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Final Algarve Golden Race - UPDATE III atmospheric photos

On Saturday the 2nd of Octobre, the Final Race of the Algarve Golden Race was held. The pigeons were released at Bragança (505 km) for this Final Race. We present you pedigrees of winners and acepigeon.
Jurgen Altmiks with the winning pigeon.

Pedigree 1. Final Race Golden Algarve 2021 - Altmiks Soudy Pigeons

Both parents were bought in PIPA auction.

Father 1. Final Golden Algarve 2021
Mother 1. Final Golden Algarve 2021

Pedigree 1. Ace Golden Algarve 2021 - Comb. van Wanrooij

Pedigree 2. Final Race Golden Algarve 2021 - Reijnen-Bolton

The Algarve Golden Race is one of the biggest OLR in Europe. Participants can win fantastic prizes, including € 120,000 for the winner! There is prize money for all first 400 pigeons that will arrive. Temperatures are expected to vary from 23 degrees in the morning, to 30 degrees in the afternoon.

Good to know is that the top 30 of the Final Race and the top 5 of the ace pigeons will be sold on PIPA!

You can check the list with live results of the Final Race here.

You can find the intermediate position / final position of the ace pigeons here.

Good luck to all participants!

On Saturday October 2, you can see the live broadcast of the arrival of the pigeons here:

Here are some more photos of the Final Race and some big winners by Chris Sutton:

And here you can find some atmospheric photos of the Final Race 2021 by Chris Sutton: