Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE): an outstanding national victory on La Souterraine and top references across Europe

Saying that Davy Tournelle (36) from Rummen has a talented loft of pigeons is an understatement. This talent doesn't only shine in Rummen, as many fanciers celebrate his bloodlines with magnificent results in Belgium and across Europe.

On Monday 28th June, Davy Tournelle hoisted the flag, not only because the Belgians beat Portugal at the European Championship, but he managed to win yet another national race. This time from La Souterraine, it was "Tiesto's Dream" (BE20-2060413) against 14,037 pigeons who was triumphant. "Tiesto's Dream" was also the fastest of all 22,289 basketed pigeons across the 583km race with an average speed of 1363 m/min. With 1 - 9 - 14- 29 - 47 - 53 - 129 - ... National against 14,037 yearlings and 9 - 107 - 131 - ... against 8,383 old birds, the whole result was phenomenal.   

This dominance by the Tournelle-pigeons has never been seen before in Belgian pigeon sport. 

Reason enough to celebrate in Rummen, part of the municipality of Geetbets, in the east of Flemish Brabant. The place from which Davy Tournelle manages his national and international successes in the pigeon sport. His national victories in 2019 from Issoudun against 8,248 old birds, in 2020 from Argenton against 16,762 old birds and from Tulle against 4.451 yearlings speak for themselves. Now, in 2021, he adds yet another national victory to this list with a win from La Souterraine. It doesn't stop there; at all four middle distance races that took place this year, the Tournelle bloodlines raced to the top of the charts. An unprecedented feat! Davy himself won 1st National Zone Chateauroux I yearlings and National La Souterraine I. The grandfather to the winners from Bourges I and Argenton I were bred by Davy:


-  BE14-2326237

Grandfather 1st Nat. Bourges I 2021 at Guido Vervaeke (Wervik) and fastest of 59,407 pigeons.

- BE15-2034096

Grandfather 1st Nat. Argenton I 2021 (BE20-2085411) at Van Dijck-Van Dijck and fastest of 36,069 pigeons: Father to 6th Nat. Argenton I 2021 (BE20-2085405) 21,282 yearlings, who also wins 201st Nat. Chateauroux I 2021 22,196 yearlings. 

"Tiesto's Dream" is a granddaughter to Tiesto's Fantasy, who in turn is a daughter to Tiesto. The Tiesto-family is not only invaluable at Davy's lofts but is responsible for amazing results across Europe. 

Cosmin Alteanu (Romania) has several grandchildren to Tiesto on his lofts from which he bred the 3rd National Ace pigeon Middle Distance 2020 in Romania and managed to achieve several other top results with these bloodlines: 


Also in Romania, Istvan Bartos is successful with the Tiesto lines. Shown on the following pedigree: 

Recently, at Veulemans-Perilleux a Tiesto descendant flew 1st place from Sermaises. 

Tom Van Gaver

When discussing Davy's references we would also like to turn our attention to Tom van Gaver. A short overview of the results flown by BE19-2138361, a sister to Tiesto's Lady, 1st Nat. Argenton 2020 and 3rd Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB 2020: with thanks to Davy Tournelle and his infamous Tiesto line:

Tiesto's Lady
Eye Tiësto's Lady

Another national win on his own lofts!

Whilst writing this article, Davy booked another national victory on the race form La Souterraine! It puts the Tournelle pigeons in the spotlights once again. It is an incredible season for Tournelle so far, with another national victory he also has several pigeons in the national Top-100. Especially Davy's yearlings dominate the results list. Let us further introduce several racers with outstanding performances on La Souterraine. 


First and foremost, the national winner on the yearling race with the name Tiësto's Dream, BE20-2060413.

9th and 14th place also went to Davy's pigeons. It was the hen, BE20-2060559, that took 9th national. She is an inbred, with 3 x Torres in her pedigree. 

BE20-2060831 is a granddaughter to Miss Torres, who flew to an impressive 14th place on the national yearlings race. 

Three other Tournelle pigeons managed to achieve a national Top-100 spot on the yearling race. 

The Tournelle-family enjoy another national victory and their well deserved international recognition

At 292th national the Tournelle family has clocked 8 yearlings and 14 old birds, an astonishing result. 

Besides the show of class on the yearling race, Davy also takes 9th national against 8,383 old birds. This result was flown by the hen BE-19-2037360. She too has both Torres as Tiesto in her pedigree. Her father is Golden National, BE17-2058500. He is a half brother to Mila, 1. Nat. Chateauroux 3.933 d. Mother to 19-360 is BE17-2058449, a half sister to 15th Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2017.

A dream

When basketing for a national race, every pigeon fancier hopes to clock a super pigeon, and take a  national Top-100 spot. What Davy Tournelle manages on the national race from La Souterraine is something dreams are made of, a result to cherish. A huge congratulations to the whole Tournelle family!

Shortly after this publication, we received yet another top reference from Romania which we would like to share. Olteanu Cosmin has a super pigeon on his lofts from Tournelle-bloodlines. RO19-19060 became 3rd Nat. Ace pigeon Middle Distance in 2020 and is a candidate Olympiad pigeon. The pedigree and palmarés are added below. Success with Tournelle pigeons...it's never ending!