Team van Oss (Velddriel, NL) once again played a prominent role in Dutch pigeon sport in 2021

Team van Oss (Velddriel, NL) was extremely successful in 2021
With the 1st NPO Vierzon and the complete podium on the Grand Prix Nieuwe Oogst, Team van Oss can look back on a phenomenal 2021 season. 

1st NPO Vierzon was the kickstart to a fantastic season 

On 19th June, Team van Oss won the NPO race Vierzon in Afdeling 7, their first serious feat of the 2021 season. Hereafter, many successes followed for Team van Oss, with their racing lofts in Velddriel but also for their son Irving, who races in Engelen (NL) and competes in the Bosche Concours Combinatie (BCC), which is part of Afdeling Oost-Brabant. With a 6th and 7th NPO on the one dag long distance race from Chateauroux and a 1st and 9th NPO Vierzon, the true season's apotheosis was the Grand Prix Nieuwe Oogst flown from Nanteuil le Hadouin. It was a phenomenal race on which Team van Oss occupied the complete podium. Irving managed the following top ten spots in Afdeling Oost-Brabant; 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Nanteuil le Haudouin against 5109 p., 4th Lorris against 3012 p., 8th and 9th Laon against 3828 p. and 7th and 8th Morlincourt against 3841 p. In 2021, this resulted in the following titles: 

Team van Oss, Velddriel; National: 8th Nominated Long Distance Afdeling 7: 2nd Nominated and 2nd Not Nominated Long Distance 8th Ace pigeon Long Distance 3rd Nominated Young birds 7th Ace pigeon Young birds Regio C: 1st Nominated and 3rd Not Nominated Long Distance 2nd Nominated and 3e Not Nominated Young birds 2nd, 6th and 8th Ace pigeon Young birds Irving van Oss, Engelen; Afdeling 3: 5th Nominated and 3rd Not Nominated Young birds 3rd Ace pigeon Young birds BCC: 2nd Nominated and 1st Not Nominated Young birds 1st, 7th, 8th and 9th Ace pigeon Young birds

1st NPO Vierzon NL20-1612750

The first sensational result in 2021 was on account of NL20-1612750 by taking the win on the NPO race from Vierzon. PIPA published an article on this amazing victory. Details on the winning pigeon can be read here.  

NL20-1612750 winner 1st NPO Vierzon Afdeling 7

1st, 2nd and 3rd Grand Prix Nieuwe Oogst 

The Dutch racing pigeon federation has renewed the young birds racing calendar with the addition of several Grand Prix races. On 28th August, Afdeling 7 Midden-Nederland flew one of these Grand Prix races. The race from Nanteuil le Haudouin (343 km) was called Grand Prix Nieuwe Oogst. For Team van Oss it was a memorable Saturday. Against 3,777 pigeons a fantastic 1st, 2nd and 3rd place were won. The first two pigeons arrived nearly at the same time, and were clocked 2 seconds apart. A minute later number three followed. The first two pigeons achieved an average speed of 1152 mpm. Only 9 pigeons managed to complete the race with an average speed above 1100 mpm, making the performance by Team van Oss all the more special. 

The winner

The winner of the Grand Prix Nieuwe Oogst was NL21-1304245. This young hen was bred from a pair that is turning out to be an incredible breeding couple. The cock of this pair is NL16-1663927 Son Roney. He is a son to Roney (Brother Harry from Jan Hooymans) x Daughter Harry (Daughter to Harry Jan Hooymans). The mother to the Grand Prix winner is NL17-1412387 New Mosquito.Together they are parents to i.a.;



1st Ace pigeon Young birds Regio C Adeling 7 1st Grand Prix Nanteuil against 3777 pigeons 2nd Asse-Zellik against 5870 pigeons 6th Quiévrain against 10042 pigeons 9th Quiévrain against 10042 pigeons

Van Oss pigeons are pivotal on other lofts 

Descendants of the best breeders performing well and becoming crucial racers on other lofts gives an extra dimension to a super colony. Geert-Jan Meuwese (Lewedorp, NL) owns a 100% van Oss pigeon (bred by mevr. Snellen), his NL18-1222348 ranked 3rd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Category Allround 2020/2021. This hen was crowned 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Allround in 2021 after finishing 4th National Ace pigeon Allround in 2020. NL13-1395608 Harry 608 and NL16-1663942 Daughter New Harry are both grandparents to this super hen. 

NL13-1395608 Harry 608, grandfather 3rd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Allround 2020/2021
NL16-1663942 Daughter New Harry, grandmother 3rd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Allround 2020/2021

Last year Mevr. Snellen en Zoon had the 3rd Olympiad pigeon Allround 2019-2020

The wonderful reference from Geert-Jan Meuwese wasn't a first for Team van Oss. In 2020, there was already an Olympiad reference for the van Oss pigeons. It was Mevr. Snellen en Zoon (s'-Hertogenbosch, NL) with NL18-1227502 Olympic Diny who became 3rd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Category Allround 2019-2020. This superior hen was bred by Team van Oss (De Pros x Lady Harry).

NL18-1227502 bred by Team van Oss, raced by Mevr. Snellen en Zoon.

Investing in super pigeons

The successes of Team van Oss can be traced back to their belief that offspring to the absolute best pigeons deliver results. They have primarily invested in pigeons from Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL). Children to Harry, New Harry and other super pigeons have strengthened the Team van Oss breeding lofts. Another investment by Team van Oss that has already resulted in many success is NL14-1219839 Nationaaltje. She was bred by Team GPS and raced by Christian van de Wetering. Nationaaltje is a breeding star and already (grand)mother to ace pigeons, NPO winner and other top racers with large victories. 

NL14-1219839 Nationaaltje was bred by Team GPS, raced by Christian van de Wetering and is now housed on Team van Oss their breeding lofts.

Raising the bar 

In 2018, Team van Oss won i.a. 1st National Chateauroux Sector 3 against 8623 pigeons and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Melun Sector 3 against 8389 pigeons. In 2019, they were on top of the podium by becoming 1st National Champion Long Distance Nominated NPO. In 2020, they booked a wonderful victory from Bourges taking 1st Prize Noordelijke Unie Zone 1 against 8019 pigeons. With the 1st NPO Vierzon in Afdeling 7 and 1st, 2nd, 3rd on the Grand Prix Nieuwe Oogst they had another sensational season in 2021. Every year the bar in Velddriel and Engelen is raised a little higher. We are excited to see what they have in store for us in 2022.