Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude, NL) takes 1st NPO Sens and adds another win to his already impressive palmarès

Last weekend, on June 6th, Arie Dijkstra took the victory in the tough NPO-race from Sens in Afdeling 11 against 5,706 pigeons. The win was on account of Sensible Blue, who managed to cover 602km with an average speed of 1065 meters per minute. 

On Sunday June 6th, after postponement on Saturday, Afdeling 11 raced from Sens. It promised to be a tough race. The pigeons were released Sunday morning at 9:30. Arie Dijkstra clocked his winning pigeon at 18:55 with a an average speed of 1065 m.p.m. On the day of release only ±900 from the 5,706 pigeons managed to return home, a mere 15% of the pigeons entered in this race. The race continued the next day and the prizes (1:4) continued to a speed of 528 m.p.m. 

The winner of this strenuous race went to a well renowned fancier from the north of The Netherlands, namely Arie Dijkstra. Arie entered 22 pigeons on this race, and had 9 pigeons (40%) home on the day of release. 

NL20-4215131 Sensible Blue, 1st NPO Sens 



Sensible Blue was clocked at 18:55:16 from a distance of 602km with an average speed of 1065m.p.m. She managed to bring home the victory for Arie. Before this race she had already shown to be a valuable racer, displayed by the results below: 

1st NPO Sens 5.706 p. 602 km '21 34th NPO Sourdun 4.297 p. 562 km '21 128th Heusden-Z. 2.794 p. 255 km '21 137th Chimay 2.469 p. 380 km '21 34th Venlo 3.719 p. 210 km '20 67th Venlo 3.273 p. 210 km '20

Father is NL18-1391998 "Zoon Sven" a direct Tjeerd & Jouke Elzinga (Harkema, NL) pigeon bred from Sven x Inbred Esmee. Sven was 2nd International Ace pigeon Long Distance Noordelijke Unie 2013 and 3rd National Ace pigeons One-day long distance Fondspiegel 2011-2014. Inbred Esmee is a daughter to Hallilujah and a granddaughter to the world-class couple Harry x Esmee

Mother is NL15-1163370 "Dochter Mano Manos", from Arie Dijkstra's own older line Mano Manos x Blue Darling. As a yearling and two-year old Mano Manos won a total of 40 prizes and was subsequently 1st Ace pigeon Old Birds and 3rd Ace pigeon Old Birds rayon De Wâlden in 2015 and 2016. Blue Darling is a daughter to Rocking Blue (son Leonardo x Tinkelbel) x Nienke (sister Leonardo). Rocking Blue is grandfather to the 2nd Dutch Olympiade Pigeon Allround in 2022 (across the years 2019-2020).

Several children from the breeding couple Zoon Sven x Dochter Mano Manos, thereby sisters and brothers to Sensible Blue, have inherited great racing qualities. A son (Mano Manos Sven 168) for instance, performed excellently at the Sevilla Pigeon OLR in 2020. He won the 1st prize during Hotspot 2 (207km), 4th prize in the semi-final (320km) and a 34th prize during Hotspot 3 (215km). Here are some of Sensible Blue's nestsister's (NL20-4215132) results:   

87th Prov. Venlo 18.959 p. 89th Prov. Chimay 14.777 p. 87th NPO Sens 5.706 p. 299th Prov. Heusden-Z 20.348 p. 413th Prov. Boxmeer 20.262 p.

 Dijkstra-pigeons are successful on different lofts early on in the season. 

  • Comb. Abbink (Emmer-Compascuum, NL) have the fastest pigeon from Limoges (877km) in Sector 4 (Afd.10 and 11) against 2,273 pigeons. She also takes the win in Zone 4 Noordelijke Unie and the 1st prize in Afd. 10. Her sister, raced by Jan van Swienen, takes 9th in Afd. 10. Both hens were bred by Jan van Swienen. Their mother to is a direct Arie Dijkstra and daughter to Ravi x Ulla (inbred Leonardo x Tinkelbel).
  • Gaatse Bosma (Kootstertille, NL) wins 1st Afdeling 11 Friesland '96 from Boxmeer against 20,327 pigeons. The father comes directly from Arie Dijkstra and is bred from a son to Okidoki (son Leonardo x Tinkelbel) x daughter Tinkelbel.  
  • Albert Timmerman (Steenwijk, NL) wins 2nd Provincial Burdinne against 19,614 pigeons and 4th NPO Sourdun against 6,700 pigeons. These results are respectively on account of a grandson and granddaughter to Beauty 90, a full sister to Leonardo (uit Big Boom x Evita).