Tom en Marnik van Gaver (BE, Moortsele): Dominant in 2021 on 65 to 750 km with top references in Belgium and abroad

No fancier managed to rise to the top as quickly as Tom and Marnik Van Gaver. In 2021, they started with a 1st prize on Quievrain (65km) and finished the season off with a 1st prize on the last national race from Chateauroux (485km). 

Despite the tough season due to poor weather conditions, 2021 was a record year for Tom and Marnik Van Gaver. 35 first prizes were achieved on races from 65 up to 750km. For the fanciers from Moortsele, the 2 provincial wins and high ranking spots in various national ace pigeon competitions were the season highlights. An overview of the best results (no doubles):



Victories 2021

1st Prov. 959 birds / 55th Nat 7.517 birds Valence 2021
1st Prov. 439 birds / 5th fastest 4.957 birds Montoire 2021
1st-2nd-3rd Club 645 birds / 10th Verb. 2.705 birds Sermaises 2021
1st-2nd Club 380 birds / 9th Verb. 1.449 birds Sermaises 2021
1st-2nd Club 202 yearlings / 4th-5th Verb. 609 birds Perigieux 2021
1st-2nd Club 119 old birds / 49th-69th Nat. 4.144 birds Souillac 2021
1st-2nd Club 124 yearlings / 3rd-6th Verb. 475 birds Souillac 2021
1st-2nd Club 676 birds / 2nd Verb. 1.136 birds Noyon YL 2021
1st-2nd Club 850 birds / 2nd Verb. 3.726 birds Noyon YL
1st Club 114 birds / 6th N.Z. 1.522 birds Tulle 2021
1st fastest 1.022 birds Vierzon 2021
1st fastest 1.178 birds Chateauroux I 2021
1st fastest 176 birds / 41th Nat 2.396 birds Chateauroux II 2021
1st fastest 2.337 birds / 2nd Verb. 6.604 birds Noyon YL 2021
1st Verb. 1.393 birds Montoire II 2021
1st Club 360 birds / 2nd fastest 1.050 birds Quievrain 2021
1st Club 421 birds / 4th verb. 1.144 birds Vierzon 2021
1st Club 213 birds / 2nd verb. 828 birds Orleans 2021

Tom's recipe for success is no secret: performing week in, week out with the same pigeons on all distances up to 750km. Tom wants to breed a complete racing pigeon, capable of flying 100 to 750km races, a true allrounder. Pigeons that shine on the national races and show to have what it takes every week. Besides excellent results on their own lofts, 2021 was also good for many references from other lofts and one lofts races in Belgium and abroad. One of the main reasons behind this success is super breeder Finn and his parents, the famous "FINN-pair". The best descendants to Finn and Finn's parents resulted in the following successes: 

4037342/2020 (Allround Finn): 5th Nat. Ace Allround KBDB 2020, 3rd Ace pigeon FCD Long Distance 2021

4037407/2020 (James Finn): 1st Ace pigeon Long Distance FCD 2021 and candidate Top 25 Ace pigeon Allround KBDB 2021

4207210/2019 (Finn's Dream): 21st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2021

4037267/2020 (Wacko Finn): Top 5 Provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance Yearlings 2021 

The FINN-family...

Besides stars such as Little Ricky, Dark Ricky, etc...Tom is also very successful in crossing Finn bloodlines with super breeder Ricky. Great examples hereof are:

 BE19-4207220 (Big Ricky): 1st best yearling on the national long distance races in 2020 (5 races) and also super in 2021 

 BE21-4037293 (Andrea’s Dark Ricky): candidate Top 25 Ace pigeon Allround KBDB 2021


References 2021

In December 2019, Kris and Lieselotte De Bisschop bought a grandson to Finn at a PIPA auction. The first breeding results are promising as this BE19-4207337 has recently become father to 1st Nat. Zone 2,323 pigeons & 11th Nat. 7,267 pigeons Tulle 2021. The same pigeon also won 3rd Prov. Orleans against 3,870 pigeons 2020

In December 2017, Davy Neirynck bought daughter Finn (BE17-4229348) on PIPA, she is also a full sister to mother Finnman (1st Nat. Ace KBDB Heavy Middle Distance 2020) and became stock hen to the loft with the following top results: 

