New auction: Davy Tournelle (national winner La Souterraine I yearlings)

Wednesday the 30th of June at 17h the auction of Davy Tournelle will start (national winner La Souterraine I yearlings).

Davy Tournelle (BE)
Children from top pigeons

As a dessert to the auction season, PIPA organises a number of speed auctions ... pigeons that come into the auction from fanciers who have just delivered a top performance, from relatives of the stars. With no less than 8 National victories, Davy Tournelle is certainly one of the absolute stars. With Tiësto, Torres and the Mila family Davy Tournelle has created a pigeon strain with concrete pillars. On the 28th of June Davy scored a devastating victory on La Souterraine I and won:
1st Nat. La Souterraine JL 14,037 b. and fastest of 22,289 pigeons.
National yearlings 14,037 b.: 1e-9e-14e-29e-47e-53e-129e-etc.
National Old birds 8,383 b.: 9e-107e-131e-etc.

In 2021 after 4 great middle distance races, Davy Tournelle pigeons are involved in 4 wins:

- Bourges I; Grandfather 1st Nat. Bourges I 2021 at Guido Vervaeke (Wervik) and fastest of 59,407 pigeons is direct Tournelle

- Chateauroux I; Davy himself wins 1st National Zone Chateauroux yearlings

- Argenton I; Grandfather 1st Nat. Argenton I 2021 (BE20-2085411) at Van Dijck-Van Dijck and fastest of 36,069 pigeons is directy Davy Tournelle

- La Souterraine I; Davy Tournelle himself wins 1st National and fastest out of 22,289 pigeons.

Such a domination in such a short time has never been seen in Belgian pigeon racing.

In this top auction Davy brings among others a half-brother to Beauty Lagoon (2nd Belgian great middle-distance pigeon), a son of national topper Beauty Blue, a sister to Miss Torres (1st Nat. & 1st Nat. Zone winner), sister to 1st Nat. Zone Chateauroux winner, half brother to father 1st Nat. ace KBDB 2020, sister to Torres Blue (1st Tulle racer Belgium '18-'19 with a/o 1st Nat. Zone), young out of father Tiesto's Ace (1st Nat. ace LCB) and a child to 1st Nat. Tulle winner Masserati.