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Kristof Mortelmans (Ranst, BE): 1st Place Barcelona International One Loft Race

With provincial victories on Barcelona and Perigieux and a national victory on Marseille, Kristof Mortelmans showed his class for several times in 2021. At the international one loft race Barcelona UK it was also a 100 % Mortelmans pigeon that was victorious...

"A very nice reference", admits Kristof.  "The winning pigeon is a cross breeding of my own pigeons and the lines of Hugo Batenburg. The mother is a dirtect daughter of the Special One, then paired to a daughter of the New Laureaat. This hen is also mother to my provincial winner on Perigieux that arrived 20 minutes ahead of the second pigeon. It's a great breeding line, and I have a lot of confidence in it.

Pedigree 1st Pigeon One Loft Race Barcelona UK

"The one loft races are booming and for me, participating in these races is just for my pleasure. This one loft race Barcelona UK is a special one because the pigeons you send there are supposed to fly the International Barcelona race when they are 3 years old. If they are still present on the lofts off course... I still have 2 pigeons that are in the running. Hopefully they will survive the season 2022 to make the trip to Spain in 2023. Next year, the Final Race is one of 420 km, I'm already looking forward to it..."