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Tjeerd en Jouke Elzinga (Harkema, NL) deliver proof of the class of their colony with super references

Tjeerd & Jouke Elzinga received many top references in 2021
For those foolish enough to doubt the qualities of the Elzinga pigeon, may want to take a closer look at the phenomenal references they received in 2021.

The stock pigeons of Tjeerd and Jouke are responsible for many great achievements at a (inter)national level 

It pleases Tjeerd & Jouke Elzinga that they received references of results with descendants to their pigeons from several colleague fanciers. Especially the stars Hallilujah, Esmee, New Hope and Prince Esmee made great results on other lofts possible. We would like to introduce several pigeons that were put in the (inter)national spotlight, starting off with leading man Nationaal Pogacar.  

Nationaal Pogacar wins three national titles

NL20-4215319 Nationaal Pogacar winst three national titles for Comb. R & S Fokkinga

The most remarkable reference in 2021 was on account of NL20-4215319 Nationaal Pogacar. This cock was raced by R & S Fokkinga, who also live in Harkema just like Tjeerd & Jouke. With a staggering 3 national titles, Nationaal Pogacar is the revelation of 2021. The father to this super pigeon is NL18-1392199 Inbred Hope. This cock in turn is a son to NL16-4280780 Hallilujah's Hope, a son to NL15-1850078 Hallilujah x NL12-4245276 New Hope and a full brother to Prince Esmee. The impressive palmares (2021) of Nationaal Pogacar: 

1st National Ace pigeon WHZB-TBOTB Long Distance
1st National Ace pigeon ‘De Allerbeste’ Long Distance
1st National Ace pigeon ‘Eendaagse Fondspiegel’
2nd National Ace pigeon Long Distance NPO
3rd Olympiad pigeon Category Long Distance 1 year

1st NPO Issoudun 753 km. against 2695 pigeons 1365 mpm
3rd NPO Lorris 643 km. against 2021 pigeons 1062 mpm
16th NPO Lorris 643 km. against 3037 pigeons 1227 mpm
33th NPO Sens 592 km. against 5706 pigeons 1004 mpm
Superbreeder NL15-1850078 Hallilujah (Harry x Esmee) is great grandfather to Nationaal Pogacar

Silviu is one of the eye-catchers on the lofts of Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL)

NL19-1022619 Silviu becomes 12th National Ace pigeon Long Distance for Jan Hooymans in 2021

Jan Hooymans owns top pigeons that know how to distinguish themselves from the pack. One of these pigeons is NL19-1022619 Silviu. This cock won 1st Chateaudun Noordelijke Unie in 2020 against 15,639 pigeons. In 2021, Silviu ranked 12th National Ace pigeon Long Distance NPO. The father to Silviu is a co-breeding result with Jan Hooymans. His world famous NL07-2007621 Harry was paired to the phenomenon NL12-1005204 Esmee (1st National Ace pigeon 2014 WHZB-TBOTB and Olympiad pigeon Allround Budapest in 2015). The father to Silviu is thereby a full brother to super breeder Hallilujah. Silviu's following results were the basis to a spot amongst the national ace pigeons: 

5th National Chateauroux Sector 3 against 8075 pigeons
6th NPO Vierzon against 2363 pigeons
20th NPO Vierzon against 4388 pigeons
Stock pigeon NL12-1005204 Esmee is grandmother to Silviu.

Granddaughter (New) Harry becomes Best Chateauroux pigeon PIPA Rankings for Team Hooymans BE 


NL19-1022973 Gr.dtr (New) Harry finishes 1st in the PIPA Ranking Best Chateauroux pigeon of 2021 and 2020

Team Hooymans in Belgium also houses an absolute crack. NL19-1022973 Granddaughter (New) Harry finishes 1st in the PIPA Ranking Best Chateauroux pigeon 2021 and 2020. Just as with Silviu, Esmee is one of the grandmothers to this new superstar. The 19-973 won her title with the following results: 

1st Prov.(PE Antwerpen) Chateauroux I against 5121 pigeons (2020)/7th National against 33833 p.
4th National Chateauroux III against 2721 p. (2020)
13th Chateauroux (Guéret) Zone B4 against 1005 p. (2021)
26th National Chateauroux I against 24617 p. (2021)

Arie Dijkstra wins 1st NPO Sens against 5706 pigeons with Sensible Blue

NL20-4215131 Sensible Blue wins 1st NPO Sens against 5706 p.

