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Comb. Ebben (Boven Leeuwen, NL) can look back on some wonderful results early on in the season

Will and Falco Ebben can already look back on several highlights this season. A provincial win from Melun, 2nd National Champion Short Distance and several "Podium der Grootsmeester" (Spoor der Kampioenen) titels are amongst their most impressive results so far.
Willy (left) en Falco (right) Ebben

A small loft with great results, this is what best describes Willy and Falco Ebben. 12 pairs of old birds, a small team of young birds and 6 breeding pairs are housed in the lofts in Beneden Leeuwen. The pigeons in Beneden Leeuwen are flown under the name W. & F. Ebben, a combination that has raced at an exceptional level for the past 20 years and counting. Until 2019 Falco only raced young birds in Boven Leeuwen under the name Comb. Ebben. The best young birds would be transferred to the lofts in Beneden Leeuwen. However, since 2019 old birds are also raced from the lofts in Boven Leeuwen. There is room for 16 pairs of old birds, a small team of young birds and 6 breeding pairs. Breeding happens on both locations, however the young birds are exchanged between the lofts. 

As mentioned earlier, racing happens at a high level at the Ebben lofts. Season 2020 was also a memorable one with 2nd Not Nominated N.U. Long distance (Comb. Ebben), 3rd Nominated and 3rd Totaal N.U. (W. & F. Ebben) and 1st NPO Châteaudun (Comb. Ebben) are only several examples of their achievements last season. 

This year too their performances are exceptional (mentioned results only include prizes 1:10):


Results Comb. Ebben (Boven Leeuwen):
17-04 Bierges 144 km 5,348 p.: 9-20-21-79-81-82-115-116-117-121-122-133-163-167-170-
254-259-263-265-319-493-etc. (26/30)
Best National result ‘Podium der Grootmeesters’
24-04 Chimay 221 km 5,454 p.: 4-14-16-30-38-40-42-44-56-97-131-142-191-193-219-221-
228-334-etc. (24/25)
Beste Provincial result ‘Podium der Grootmeesters’
01-05 Niergnies 242 km 5,156 p.: 11-15-17-28-90-94-183-184-189-214-215-439-
440-etc. (17/20)
2nd Best Provincial result ‘Podium der Grootmeesters’
29-05 Prov. Chalons en Champagne 337 km 12,753 p.: 7-79-90-176-345-456-459-866-
946-1.176-1.179-etc. (14/24)
06-06 Prov. Niergnies 252 km 9,279 p.: 5-14-19-23-61-62-72-90-108-125-173-249-540.(13/13)
Best National result ‘Podium der Grootmeesters’
13-06 Prov. Melun 413 km 7,291 p.: 27-63-114-212-215-227-324-325-473-683-710-etc. (17/19)
2nd Best Provincial result ‘Podium der Grootmeesters’

Results 2021 W. & F. Ebben, Beneden-Leeuwen
17-04 Bierges 142 km 5,348 p.: 6-14-99-101-113-114-126-266-340-347-etc. (15/21)
24-04 Chimay 220 km 5,454 p.: 7-8-9-28-51-79-410-416-530-etc. (13/22)
01-05 Niergnies 250 km 5,156 p.: 9-82-210-231-355-364-381-etc. (11/22)
06-06 Prov. Salbris 555 km 4,671 p.: 25-128-333-413-etc. (7/10)
13-06 Prov. Melun 411 km 7,291 p.: 1-44-51-83-231-340-etc. (9/17)

With the results mentioned above, several Best National and/or Provincial Results "Podium der Grootmeester" were won. The 1st Provincial Melun (against 7,291 p.), won last weekend (13th June) by W. & F. Ebben, and several other top pigeons that contributed to the 2nd National Championship Short Distance Not Nominated NPO 2021 will be further introduced below. 

NL20-1302112 Prince Siem, 1st Provinciaal Melun Afd. 8 (7,291 p.)



One of the more promising pigeons on the lofts of W. & F. Ebben (Beneden Leeuwen) is NL20-1302112, Prince Siem. Past Sunday he won 1st Provincial Melun against 7,291 pigeons. This super racer had already won 24th Quievrain against 4,422 pigeons and 113th Provincial Chalons en Champagne against 12,822 pigeons. He is bred from a full sister to Linus, NL17-1056002 (Mable). She is coupled to a direct pigeon from Gerard en Bas Verkerk (NL19-1666890, Odar), picked out by Falco himself. This pairing has already resulted in several top pigeons, especially on one loft races. Four pigeons from this couple went to OLR in 2020 and all four won at least one prize 1:100, a sublime result!

NL20-1302164, Pandemic

Pandemic is the most talented racer at the lofts of Combinatie Ebben (Boven Leeuwen) and currently one of the best yearlings in The Netherlands. He is a son to NL16-1310994 (Linus) x NL15-1875429 (Katja) and has won: 1st Morlincourt 909 pigeons (21st Provincial 8.903 pigeons), 5th Provincial Dizy le Gros 14,634 pigeons, 15th Provincial Niergnies 9,279 pigeons, 17th Niergnies 5,156 pigeons, 20th Bierges 5,348 pigeons, 40th Chalons en Champagne 5,880 pigeons etc. He became 6th Ace pigeon Short Distance in the region and is on top of the charts in the preliminary results of the Ace pigeon championship Short and Middle Distance. He wil however not win this titel as he was basketed on the long distance race past Thursday.  

NL19-1466499, Oreo

Oreo is a pigeon Combinatie Ebben (Boven Leeuwen) can rely on. She won 2nd Quievrain 5,139 pigeons (beaten by her nestsister with less than a second), 5th Provincial Niergnies 9,279 pigeons, 15th Niergnies 5,156 pigeons, 21th Bierges 5,348 pigeons, 100th Orléans NU 22,706 pigeons, 13th Niergnies 2,499 pigeons etc. This year she became 1st regional Ace pigeon Short distance and 5th Ace pigeon Short Distance in Afdeling 8. Unfortunately she returned home injured on her last flight (13th June) and will be transferred to the breeding loft. 

NL18-1682481, Naomie

Naomi is an absolute top hen on the lofts of W. & F. Ebben (Beneden Leeuwen). She is a granddaughter to Indy, as her father is NL15-1475928 Kurt. Naomi's mother won 1st NPO Laon and was bought from Ad Schaerlaeckens as an egg. Naomi won 6 x provincial top-50. To give an indication of her class, here are a few of the results on her palmarès: 5th Prov. Morlincourt 7,852 pigeons, 1st Peronne 1,556 pigeons, 16th Prov. Chalons en Champagne 12,822 pigeons, 5th Nanteuil 2,968 pigeons, 9th Niergnies 5,156 pigeons, 1st Nanteuil 561 pigeons, 7th Bourges 1,451 pigeons, 27th Morlincourt 4,028 pigeons, etc. 

At the top with two lofts

The past 20 years W. & F. Ebben have been highly competitive fanciers, with top results, especially on long distance races. Starting in 2019, Falco (Comb. Ebben) has managed to reach the top in no time with his loft in Boven Leeuwen. With still some long distance races to come we can expect fireworks from both lofts. The Provincial victory from Melun and 2nd National Champions Short Distance Not Nominated NPO 2021 are possibly just an indication of what's to come.