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New auctions: Brugse Barcelona Club, Golden Algarve OLR, Vermeerbergen-Wilms, Joël Verschoot, Philippe Dobbelaere, Jelle Jellema, Jan Hooymans, Dirk Deroose, Kemper Pigeons & Europa Masters

Tuesday the 2nd of November these new auctions will start: Brugse Barcelona Club, Golden Algarve OLR, Vermeerbergen-Wilms (BE), Joël Verschoot (BE), Philippe Dobbelaere (BE), Jelle Jellema (NL), Jan Hooymans (NL), Dirk Deroose (BE), Kemper Pigeons (DE) & Europa Masters OLR.

Brugse Barcelona Club
Pigeon of super fanciers on the extreme long distance

The Golden Wings that are awarded by the Brugse Barcelona Club are known for their prestigious character, far beyond the Belgium boarder. Only the best Barcelona pigeons receive these trophies; always cracks with great will power to return home, rarely found elsewhere. The Brugse Barcelona Club gets most of their revenue through donations from several top fanciers, and they have chosen PIPA as a medium to auction these valuable pigeons. Barcelona class of the highest level! 

Golden Algarve OLR (PT)

In the world of International One Loft Races, the Golden Algarve race has a prominent position. Under tough but fair conditions, pigeons from all over the world compete against each other. The prizes often go to known fanciers, and are won by pigeons with sublime bloodlines. On PIPA, the winners and ace pigeons will become available in auction. 

The final was raced on 2nd October across a distance of 498km. The winner arrived alone, with an average speed of 1144mpm. In the Top 10 were German, Dutch and Belgian pigeons from super bloodlines. Nearly 6,900 pigeons were entered to this One Loft Race. The preliminary phase consisted of 8 official training races up to 136km, followed by Hot Spot races of 168 - 207 -  230 - 297km. In the end, 4,565 pigeons were basketed for the final. 

Vermeerbergen-Wilms (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

The past years were very successful for the tandem Vermeerbergen-Wilms. Especially thanks to the nearly unbeatable Grizzly-Pitbulls, the super Best Kittel bloodlines via PIPA Breeding and the Porche 911 bloodlines via PEC. These lines are supplemented by the old Vermeerbergen-Wilms stock with the Lucky Luc bloodlines, the Olympiade Heremans bloodline and de National Wonder bloodline. In this auction, there are 2 children and several descendants to the Pitbull Wonder Bred x Blue Wonder Mother, parents of at least 43 x 1st prize and 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB. Furthermore, descendants to Best Kittel and Porsche 911 … to Top Race Hen 437, with 2x Top 10 Prov. … from the Platina lines of Gevaert-Lannoo … and from the proven children of Kittel VD Bulck and Pitbull Van Reeth.  

Joël Verschoot (BE)
Armando Special

Superstar Joël Verschoot grabbed several highly regarded titles in 2021. After having become 2x 2nd General Champion of Belgium KBDB and taking national victories on Brive, Agen, Pau en Angoulême, he added 1st General Champion Entente Belge 2021, 4th Nat. Champion Long Distance Yearlings 2021, 4th Nat. Champion Rhônevallei KBDB 2021, 7th Nat. Champion Long Distance Old Birds KBDB to his palmares. Most of these titles were on account of descendants to wonderboy Armando. This legendary pigeon, one of the most expensive pigeons ever sold, became 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB and 1st Olympiad pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2018. He put the Verschoot-colony on the map as one of the best long distance colonies in international pigeon sport. In this auction, young birds from the best children to this icon, often double grandchildren will become available. A golden oppourtunity for future owners! 

Philippe Dobbelaere (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

The specialist on middle distance and long distance nationals is Phillipe Dobbelaere. In 2021, he gathered many new victories and top prizes, with 1st Prov. and 1st Nat. Zone Souillac Yearlings and many National KBDB Ace pigeon titles as the cherry on top of an amazing season. 
1st National Ace pigeon Allround Young birds KBDB 2021 
3rd National Ace pigeon Long Distance Yearlings 2021
5th National Ace pigeon Middle Distance Young birds KBDB 2021
A wonderful edition to his palmares, after the 3 x 1st National in previous seasons. Mostly, the famous Rocco bloodlines ensure some great lots in the auction on PIPA. The auction highlight is the super racer, Broer Argenton 681, winner of 1st Club, 2nd Prov. Souillac and a total of 5x Top 100 Provincial. Furthermore, the auction contains direct children to Rocco (stock pigeon) and Father Rocco, as well as various inbred pigeons to Robin (1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB) and Robby (7th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB and father to 1st Nat. and 5th Ace pigeon KBDB 2021).