The next fancier who achieved a sensational result thanks to an Elzinga pigeon is Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude, NL). His yearling hen NL20-4215131 Sensible Blue wins the 1st NPO Snes (602km) against 5706 pigeons. This same pigeons takes 34th Sourdun (563km) against 4297 pigeons in Afdeling 11 (Noord). Father to Sensible Blue is a son to NL10-1031410 Sven x NL16-1003331 Inbred Esmee (Hallilujah x New Esmee). 

Gebr. Scheele wins 1st Fontenay against 2511 pigeon with Adriaan

NL19-3908080 Adriaan is a super racer of Gebr. Scheele

The next reference takes us to Zeeland, Terneuzen to be exact, where Gebr. Scheele reside. They have a special racer NL19-3908080, that goes by the name of Adriaan. This amazing cock previously won 1st Melun Andrezel against 10375 pigeons. He now adds a 1st Fontenay in Samenspel Midden against 2511 pigeons to his palmares. Father to Adriaan is NL14-1393325 Son Esmee. As the name suggests he is a son to flying wonder NL12-1005204 Esmee.

Beautiful references of Gerard Koopman with the Prince Esmee bloodlines

NL17-4289807 Prince Esmee plays a role in the successes of Gerard Koopman

Gerard Koopman (Ermerveen, NL) is also successful with the Elzinga pigeons. Gerard is especially fond of NL17-4289807 Prince Esmee who took 2 NPO victories in 2 weeks time for Tjeerd and Jouke (1st NPO Sens against 4666 pigeons and 1st NPO Morlincourt against 8939 pigeons). A grandchild to Prince Esmee wins 3rd NPO Reims against 6036 pigeons for Gerard Koopman. With Abe and Gardi, both brother to Prince Esmee, Gerard has another two pigeons with Elzinga blood that stand out through their children's performances: 

Gerard Koopman;
1st Reims (Rayon 5-8 Afd. N-O Nederland) against 4060 p. Father Abe is a brother to Prince Esmee
7th National Sector 4 Lorris against 3455 p. Father Gardi is a brother to Prince Esmee
3rd NPO Reims against 6036 p. Father is a son to Prince Esmee x Adora (co-breeding)

Victories for Hilbrands en Zn (Finsterwolde, NL) and Edwin Timmerman (Wapenveld, NL)

We finish the overview off with references of victories from Hilbrands en Zn from Finsterwolde and Edwin Timmerman from Wapenveld;

Hilbrands en Zn Finsterwolde;
1st Gennep Afdeling 10 CC DOP against 2544 pigeons. Father is direct Elzinga (Gr.child Porsche 911 PEC)

Edwin Timmerman Wapenveld wins the following result with two nest sisters (21-087 en 21-088);
1st Dizy le Gros (Vlieggebied NO Afdeling 8) against 2357 p. (fastest of complete release)
1st Burdinne against 1028 p. (mother is gr.child Hallilujah)

On their own lofts

On their own lofts, Tjeerd and Jouke can be pleased about their achievements in 2021. They won i.a. 2nd NPO Sens against 5706 pigeons (mother is gr.child Esmee), 3rd NPO Lorris against 3039 pigeons (Gr.son Esmee), 6th NPO Lorris against 3038 pigeons and the 8th NPO Chalons en Champagne against 2445 (young) birds. Furthermore, they took the victory on Tongeren against 2952 pigeons (father is a brother to Prince Esmee). In Rayon de Walden (130 fanciers) the combination became 1st General Champion. Since 2013 they have always taken the 1st or 2nd Not Nominated Champion Rayon de Walen (with the exception of 2019, because they didn't race any old birds after the auction of their racing team). For those who had any doubts.