Brothers Leideman (Collendoorn, NL) have a new wonder couple in the Dutch pigeon sport with Arturo x Tila

Dominating the results and victories against thousands of pigeons, once again André and Bert Leideman are dominant in season 2021.

The fact that (inter)national top fanciers - perhaps more than ever - also mention their references, underlines the exceptional breeding prowess of the Leideman-pigeons. Of which the cherry on top is that the brothers now possess, besides an exceptionally long line of exceptionally good pigeons, one of the very best breeding couples in the world; Arturo x Tila.

The jovial expressions of Bert and André Leideman betray that things are going quite well for the men in the North East of the Netherlands. They have left their ancestral home in Hardenberg behind and a new house, as well as new lofts, have arisen in Collendoorn instead. Although the lofts were sold by PIPA at the end of 2019, their excellent breeding pigeons were simply moved, which means they kept the key ingredient for success. Bert Leideman said: “I dare to think that after decades of hard selection, we are now at our highest quality level… this is where we always wanted to be.” And even if the oldest of the brothers did not say it out loud, that level is well known; the apex of the world.

The new wonder couple Arturo x Tila

Sometimes as a fancier you realise it when you are handling gold with a certain couple. This realisation came to André and Bert on the 7th of Juli 2019 at the race of Lorris, 597 km. “A challenging NPO race where the fastest pigeons had to hit 1150 mpm; it meant hard work, but it really was an honest battle. We managed to achieve a strong result with 7 pigeons among the first 14 of the National sector 4 of 6086 pigeons. Our first two pigeons (Aura and Nancy) as well as the winners of the 13th and 14th National (Haley and Fabio) all came from Arturo x Tila… and every single one of those pigeons turned out to be more than a one-day wonder, they all would continue to win 1st prizes multiple times! This was the confirmation for us that this couple was worth gold. 

At the final race with the young pigeons in 2019, NPO Chalons over 433 km, the brothers Leideman won 1st NPO against 3.892 pigeons, and that was with a grandchild of Arturo x Tila… breeding power that stays for multiple generations; It became the reason for the two men to give this couple a prominent place in their breeding loft… and in 2020 and 2021 this decision proved to have been worth it with a formidable collection of references from other top lofts.

References Arturo x Tila on the other lofts

Although Bert and André managed to realise the worth of their new couple rather early, their status only rose immensely in the last few months, mostly due to the performances of other fanciers with their descendents… and those are not a few! An overview of the highlights in random order:

- G. & S. Verkerk, 1st Nat. S2 Vierzon 567 km 7.956 p.

Gerard & Bas Verkerk bought the super pigeon Fabio, son of Arturo x Tila, at the auction in 2019. Fabio became the father of the winner of the Grand Prix race Vierzon in sector 2

- Gijs Baan, 1st NPO Argenton 568 km 3.127 d.

Even before the auction of 2019, Gijs got a son of Arturo x Tila… from which he bred a winner 1st NPO Argenton in province 1 Zeeland, a challenging edition of the race, with speeds of 1184 mpm.

- Familie Broos, 8th Nat. Ace Pidgeon and 1st provincial 13.922 p.

In 2017 the Frisian Family Broos bought the nest brother of the future ace pigeon Fabio… from which they bred, amongst others, the 8th Nat. Ace Pidgeon PIPA Ranking Yearlings in 2019.  A different child of Nestbrother Fabio won in 2020 at Kalkar (158 km) the 1st place in province Fressia against 13.922 p. With a speed of 1617 mpm.

- Wolfgang Roeper, 1st Reg-Verband 304 km 1.625 p.

The phenomenon no longer has its own breeding crew, but comes every year, with great success, to pick up pigeons from the brothers Leideman to race with. Partly because of these pigeons he became in 2020 the 2nd Nat. Champion and in 2019 even 1st Nat. Champion… On the 13th of June 2021, he won with a direct Leideman Pidgeon NL19-1248667 in the regional verband against 1625 p. From Lubieszyn 304 km (1220 mpm)... the winner came from Nanny (daughter Arturo x Tila) x son of Goed Grijs.

- R.C. Bakker, 5th prov. Melun 428 km 5.644 p.

Ruud and Dolf Bakker bought the ace racer, Nancy, direct descendent of Arturo x Tila, at the Leidemans PIPA auction at the end of 2019. A yearling child of hers showed their colours on the 13th of June by winning 5th place in province 7 against 5644 p.

- H. & S. Harms, 1st-2nd-3rd prize winners

Holger and Sonja Harms from North Germany got a daughter of Arturo x Tila as far back as 2017 and bred from her, amongst others, winners of the 1st prize 460 km 620 p. ... 2nd prize 160 km 1.300 p. … and 3rd prize 460 km 390 p.

- Maarten Huijsmans, 1st rayon 1.702 p.

The multi-winner from Hoogerheide put all of his faith into the Leideman pigeons and bought Super Bonny… a half-sister from Arturo (herself mother, Voltar). This super Bonny became the mother of a 1st prize winner province 2 Rayon 1 against 1702 p.

