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Filip & Nicolas Norman (Knokke, BE) purveyors of performance pigeons

Norman is a well-known name in Belgian and International pigeon sport. Already 4 generations, for over 120 years, have been racing at the highest level.

They have an unbelievable palmares, became the first Belgians to win the Million Dollar Race in South-Africa and the first to claim the Golden Wing of the Brugse Barcelona Club with a sensational 7 out of 8 basketed pigeons in the National Top 100. They won the Euro Diamond Trophy and have taken 13 National victories. Simply too much to mention it all. Their pigeons brought them national and international fame and glory, and many other fanciers have the Norman pigeon to thank for the successes on their lofts.

Racing and breeding at the highest level requires a thought-out approach

The best breeders oftentimes arise from exceptional racing talents. Especially those that manage sensational results and put your loft in the spotlights. However, it is a difficult choice when to transfer super racers to the breeding lofts, as every next race may be 'one race too many'. The Norman's also had these tough decisions to make. Five years ago, Zorro could have gone for his 4th top result, but no, Norbert and Filip decided to transfer him to the breeding lofts. The best decision they ever made on their lofts in Knokke. Zorro may well be the best breeder in Western Europe. In Belgium and all over the the world descendants to this exceptional breeder can be found. 1st Nationals, Ace Pigeons and Olympiad Pigeons have been bred from these lines, and many fanciers' successes are thanks to the Zorro genes. At the Norman's as well, many successes have been on account of Zorro his breeding talent, who brought forth the following top descendants: Magic Florian (grandson Zorro: 4th Nationaal Souillac and 2 x 1st Interprovincial)  – “Abraham” (full brother mother Florian - father winner “One Million Dollar race” 2008 – father “Wolverine” (M.Ganus) )– “Glamour” (2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB) – “Wonderzhora” (daughter Zorro: 1st Provinciale Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance KBDB), “Gazpacho” (Olympiad winner Budapest 2015, 4th Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance) – “Honour” (2nd Pre-Olympic winner Long Distance).

"Magic Florian", grandson of Zorro, has now taken over as stock cock. Again, the decision to retire this star from racing was not easy. In one season, he flew a 4th National Souillac against 7,756 pigeons, 1st Interprovincial Limoges against 2,594 pigeons, 1st Interprovincial Poitiers against 1,827 pigeons and was always the first to arrive on the lofts, who knows what else he would have been capable of. An overview of the results Magic Florian managed in just 3 years: 

Filip and Nicolas do not regret their descision at all. He brought forth a series of top racers and breeders on their lofts, such as: “Miss Universe” (granddaughter Florian: 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings 2018 – 12th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance and Extreme Long Distance) – “Legendary Florian” (9th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2019 – 3rd National Cahors 6,356 p.) – “Legacy Florian” (2nd Ace Pigeon Club Long Distance Old birds – 17th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance) – “Impact Florian” (1st Pre-Olympic winner Long Distance – 4th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance) – …



The Norman's have nothing left to prove, they have won everything there is to win. Still, they show that they are extremely driven to be continuously successful. 365 days a year, they wake up to take care of their pigeons to the best of their abilities, and reach their full potential. Breeding, racing and selecting to acquire 'true cracks'. When they see the chance to get their hand on even better pigeons, they will do anything to get these on their breeding lofts. The Norman's recently reeled in "Magic Yvan", a world-class pigeon: 1st National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance 2021 KBDB, World's Best Pigeon 2021 Super Marathon KBDB, 1ste Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB 2021, 8th National Barcelona, 6th National Perpignan.

Many fanciers are successful with 'Norman pigeons'...

The introduction of 'Norman pigeons' gave many lofts a quality injection. They have laid the foundation to club, provincial, national and international victories and have brought forth cracks, champions, Ace Pigeons and Olympiad Pigeons. Others even manage to shine on One Loft Races with 'Norman pigeons'. What follows is an incomplete overview of fanciers that were successful with 'Norman pigeons'.  

-Bellaert  Paul & Nancy – Oedelem (BE)
BE17-3024954: 1st Club and 8th Provincial Argenton 1,146 p. – Grandchild Florian

-Betancort Oswaldo & José Tabares – Lanzarote (ES)
Bought pigeons from the Florian-Abraham lines – achieve top results in Lanzarote, and at One Loft Race Derby Costa del Sol Spain – 3rd Prize, grandchild Abraham.

-Bucaciuc Daniel – Dilbeek (BE)
Florian line: 1st Provincial Young birds

-Caemerlynck Wim – Wortegem – Petegem (BE)
BE17-4007883 – Florian line

-Cosmin Padariu (RO)
Florian line, Direct son Zorro

-Czarny Jozef (Polen)
Zorro line,  Ace Pigeon Allround 

-De Clercq Bart en Robert - Berchem-Kluisbergen (BE)
Achieves magnificent results with descendants of BE17-3025143 and BE15-3149787, a.o. 3 x 1st prize!

-De Cock Marc – Temse (BE)
Rockefeller became National Ace Pigeon Allround KBDB in 2018, a sensational achievement. Mother of Rockefeller is BE15-3148748, a daughter of Gazpacho. Gazpacho became Olympiad pigeon on the marathon in Budapest in 2015. He also won the title of 4th Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance. Gazpacho himself is a crossing between Aelbrecht x Norman. Gazpacho was paired to a daughter of Abraham when he bred the mother of Rockefeller. Abraham (son Zorro) a full brother to the mother of Florian (father and grandfather of various National and Olympiad winners). Moreover, Abraham became father to the winner of 1st Million Dollar Race South Africa 2008. Mother Rockefeller is thereby from the best Norman lines with a touch from Aelbrecht. 

