First national victory for Christophe Nottebaert (Templeuve, BE) on Châteauroux (Guéret)!

He had to wait many years in the shadow winning no less than five times a second national before he could finally live the most beautiful moment of his career in the pigeon sport on the 18th of July!

It was a long run! If he would have been luckier, Christophe Nottebaert will now have one of the most prestigious performances lists from the last fifteen years in Belgium but pigeon sport is all about winning the first prize... well, at least that's what people are doing... It doesn't take out anything from Christophe's reward as he won no less than five times a second national since 2010! If any pigeon fancier would be happy with it, it became quite a bit uncomfortable for this eternal second. In 2018, he won two times a second national in only... two weeks of time with another... second national won in 2020 on Bourges... II... This damned figure two had quite a bad influence on the life of the Nottebaert family... But karma finally switched his mind and it was written in the stars... bingo... this so long-awaited national victory finally came...

2. Bourges II nat 10.906 old birds '10
2. Argenton nat 4.782 old birds '12
2. Châteauroux II nat 13.086 yearlings '18
2. Guéret nat 5.331 old birds '18 
2. Bourges II nat 8.424 yearlings '20

To whom we now have to add:

1. Châteauroux II nat 7.099 old birds '21

Since 2018, he really was close to it several times and everybody knew it was only a matter of time. Too often used to a last minute disappointment, Christophe waited the very last moments to finally start believing in it. A very well reward for him!

A special taste

Christophe always raced at his parents place but he recently built some amazing accommodations at his place, several meters only from his parents' home. He is now racing there under his own name. That's why it was decided to race at his parents place under the name of his father, Arthur, who unfortunately died earlier this year, in april 2021. His father couldn't live this special moment. However, Christophe is lucky to count on the precious help of his mother who is still taking care of his pigeons but he is still doing a lot of back and forth between his house and his parents' place. With this national victory, the final chapter of the book has been written at the old place... But he can still add a bigger cherry on the cake as he is still running to classify two pigeons in the KBDB championships in the great middle distance category... The last national race counting for this championship will be held coming weekend on Châteauroux! Good luck Christophe!