Jelle Jellema (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders

The golden genes from the Jellema lofts have an enormous impact on international extreme long distance racing. Jelle is always one of the favorites on (Inter)national races he participates in. Moreover, his pigeon's DNA is found in winners of extreme long distance races worldwide. He has made a fantastic selection of top quality young birds for this auction on PIPA, in which 1st International Barcelona winner, Kleine Jade, plays a substantial part. In auction are amongst others children, brothers and sisters to super pigeons such as Jill (2nd Int. Perpignan 2017) … Lars (2nd Nat. Perpignan & 37th Nat. Barcelona) … Romy (3rd Nat. Barcelona & 29th Nat. Perpignan) … Noud (6th Nat. Barcelona & 24th Nat. Barcelona) … Rena (6th Int. Pau, 8th Nat. Barcelona & 30th Nat. Marseille) … Rosalie (6th Nat. Narbonne) … New Rena (7th Nat. Barcelona, 46th Nat. Pau & 91th Nat. Marseille) … Imke (7th Nat. Pau) … Joyce (8th Nat. Agen, 39th Nat. Perpignan & 80th Nat. Pau) … Yinthe (14th Nat. Pau & 30th Nat. Agen) … and many double grandchildren to the best children bred from super pairing New Laureaat x Kleine Jade. 

Jan Hooymans (NL)
Best of the best: youngsters from the best racers paired to the best breeders

Jan Hooymans his stunning colony acquired worldwide fame due to its exceptional breeding value. The golden bloodlines of Harry are invaluable, responsible for success at the lofts in Kerkdriel with 1st-3rd-5th-9th National Chateauroux Sector III in 2021... at Team Hooymans NL, winning the title of 1st Best fancier in The Netherlands 2021 with several ace pigoens...but also at the satellite lofts in Engeland and Belgium and other fanciers around the globe. In this auction, Jan offers 12 young birds bred from super pigeons, such as new stock breeder Harry Junior x 1st Nat. Ace pigeon WHZB Eva...Brave Harry, 1st Nat. Chateaudun 12,995 p. … Jan, 1st Nat. Nanteuil 14,422 p. … Silviu, 1st NPO Chateaudun, 5th Nat. Chateauroux and 6th NPO Vierzon … Hans, 1st NPO Gien 4,607 p. … Boswachter, 1st Nat. Pau and 2nd Nat. Agen … Solo Warrior 1st Nat. Ancenis … Special Boy with 6x Teletekst … Silver Carnival, 2nd Final Allflight Carnival OLR … and the revelation of 2021, Victor Harry 274, winner of 1st Nat. SIII Chateauroux 2021.

Dirk Deroose (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Dirk Deroose his breeding loft proves to possess golden genes year after year. On the National podium these bloodlines continue to show their class, both on Dirk's lofts as on those of other fanciers in Belgium and abroad. Dirk brings his best to this auction on PIPA, including a full brother and children to 1st Nat. Chateauroux 20,473 p. Marcel … children to Zoom, 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB … children and grandchildren to stock pigeon Picsou … children to Lady Niels, mother of 1st-5th-9th National & daughter to superman Niels … and children to the top pair on the extreme long distance, Golden Ghost (2nd Nat. Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB) x Queen Rosanna (daughter 1st Nat. Barcelona NL ’15). 

Kemper Pigeons (DE)
Best Kittel Special

The German combine, Kemper Pigeons, are owners of an extensive collection of breeders built up of children to international icons. They have managed to get their hands on the best lines from the Best Kittel and Porsche 911 dynasty...which are supplemented with several valuable OLR pigeons. In this auction a beautiful selection of the Best Kittel lines will become available. The lots include two pigeons that are a result of co-breeding with PIPA Breeding; from the famous Best Kittel x Pebbles 1st Grand Avg. Victoria Falls OLR...from Son Best Kittel x Romen 453, 6th Super Ace and 8th Grand Avg. Victoria Falls OLR. Furthermore, young birds from children to Best Kittel and his super son Junior (2nd Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB)...and from daughter Porshce 911 x Louise 1st Nat. Bourges from PEC will be on offer. 

Europa Masters OLR
Best racers from the final and ace pigeons

The 2021 edition of the Europa Master Pigeons started with 1,579 pigeons. After a series of training flights and 5 Hot Spot races, with a total of 3,000km, 899 pigeons were basketed for the final race across 454km. Pigeons in the Europa Master Pigeons OLR are prepared with an intense training schedule, sometimes with 2 trainings per day with a total of over 100km. Only the best and strongest pigeons can cope with these conditions. The final was the ultimate test, on which the winner achieved an average speed of 964 mpm in tough conditions. The time gap between the 1st and 10th pigeon was 3 hours, exemplifying the difficulty of the race. On the day of release, 21 pigeons managed to return to base, and by the end of the second day 377 pigeons where back on the lofts. The pigeons who returned home had covered a total distance of 3,600km in flights under all conditions, wind directions, from the Black Sea to the mountains, the Danube river, across the Vrancea seismic zone, dry areas, volcanic land, in sunshine and rain...luck played no part in the winners achievements; these were the elite of the pack and will fill the pedigrees of future winners.