- Neuhaus & Sohn, 1st-7.891 p. & 2nd-9,368 p.

German sports friends Neuhaus have been breeding excellently with a full sister of Claire (from half-brother Arturo, crossed with Goed Grees lines) … On the 12th June 2021, they win the 1st at RV Neumarkt 394 km, as well as 2nd provincial 9.386 pigeons (1194 mpm)... the week after the same pigeon won the 1st provincial Dettelback 291 km against 7.891 pigeons (1261 mpm).

- Wolfgang Roeper, 1st Reg-Verband 284 km 3.769 p.

Once again the legend himself, the NL18-1459358 is another direct Leideman ace and was bred from a full brother of Tila. The 358 won on the 23rd of May this year the 1st in the Regionalverband against 3.769 p. From Ueckermünde, 284km with an average speed of 1278 mpm.

- T. & J. Elzinga, 3rd NPO Lorris 642 km 2.991 p.

well-known father and son Elzinga bred the 3rd NPO Vierzon on the 19th of June 2021 from a brother of Voltar (Mother of Arturo).

- Foppe van der Meer, 1st I.prov. Sittard 243 km 18.592 p.

‘Good old’ Foppe managed to strengthen his racing crew several times with the very best from the brothers Leideman. Amongst others, from Arturo x Tilla and their son Fabio… from a full brother of Fabio, Fobbe bred the winner of the 1st prov. Sittard 8.802 p. As well as the fastest of 18.598 pigeons.

- Brothers Scheele, 1st  prov. Fontenay 365 km 6.455 p.

At the auction of the brothers Leideman in 2019, a daughter of Arturo and Tila caught Jaap Scheele’s eye… and from that hen, he has now bred the 1st prov. Fontenay against almost 6.500 pigeons.

- Wolfgang Roeper, 1eprijs 263 km 821 d.

And last, but certainly, not least, the super pigeon DV01274-18-2 of Wolfgang Roeper, bred by Torsten and Edgar Noak from the NL17-1647975, child of Arturo x Tila. Der 2, as Wolfgang calls him, wins the 1st prize 26e km against 821 pigeons, as well as 2nd against 2.131 p. … in addition, this ace also wins the 2nd prize 408 km 2.442 p., 2nd prize 152 km 1.058 p., 3rd prize 400 km 2.947 p. and also 4th-7th-7th-8th-10th-11th against an average of well over 1.300 pigeons

Resume; no less than 9 different children of Arturo and Tila breed 1st prize winners at a high level!

1st Nat. S2 Vierzon 567 km 7.956 p. (G. & S. Verkerk)- from NL17-1647734 Fabio

1st NPO Argenton 568 km 3.127 p. (Gijs Baan) – from NL17-1647824

1st I.prov. Sittard 18.592 p. (Foppe VD Meer) – from NL18-1817811

1st prov. Kalkar 13.922 p. (Fam Broos) – from NL17-1647733 Nestbroer Fabio

1st prov. Fontenay 6.455 p. (Gebr. Scheele) – from Talent NL18-1459505

3x 1st Reg-Verband 2.580 – 1.625 p. – 1.384 p. (Wolfgang Roeper) – from NL18-1459354 Nanny

1st-2nd-2nd-2nd-3rd-4th-7th-7th-8th-10th average 1.300 p. (Wolfgang Roeper) – from NL17-1647975

1st Sittard 986 p. (Gebr. Leideman) – from NL18-1459353 Haley

1st prijs 460 km 620 p. (H. & S. Harms) – from NL17-1864068 Zus Fabio

Leideman-pillars are once again the foundation

The couple Arturo x Tila represents 2 out of the 3 pillars upon which the Leideman-colony has been built. Namely that of Golden Dream and Silver Dream, two wonder breeders from the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Blue Dream (Wouters) and the bloodlines of Wolfgang Roper, the German superstar. NL16-1076052 Arturo is a half brother of the winners 1st-1st-3rd-8th on the training races Pattaya Int. OLR and a direct son of Crack 19, 1st regional Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2016 with 4x top 6 NPO/prov. … He was coupled to Voltar, 2nd Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance, from who 3 generations of descendents achieved among others; 1st prov. Quievrain 10.570 p., 1st prov. Venlo 3.696 p., 2nd prov. Weert 11.059 p. After loftmate, 2nd prov. Niergnies 10.065 p. After loftmate, 3rd Prov. Chimay 9.460 p., 9th Nat. Ace Cock German 2019 (with Roeper) and 11th Nat. Ace Pigeon natour WHZB/TBOTB 2019 (with Eijerkamp) … So Arturo is a grandchild of 3 of the best Leideman breeders:

- Torsten, direct Roeper superbreeders

- Silver Dream, nr. 1 Leideman stockbreeder & d. Blue Dream

- Golden Dream, super breeding hen Leideman & d. Blue Dream

Arturo was coupled to NL15-1234049 Tila, a full sister of Raissa the 1st reserve NL Olympic Sprint pigeon Poznan 2018 with 1st-2nd-3rd-3rd-5th against, on average, more than 8.000 pigeons. Other siblings are, among others; Sia, 3x 1st prov. Against, on average, well over 7.000 pigeons … Olympic Wolfgang, 5x winner 1st prize in big races and all-around Olympic pigeon. … 595, 2x top 10 provincial with family Eijerkamp. Tila is a daughter of the stock cock Magnus, direct Wolfgang Roeper. Hij was coupled to a sister of Tip Top 5, winner 9th final race Million Dollar Race 2013.