2. Prov 1.028 birds / 2. N.Z. 1.126 birds / 46. Nat 4.451 birds Tulle 2020 (1e loc)

16. prov 8.220 birds 54. Nat 34.311 birds Bourges 2021 (1e loc)

1. loc 573 birds / 3e Prov 7.315 birds Vierzon 2021

1. loc 390 birds Sermaises 2021

78. Nat 9.851 birds Argenton 2021

8. Prov. 5.208 birds Blois 2019

3. Verb. 374 birds Sermaises 2021

10. loc 1.619 birds Noyon 2019

On a PIPA auction in December 2019, Kristof Demulle bought "Son Finn" (BE19-4207307). Mother of this purchase was daughter 'Magic Bart'. The 2 best young birds on the loft in 2021 are direct children to this pigeon with the following results:

34. Finale OLR Sevilla Pigeon race 2020

23. N.Z. 2,364 birds Bourges 2021

4. Loc 632 birds / 23. N.Z. 3,861 birds Argenton 2021

3. Verb. 954 birds Sermaises 2021

Philip De Maesneer and Tom are good friends, and thus Philip also received a daughter to Magic Bart paired to the Finn bloodlines. Philip's stock breeder (de 14) became mother and grandmother of several great racers, winning amongst others: 

1. Prov 3.534 birds / 1. fast 8.627 birds Montoire 2021 (408km)
7. Prov 3.704 birds Argenton 2021
21. Nat 3.118 birds La Souterainne 2021
12. Prov 5.011 birds Bourges I 2020
21. Nat 8.424 birds Bourges II 2020
27. Prov 3.525 birds Chateauroux 2020
82. N.Z 3.423 birds Limoges 2019, also: 1. loc 321 birds, 1. loc 1.224 birds, 2. loc 506 birds , 3. loc 557 birds, 12. I.loc 1.322 birds, 19. Iloc 1.112 birds, 19. Iloc 1.596 birds etc.

Philip De Maesneer bought daughter Finn, BE17-4207290 during a PIPA auction back in December 2017. She became mother to the 2020 sensation, "Finnman":

1. Nat Ace Heavy MD Youngsters KBDB 2020

1. Best World Pigeon KBDB Allround 2020

2. Nat Ace Olympic Hope Cat F KBDB 2020

1. Prov 5.225 birds / 1. Fast 5.902 birds / 60. Nat 23.280 birds Argenton 2020

1. Pajot 1.596 birds Sermaises II 2020

4. Prov 3.525 birds / 108 Nat 15.322 birds Chateauroux III 2020

4. Pajot 1.977 birds Sermaises I 2020

25. Prov 6.538 birds Bourges III 2020

Finnman was sold, but the father and mother were not. Philip's best young bird is also from this pair and was always basketed as 1st nominated pigeon, resulting in amongst others:

41. N.Z. 3.231 birds Argenton 2021

846. Nat 14.315 birds La Souterainne 2021

Mother Finnman

Starting fancier Krisof Verstraete bought daughter to Finn during an auction in March 2020, Finn was paired to a daughter of 1st Nat. winner Raf, BE19-4216713. The first breeding results are already promising. In 2021, a child to this daughter Finn flew 2nd Club 499 pigeons and 16th Prov. 4,412 duiven on Fontenay and 205th against 12,212 pigeons on Pontoise.

On a large coupon sale of the Golden Duif, Tom donated a coupon after winning superstar of the year on the long distance in 2019. Tom generously donated daughter Finn BE19-4216722 (paired to daughter Raf) for the coupon sale. Martijn en Buck de Kruif (Woerden, The Netherlands) bought this beautiful hen and bred their best young bird 2021 from this pigeon, winning amongst others 1st Afdeling 5 ZH Rayon Oost 1,178 pigeon Nanteuil 2021 (360km), 12th Afdeling 5 ZH Rayon Oost 1,916 pigeons Pont St Max (350 km) and 5th Afdeling 5 ZH Rayon Oost 1,701 pigeons Duffel. Also via a coupon, Kamp/Kippers (Rijssen, The Netherlands) bought several eggs in 2019 from racers with Finn bloodlines (grandchildren). The first breeding results with direct children flew amongst others 1st Afdeling 9 CC2 against 1.307 pigeons, 5th Afdeling 9 Noord 5.342 pigeons (287 km) 2021 and 1st Afdeling 9 Noord against 8,260 pigeons Quievrain in 2020.