-De Vos Etienne – Deerlijk (BE)
"Kleine Didi" B92-3000607 is a son of the blue cock "Jonge Didi" B89-3089113 x blue hen "Pipo duivin" B89-3089150. In 1991, these young birds had developed into decent pigeons and Devos put the two together. "Jonge Didi", a grandson of "Didi" B85-3085841, 1st Nationale Ace Pigeon Long Distance and "Pipo duivin" a pure Norman hen, granddaughter to 'Pipo" of Norbert Norman. A son of this pair, "Didi Junior 1" B91-3300507, raced himself into the spotlights on several occasions with several top results and won the title 9th Provincial Ace Pigeon. 

" Didi Junior 1 " B91-3300507 , brother of " Kleine Didi " won :

9th  National Pau against 2,212 p.
31st National Pau against 3,144 p.
52nd National Pau against 1,928 p.
24th National Dax against 2,705 p.
72nd National Perpignan against 4,889 p.

-Devriendt Jozef – Aartrijke (BE)
Zorro line: 1st National Chateauroux

-Dinu Mihai (RO)
Nicolas line

-Ganus Mike (USA)
grew out to one of the star breeders at Mike Ganus (USA) and lies at the base of winner and top results on many One Loft Races world-wide. Wolverine is a 100% Norman, a half brother to the winner of the One Million Dollar Race 2008 in Sun City, South Africa, a son of Abraham (113/05 – son Zorro).

Having won more than $2,000,000 in prize money, Mike Ganus has literally hit the jackpot with this breeder from Knokke! 

-Glandys (Polen) - PL0408-14-3049
Olympiad Pigeon Allround Young birds Budapest 2015 (Granddaughter Florian)

-Gyselbrecht P&A – Ruislede (BE)
Pedro (BE15-3110187), 1st Perpignan,  Mother is Grandchild Zorro

-Hebberecht Chris – Evergem (BE)
Edou BE10-4302423: winner 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB in 2013. He was basketed as 1st nominated pigeon for Cahors and won 7th Club, 33rd Prov. and 85th National.

He is a son of stock cock Champion BE01-4094638 (1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2005) x daughter of wonder breeder Zorro – Norman x Sister AXL – Hebberecht… AXL became 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB in 2005).

-Jespers-Vanderwegen – Holsbeek (BE)
Zorro line: 1st National La Soutterraine with Nadetta

-Loobuyck Jos en Jan - Aalter (BE)
National Jarnac 2017 -  5,136 p. – with grandson of Norma (direct Norman and granddaughter of Zorro)

-Norbert Ally – Tielt (BE)
Zorro line: 1st Ace pigeon Pioneer China 

One of the absolute stars of this racing team was BE92-3099109 ‘Blauwe Bliksem’, famous for his speed and drive to the loft and winner of 4x 1st Prize, including 10th Nat. Brive. He is bred from a crossing between Norman x Vandenabeele. 

The 'Daughter Zorro' was a direct Norman pigeon from his famous stock breeder 'Zorro' x 'Aske'. Their best children are a.o. BE03-3050711 ‘Zora’, Fokker 1st Prov. Narbonne and 2nd Prov. Souillac - BE03-3050958 ‘Witpen Roland’, 2nd I.prov. Ace Pigeon Middle & Long Distance - BE07-3034489 ‘Blauwke 489’, Breeder of ‘Aaron’, 4x 1st prize winner & 7th Nat.  Ace Pigeon KBDB - BE07-3034354 ‘Luna’, Super breeding hen at Gaby Vandenabeele.

-Nies Günter – Koblenz (DE)

-Nini Sandy (RO)
Zorro line

-Paluch Marcin (Polen)
Florian line

-Platteeuw D&D – Zillebeke (BE)
Zorro line: 1st Provincial Poitiers
Zorro line: 1st National Souillac 2019 (via Norbert Ally)

-Sorin Florea (RO)

-Tataru Eugen (RO)
Gazpacho line

-Team Freddy De Jaegher – Knesselare (BE)
Mariano BE15-4014080 won:
1st National Brive against 9,106 p. – 2017
3rd  National Chateauroux against 29,591 p. – 2016
24th Provincial Vierzon against 7,056 p. – 2017
85th National Chateauroux against 9,540 p. – 2016
113th National Argenton against 18,363 p. – 2016

Moeder: Bleu Pipo (BE12-4159161):
Super hen, she herself won 1st, 2nd and 9th Nationaal Zone, 4 x Provincial Top 50, 2 x 1e Prize, … Daughter of  Blauwe Pipo (Gaby Vandenabeele) x Tiffany (BE09-4138742 (from Crayonnée Zorro BE07-3153108 Norman)

-Thoné Jos  – Niel-bij-As (BE)
BE15-2180963 – Wulf – grandson Magic Florian and great grandson of Zorro.
3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB LD 2020
4th Nat. Ace Pigeon Souillac '19-'20 (PIPA)

-Vanden Berghe Bert – Wortegem-Petegem (BE)
- Daughter Florian
2 x 1st Prize 
Narbonne – 2nd against 124 p.
Narbonne – 176th National against 4,272 p.

BE15-3107310 - Son Impact Florian
1st Prize Libourne 2016

1st Club and 18th Nat. Narbonne 3,697 YL in 2016 – son Impact Florian … and thus a grandson of Florian.

-Van Pamel Gerard en Jozef – Lissewege (BE)
BE14-3156843 (daughter Florian)

-Verleije Davy & Amber – Damme (BE)
Top racers via Norma hen: 100 % Norman, super racers Florian line.

-Verschoot Joël Ingelmunster (BE)
Karma BE13-3003274
Daughter of BE12-3167442 (direct Norman, and son Wonder Zhora).

When reviewing this list of references (which is far from being complete), we must conclude that the Norman family houses pure class on their lofts in Knokke. 

Some of the best pigeons from the 2021 season