New auction: Victoria Falls (ZIM)

Monday the 13th of September the Victoria Falls (ZIM) auction will start.

Victoria Falls (ZIM)
Super performers in the final & ace pigeons

The international Victoria Falls one loft race was an instant success and popular with participants from around the world. Taking place in magical surroundings, with tough but fair conditions, the contestants race for a total of 1,25 million dollars in prize money. Top fanciers worldwide send in their best pigeons to this prestigious race, whose winners and ace pigeons are valued greatly in the international pigeon sport. This OLR is regarded as one of the best and largest races of its kind. The winners and ace pigeons from the 2021 edition are an elite group of super pigeons. These stars will be auctioned by PIPA, a unique chance to purchase pigeons that have withstood the African wilderness with glory! 

Some statistics:
Hot Spot I (192 km) with 5.071 p.– fastest pigeon 1658 mpm
Hot Spot II (235 km) with 4.598 p. – fastest pigeon 1804 mpm
Hot Spot III (318 km) with 4.224 p. – fastest pigeon 1384 mpm
Hot Spot IV (374 km) with 2.918 p. – fastest pigeon 1449 mpm
Hot Spot V (442 km) with 1.913 p. – fastest pigeon 1624 mpm
Final (600 km) with 1.555 p. – fastest pigeon 1337 mpm

The Super ace competition is across the Hot Spot flights 3, 4, 5 and the final.
The Grand Average ace competition is across all flights.
As the cherry on top, there was a long distance race (Enduro race) across 725km 10 days after the final. The winner achieved an average speed of 1132 mpm, in an extremely tough race. Several top performers from this race will also be offered in this auction.

Victoria Falls final race