son Harry Junior (6th Nat. Ace pigeon Middle Dis.) x Granddaughter Harry (9x Top 100 NPO)
- Brother Peter (5th Nat. Ace pigeon PIPA) x Siter Olympic Like (sister Olympiad pigeon)
- Son Harry Junior (1st – 4,097 p.) x Daughter New Harry (3x Top 10 in large competitions)
- Son Harry Junior (4th-7th-17th-37th-49th Nat. NPO) x Granddaughter Harry
- Son Special Boy (3x Top 10) x Miss Cavendish (7th Nat. Ace pigeon Short Distance PIPA)
- Broer Eva (1st Prov. Melun 5,644 p.) x Sister Eva (4th Prov. Ace pigeon 2018)
- Son Alexia x Daughter Harry Junior (6x Top 10 in large competitions)

Comb. Elzinga (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Olympiad pigeon and 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Esmee and superstar Prince Esmee have put Comb. Elzinga in the spotlights. Elzinga became a renowned name in (inter)national pigeon sport and belong to the best. Their stock pigeons Hallilujah, Esmee, New Hope en Prince Esmee deliver top results for the men themselves, but also for fanciers all around the world! In this auction on PIPA, a selection of youngsters from the best breeders including a.o. Hallilujah, Prince Esmee, Inbred Hope (father Olympic Pogacar), etc. are on offer.