Adrien Mirabelle (Ghlin, BE): Top references in Belgium and abroad

When fellow fanciers are doing well with your own pigeons, it means a lot in the pigeon sport and it says a lot about the quality of your loft. The references that Adrien Mirabelle gained all over the world over the last years speaks for themselves...

Although Adrien Mirabelle can still be regarded as a very young pigeon fancier in his early thirties, he has been involved in the sport for quite some time. Through his job as an agent for pipa, he has built numerous relationships in the pigeon sport all over the world. But don't underestimate how Adrien's own results managed to create him a strong reputation.

Through this, Adrien also quickly saw additional opportunities. Several years ago, he decided to place some of his youngsters in different lofts in Belgium and The Netherland in order to test them. It was the only and perfect way to see what his pigeons were made of while flying in various circumstances. Of course, it is still up to the fancier himself to properly interpret the data and to work with it into his pigeon loft.

However, Adrien has been able to develop that feeling of dealing successfully with pigeons since a fairly young age. Adrien was barely walking when he was already to be found in the pigeon loft next to his grandfather. His first year racing with pigeons in 1999 was immediately a successful one and thus his ambition never stopped to grow. Adrien has always been in search of any pigeons to strengthen his loft and he proved several times he had a good feeling. In 2014, he raced to another level when the two nestmates Divock and Zodiac, joined by a third pigeon mate christened Cartouche, won for Adrien the title of 1. Nat. Champion Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB.

His famous Divock (BE13-9010240) was that year 4. Nat. Acebird Middle Distance KBDB with ao. 1st Gien Iprov. against 1.325 pigeons, 3rd Gien Iprov. against 727 pigeons (after 2 loftmates), 5th Gien Iprov. against 1.399 pigeons and 12th Gien Iprov. against 1.383 pigeons, etc... After this top season, Divock was moved to the breeding loft where he became instantaneously a fantastic breeder. Divock even broke all the expectations. We can even say that he is a better breeder than he was a racer... To give you a better idea about it, you can browse through the massive list of breeding references booked by several of his descendants.

The most prestigious of these references is without any doubt the 2. Nat. Acebird Great Middle Distance KBDB 2019 who is a grandson of Divock. In Taiwan, one of his granddaughter won this year the 5. Acebird Spring Race Taoyuan Union Club (with 9.002 pigeons at the start and 59 pigeons left after the last flight).

Last Hope Smiss had a huge impact on the Mirabelle loft...

Calvin and Lewis

The two nestmates Calvin (BE14-1073326) and Lewis (BE14-1073325) were some of the best pigeons ever raced by Mirabelle and they ended their career while being ranked respectively 3rd and 5th Nat. Acebird Middle Distance KBDB. Just like Divock, Calvin & Lewis are related to the basic hen Last Hope Smiss (BE05-9092078) once again. Their father is an original Bart Geerinckx pigeon, a half-brother of Acy (from Fast Boy x Miss Argenton).

These two brothers also showed their worth in the breeding loft. So is for example Calvin father of 'Moledo Underdog' (BE20-1153245) who won this year the 1st prize of the final race from the Moledo One Loft Race 2021 while Lewis is already (grand)father of ao. 8th national Chateauroux youngsters (won by Jelle Roziers) but also of the 1st provincial Argenton + 1st provincial Bourges (won by Nicolas Germain). Also very important to mention that a grandson of Calvin won last year in The Netherland the title of 1st Nat. Acebird youngsters WHZB for Buck-De Kruijf.

Calvin, BE14-1073325
Lewis, BE14-1073326

Algarve Great Derby

Another important pigeon in the Mirabelle colony is Cassius (BE16-1010401) bred from the pair Mata Leona x son Zodiac (1st Nat. Acebird Middle Distance Yls KBDB 2014 and nestmate Zodiac). Cassius became in 2017-2018 the 10th Olympic Pigeon Belgium Category A and this year, two of his grandchildren did very well in the two last races of the Algarve Great Derby 2021. So is Cassius grandfather of the pigeon that won the 9th prize of the Final Race Algarve Derby against 2.026 pigeons (491 km, 1184 m/min.) while his nestmate won the 16th prize in the S-Final race of the Algarve Great Derby against 2.371 pigeons.

Out of a joint breeding between Fonzie (Pipa Elite Center) and Mata Leone (Mirabelle) was born Fluence and this hen is also a gifted breeding pigeon. In the meantime, she is already (grand)mother of ao. 1st National Acebird WHZB 2020 and 31th Best Yearling of Holland 2019. A granddaughter of this pair, Michiko (BE19-110815), won last year the 7th Nat. Acebird Cat. Yearlings Olympic Hope 2020.

Michiko, 7. Nat. Ace Olympic Hope

Olympic Pigeons...

Just recently, we have heard about the top performances of Romain (BE19-1064659) raced by JP Palm and who has just been ranked 3rd Olympic Pigeon Cat D Belgium but also 8th Nat Acebird GMD KBDB 2021. Romain was an egg given to JP Palm by Adrien and apparently it was a golden gift.

3. Olympic Acebird Belgium Cat D 2022
8. Nat. Acebird Great Middle Distance ob 2021
2. Best old pigeons from BE with 7 prizes (PIPA-ranking)
3. Best old pigeons from BE with 8 prizes (PIPA-ranking)
3. Best old pigeons from BE with 6 prizes (PIPA-ranking)
2. Prov. Bourges 3,060 p. / 86. National 34,311 p.
3. Nat. Zone La Souterraine 1,180 p. / 41. National 8,383 p.
5. Prov. Chateauroux 591 p. / 157. National 7,099 p.
7. Prov. Argenton 1,333 p. / 176. National 14,787 p.
21. Prov. Bourges 1,160 p.
39. Prov. Chateauroux 1,979 p.
Romain, BE19-1064659

In France as well it is working out very well. So is Mhamed Benammar who won this year the 2nd Nat Acebird Sprint with a pigeon who is also top candidate for becoming 1st Olympic Pigeon Cat A 2022 with a super low coefficient. This pigeon is the Super 724 (FR17-226724) and he won ao.

1. Ace World Best Pigeon Sprint FR 2021
2. Nat. Acebird Sprint FR 2021
6. Nat. Acebird Sprint FR 2020
1. Fontenay 1,038 p.
1. Chateaudun 983 p.
1. Montoire 898 p.
1. Chateaudun 857 p.
1. Fontenay 605 p.
1. Etampes 598 p.
1. Chateaudun 450 p.
1. Chateaudun 325 p.
2. Fontenay 1,201 p.
2. Fontenay 392 p.
FR17-226724, 2. Nat. Acebird Sprint in France and top candidate 1. Olympic Pigeon Cat. A 2022

Massive references thanks to a super strain of pigeons

Both in his own loft than in the lofts of his friends, new top performances are constantly achieved by the Mirabelle pigeons. This is only possible thanks to a super strong strain of pigeons. It is without doubt a huge credit to Adrien to achieve this to such a young age. Since he still have quite some time ahead of him, we think we haven't seen yet the best for Adrien and his pigeons... quite the contrary, the level quality of his breeding loft and his ambition are so high that we are sure we will have a lot more to write about him in the coming years. And this in his own loft and - of course - in several other lofts.