Pieter Veenstra & Zonen (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) thrive on the breeding qualities of Return Flojo and her family

Pieter Veenstra & Zonen (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) house an icon on their lofts with Return Flojo
Bringing back Return Flojo, who managed to shine on the SA Million Dollar Race 2018, was a turning point for Pieter Veenstra & Zonen which resulted in countless highlights in 2021.

After Pieter Veenstra sold his pigeons in the total auction in 2018, he was faced with the difficult task to restart in pigeon sport. His eye fell on the CHN17-11-0227000 Return Flojo, the star of the SA Million Dollar Race in 2018. She claimed the title 1st Grand Average Acebird SA Million Dollar Race 2018. After Return Flojo made her return to the lofts in Drachtstercompagnie, she was able to prove her breeding value for the first time in 2019. It turned out to be a golden move. Almost all the successes of the past two seasons can be traced directly back to Return Flojo and her family. Not only Return Flojo herself turned out to be a great breeder, but her brothers Cartier, Versace and Jappeloup have also proven their worth on the breeding lofts.

CHN17-11-0227000 Return Flojo, 1st Grand Average Acebird SA Million Dollar Race 2018

The Return Flojo family prove themselves on NPO races in 2021 

The results in 2021 on the one-day long distance NPO races of Afdeling Friesland '96; 

06-6-2021 NPO Sens (589 km) 5,706 p. 3-7-14-17-42-43-etc.
19-6-2021 NPO Lorris (640 km) 3,037 p. 7-12-28-70-71-74-80-etc.
03-7-2021 NPO Issoudun (750 km) 2,695 p. 2-64-73-80-94-100-etc.
18-7-2021 NPO Lorris (640 km) 2,021 p. 9-42-64-etc.

Return Flojo family arrive first 

In the overview above, the first pigeon was always directly related to Return Flojo. NL19-4200018 (his father is a brother of Return Flojo) took the 3rd NPO Sens. The NL20-4214485 (granddaughter of Cartier and Nestsister Versace, respectively a brother and sister of Return Flojo) scored from Lorris with a 7th NPO. Two weeks later the NL20-4214421 (grandchild Return Flojo) was close to the victory with a 2nd NPO Issoudun. NL19-4200111 (mother of Nestsister Versace, is a sister of Return Flojo) was responsible for the fourth top 10 result with a 9th NPO Lorris.

NL18-4297791 Nestsister Versace, mother 9th NPO Lorris/grandmother 7th NPO Lorris

Grandson Return Flojo wins 1st Burdinne against 4,895 pigeons

Return Flojo played an important role in the best result achieved with the youngsters in 2021. The young cock NL21-4220069 won the s-prov. race from Burdinne against 4,895 pigeons. The 21-069 is a grandson of Return Flojo, at the time she was coupled to BE14-3004610 Armando (co-breeding with Kai Er). Armando won the title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2018. Father of the 21-069 is DV04665-13-2 New Hurricane, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB/TBOTB 2019 (raced by Marco Kerkhof).

BE19-2125195, Daughter Armando x Return Flojo 195/19 is mother of 1st semi prov. Burdinne 4,895 pigeons

Success on One Loft Races

In 2021, Pieter and his sons took part in three different One Loft Races; the Pattaya Int. Pigeon Race, the Victoria Falls OLR and the Derby Arona Tenerife. In all three competitions they played a leading role in the final with a pigeon at the top of the charts. Again, it was the Return Flojo family that made its mark.

12th Final Pattaya Int.Pigeon race against 3,653 p. with NL20-1007292 (mother is sister Return Flojo)
16th Final Derby Arona Tenerife against 251 p. with NL20-1007028 (father is brother Return Flojo)
This pigeon also managed to take an 11th place in the semi-final.
24th Final Victoria Falls OLR against 1,555 p. with NL20-1007307 (mother is sister Return Flojo)
NL19-1166570 Sister Return FLojo 570/19 is mother of 12th Final Pattaya Int. Pigeon Race

Return Flojo family outstanding on other lofts 

 In 2021, fantastic references were received of which we would like to share a small selection;

Olympic Kim, Olympiad Pigeon Sprint Romania 2022

Anneke and Piërre Faes (Baarn, NL) house a sensational racer called Olympic Kim. Olympic Kim qualified as 3rd Dutch pigeon for the Olympiad in Romania 2022 in the sprint category. In addition, she finished as 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon sprint NPO 2021, 1st Ace pigeon sprint Afdeling 7 2021 and 1st Ace pigeon Allround Afdeling 7 Noord 2021. The mother of Olympic Kim is a half sister of Return Flojo and a daughter of Desteny Vita.

NL18-1733990 Olympic Kim, 3rd National Olympiad pigeon Romania 2022 Cat. Sprint

Sophia wins 1st Provincial Sermaises against 14,061 pigeons at Johan de Belser (Berlaar, BE)

In Belgium, Johan de Belser (Berlaar, BE) took the provincial victory from Sermaises against 14,061 pigeons with Sophia. The winner's sire is a son of NL13-5305268 Jappeloup, who in turn is a full brother of Return Flojo. Jappeloup was paired to NL18-1376556. 18-556 is a half sister of Return Flojo. She was bred from the father of Return Flojo x Miss Overegge (Co-bred with Kai Er).

Johan de Belser with Sophia, 1st Prov. Sermaises against 14,061 p.

Grandchild Versace (Brother Return Flojo) wins 1st Hot Spot 5 Victoria Falls OLR 

Salem Al-Othainah (Kuwait) competed in the Victoria Falls OLR with a grandchild of NL18-4297792 Versace (brother Return Flojo). He won 7,500 US dollars by winning in Hot Spot 5 (442 km). 

NL18-4297792 Versace is a.o grandfather of the 1st Hot Spot 5 Victoria Falls OLR against 1,913 pigeons

Gerard Heinhuis (Steenwijk, NL) wins 1st Prov. Venlo against 14,096 p.

Gerard Heinhuis managed to take the victory against 14096 pigeons on provincial Venlo. The winning pigeon is a daughter of NL20-1007305, her mother in turn is a sister of Return Flojo.

Gerard Heinhuis with the pigeon that won 1st Prov. Venlo against 14,096 young birds


Return Flojo, together with her brothers and sisters, put themselves in the (inter)national spotlights in 2021. The versatility of these pigeons is striking. They score nationally on appealing NPO flights and in addition, they distinguish themselves just as easily on the flights where it mainly comes down to speed and orientation. In the most prestigious One Loft Races they battle for the top prizes with apparent ease. Pieter Veenstra and his sons are blessed to have such a dynasty on their lofts.