Successes in Collendoorn

Besides the multitude of references, André and Bert performed quite well themselves on the new lofts in Collendoorn. Some of the highlights

1st-4th-12th-26th-28th Nat. NPO Chalons and Champagne with NL19-1248793 (10th of Juli)

1st prov. Chimay 14.065 p. withNL19-1249106 (29th of May)

1st-7th-9th rayon 7 Sittard 986 p., 1st prize with NL19-1248670 (6th of June)

1st-2nd-3rd rayon 7 Chimay 795 p., 1st prize with NL19-1248787 (13th of June)

1st rayon 722 d. & 3e prov. Rethel 5.971 p. With NL19-1248716 (25th of June 2021)

2nd-3rd-4th-6th-9th-10th-11th-12th-13th-14th-16th-17th-18th-19th-20th-21th Ludenscheid 18.737 p. (24th of  April)

3rd NPO Sens 4.995 p. met NL19-1248722 (6th of June 2021)

3rd-6th-11th prov. Dreis Bruck 18.212 p. (1st of May 2021)

5th-17th-20th-21th-23th-24th-26th-27th-28th prov. Munster (17th of April 2021)

No one shall be surprised that the best Leideman pigeons of the year 2021 tend to be descendents of the known factors … a short overview;

NL19-1249106 Broer Alive

1st prov. Chimay 14.065 p.

Full brother of Alive with 5x top 5 provincial of, on average, well over 6.000 pigeons … he comes from a VD Bulck cock x full sister of top racer Vooruit of Leo Heremans ...

NL19-1249134 Broer Raissa

11th prov. Dreis Bruck 18.212 d.
13th prov. Chimay 6.142 d.
16th prov. Arlon 7.026 d.
25th prov. Lüdenscheid 18.737 d.

He is a brother of Raissa (reserve Olympic pigeon), Sita (3x 1st against 11.041 p., 8.525 p., 2.480 p.) and Olympic Wolfgang (Olympic pigeon Roeper) … so he is also the son of super couple Magnus x Zus Tip Top 5

NL19-1248787 Kleinzoon Goed Grijs

1e Chimay 795 d. ’21
1e Deurne 526 d. ’20

A beautiful cock from a proven son of Crack 19 x Goed Grijs, two of the support pillars of the Leideman colony. Mother is a daughter of Olympia 412 Wolfgang Roeper ...

NL19-1248716 Dochter Crack 19

1st Arlon 1.145 p. / 3e NPO 2.597 p. ’19
1st rayon 722 p. / 3e prov. Rethel 5.971 p. ‘21
6th prov. Ludenscheid 18.737 p. ’21
14th prov. Rethel 8.181 p. ’20
17th prov. Munster 18.452 p. ’21

Direct daughter of the super cock Crack 19, wonder racer and himself father of the new stockbreeder Arturo … mother is Margrit, winner 1st NPO Morlincourt 4.634 p. …

NL19-1248670 Dochter Haley

1st Sittard 986 p. ‘21

Already listed among the descendents of Arturo x Tila; her mother is the 13th Nat. Lorris winner Haley. Father is Douglas, direct Gert Heylen and sublime race-and breeding cock ...

NL19-1248722 Dochter Arturo x Tila

3rd prov. Dreis Bruck 18.212 p. ’21
3rd NPO Sens 4.995 p. ’21
5th prov. Rethel 8.181 p. ’20
19th NPO Chalons En Champagne 2.524 p. ’19
21st prov. Munster 18.452 p. ’21
28th prov. Arlon 16.256 p. ’20

The impressive results make plenty of sense when you see that this super hen is a direct daughter of Arturo x Tila, the new wonder couple on the Leideman lofts ...

And as if the successes of the super couple Arturo x Tila are not enough yet. Wolfgang Roeper announced that his direct Leideman cock NL19-1248667 won first place in the Regionalverband, which is about the same level as provincial, 3 times in a row in consecutive races:

1st prize 304 km against 1.625 pigeons (13-6-2021)
1st prize 386 km against 2.580 pigeons (26-6-2021)
1st prize 306 km against 1.384 pigeons (03-7-2021)

The 667 comes from a son of Goed Grijs x the top hen Nanny, direct daughter Arturo x Tila.

It just does not stop. One should realise that all references above and all the top results come mostly from the golden combination Arturo x Tila. In an upcoming article, we shall focus on that other wonder pigeon Goed Grijs, of whom the descendents deliver impressive performances week after week. It is no wonder that Bert Leideman dares to say that the quality of their breedings colony is at the level they only dreamed of decades ago.