In an auction on PIPA, Patrick Andries bought daughter 'Always There' on Tom's advice. In 2021, Patrick just missed the top spot on the tough race from Cahors with a direct son to this daughter 'Always There', taking the 2nd National. He still took 1st Prov. 910 birds and 2nd Nat. 3,651 bird Cahors 2021. The descendants to the Always There x Finn pair are also performing well on Tom's loft. The perfect example hereof is 4201816/2021 (see results and pedigree). 


One Loft Races...

Team "“Troostprijsspelers” sent several young birds to the OLR in Ukraine (Derby Galychyna 2021 FCI race). Tom and Philip De Maeseneer are a part of this team and sent in one young bird that was co-bred. A daughter to Finn was paired to one of Philip's best breeders. The youngster won first ace pigeon in this rough race with approximately 1,100 pigeons competing. 

1. Ace Bird Derby Galychyna 2021 FCI OLR Oekraïne

30. Final 450 km

29. S.Final 350 km

38. Hotsp.(3) 160 km

19. Hotsp.(2) 125 km

14. Hotsp.(1) 100 km

1st Ace pigeon Derby Galychyna 2021

Together with Tom's Chinese friends, a team (10 pigeons) were sent to compete in the prestigious International Pattaya race 2020-2021. It was a great success as they won 10th best team and taking 30th, 106th and 189th in the final. Their best pigeon, BE20-4037473 became 32nd Ace pigeon and was also a grandchild to the famous Finn pair. Pattaya Int OLR 2020 started with 7,402 birds in competition:

106. Place 530 km Final race 9/1/21

275. Plcae 430 km Semi (2e) final race

432. Place 330 km Semi (1e) final race

6. Place 245 km Training race

149. Place 90 km Training race

Tom with Yanjiao Jinkui from China

Finn bloodlines worldwide...

A visit to The United States of America resulted in a friendship was started with Andy Waclaw & LK Corra. A son to the FINN pair was traded for a daughter of their Miss America. In 2021, this brother to Finn became grandfather to 1st final race Greater Chicago Combine 1,579 birds 500 miles. Eric and Erio Alvarez from Tampa were so overwhelmed by the class of the Finn family during their visit to Belgium in 2019, that they purchased a brother and grandchild to Finn through PIPA. The first results were great. In 2020-2021 they managed:   

5th & 11th from 645 birds GHC Classic Option Race AU (250 miles) 2020/21 bred by Eric Alvarez

8th from 1,001 birds GHC Classic Race AU (335 miles) 2020/2021 bred by Eric Alvarez

Beginning of 2020, Lui Feng from China bought a son to Finn (full brother Finnman) on PIPA. The first young bird was sent to the large One loft race in San Guan China and became 7th in the tough final against ±7,500 pigeons. At Bill Weima from Canada, was borrowed a brother to Finn via Andy Larentzakis of which the first young bird won 5th Grand Average Speed Big Andy One Loft Race 2020-2021. The young bird of the next round became 16th in the final race against 1,871 pigeons in Ontario USA 2021.

Ian, Sun Jie, Tom and Lui Feng
American friends Andy Waclaw and LK Corral


During an auction on PIPA in October 2020, Altmiks-Soudy bought a daughter to Tetske paired to brother Finn 232. The first young bird that was bred from this pair was sent to OLR Europa Master and won the final race and also took the title 2nd Ace pigeon.

1st Final Europa Master Pigeons OLR 2021 & 2nd Ace Bird @ Altmiks-Soudy-Pigeons Team

Tetske has been transferred to the breeding loft after the 2020 season together with her parents. Rik Cools bought a sister to Tetske on PIPA in March 2020 and bred his best young bird 2020 from this hen.

Moreover, Tom and Marnik won 1st Ace pigeon Land van Aalst Heavy Middle Distance Young Birds 2021 and 2nd Ace pigeon FCD (±1000 fanciers) 2021 with a direct sister to Tetske.