Przejdź do treści

A report on the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey on 11th September 2021

173 members sent 1,521 young birds to Guernsey with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 09.15CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

First open and first ES section was won by Mr and Mrs R Hume of Rochford with a youngster on 1630mpm over 203 miles. Rob's winner was bought at the Thames breeder buyer and won him £200 in the previous Guernsey race. It was bred by Terry Bentham and is named El-Tel. The sire and dam of El-Tel both came from Lee Bastone and their bloodlines are Frans Zwols, with D'Artagian and the Dream Pair both in the pedigrees. 

Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson of Seaford was second open and second ES section with a young bird on 1621mpm over a distance of 146 miles. Andy timed a cock bird, raced on the natural system and sent driving a young hen to nest. It was bred down from a pair of federation and club winners. 

J May & Son

J May and Son of Chichester timed a young bird on 1595mpm over 119 miles to take third open and first CS section. The section winner was raced on the natural system to the perch. The sire is a full brother to May Pigeons Champion 652, winner of the RPRA 2017 sprint award. 

Around the sections 

J & B Donovan & P McHugh

John and Bradley Donovan were second CS section and sixth open on 1587mpm over 167 miles. The partners' winner was bred by Jamie Clark and Daughter of Selling and is one of a group they were gifted by him ealier in the season. Another of these birds was 38th open Guernsey two weeks ago. 

Alan & Gary Young

Third CS section and eighth open was won by Alan and Gary Young of South Croydon on 1583mpm over 167 miles. They timed a pencil blue cock, the sire of which is a brother to Yves De Wit's Tornado. The dam is a direct Aerts Brothers hen. 

D Wilton & Son's pigeon

Third ES section and fourth open was a young bird on 1593mpm over 187 miles for D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary. Andrew timed a blue pied cock, bred from the same sire as the old hen they timed from the last Guernsey race. The sire was bred by Mark Bulled and is a son of Champion Rocky. The dam is a result of co-breeding with Bob and Anthony Besant between the Wilton's cock, Alitor and the Besant's hen, Gaby. 

Chris & Jane Howse

C and J Howse of Devizes were first WS section and one hundred and fifty-second open on 1135mpm over 127 miles. The sire of this hen is a full brother to Lady J, 1st open BICC Fougeres. The dam is the last sister of their certificate of merit winner, Merit Man. 

John Halstead

John Halstead of Kington Magna was second WS second on 1013mpm over 103 miles. John timed a dark chequer hen raced on the darkness system and on its third race of the season. It contains 50% Jellema bloodlines with a mix of Brockamp, Ashley and Ken Hine and Peter Titmus. The sire is Nyland Eusebio. 

Phil Bond

Phil Bond of Ilton timed a youngster on 966mpm over 102 miles to take third WS section. 

John Black

John Black of Hitchin was first NC section and ninety-first open with a youngster on 1380mpm over 201 miles. John clocked a chequer pied hen bred by Jimmy Bauress of Liverpool. The sire was bred by Steve Goulding, whilst the dam is Jimmy's good hen 006, a half-sister to John's Guernsey section winner two weeks ago. 

Mark Turner

Mr M Turner of Kettering was second NC section on 1229mpm over a distance of 213 miles. Mark timed the same pigeon he clocked from the previous Guernsey race, a hen with Stafaan Lambrechts, Nijlen and Luc Vervoort bloodlines. 

David Paine

David Paine of St Neots was third NC section on 1225mpm over 212 miles. David timed a red cock, a half brother to his MNFC winner. It contains Marcel Van Den Brande bloodlines. 

Jeremy Nicholson

Jeremy Nicholson of Ipswich was first NE section and thirty-eighth open with a young bird on 1513mpm over 237 miles. Jeremy clocked a blue Denis Sapin x Cooreman cock. The sire is Moto Denis Sapin, bred by Steve Fenech and the dam is a Louis Cooreman which was retired to the stock loft this year. 

Roger Strowger

Second NE section on 1419mpm over 260 miles was won by Mr and Mrs Strowger of Leiston. Roger timed a young cock, the sire of which was bred in his stock loft from birds from Mark Phillips of Dover Court. The dam was bred by Lloyd Knill of Aldeburgh. He got nine out of ten sent on the day. 

Chapman & Eastoe

Chapman and Eastoe of Great Yarmouth were third NE section on 1341 mpm over 286 miles. Glen and Nicole timed a grand-daughter of Gary Gurney's national winner. It was raced on the darkness system. 

Lionel Brewer

Lionel Brewer of Worcester timed a young bird on 842mpm over 184 miles to take first NW section. Lionel's section winner was bred from his own family of Booth and Roper based pigeons. 

Mickey Lee

M and C Lee of Worcester timed a youngster on 561mpm over 185 miles to take second NW section. Mickey clocked a slatey hen which had been hawked on its way home. The sire was a gift bird from Roger Pugh, whilst the dam is a grand-daughter of Wing Down. 

Team Wicker & Wright's pigeon

Team Wicker and Wright of Astley Bridge were third NW section with a young bird on 558mpm over 283 miles. Alan timed a young bird bred from Champion Padfield's Paul and Padfield's Lady Kenny. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Guernsey.