Team Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) wins the 1st National Bourges Old Birds

Team Platteeuw has won the 8th National victory of its illustrious career at the very start of the new season. This time against 34.311 old birds. Not only that, but they also finished with no less than 9 pigeons among the national top-30. Simply Phenomenal!

It has barely been 2 years since the sale of all the pigeons of 2017 and older and Team Platteeuw is back like they were never gone. They announced their return with metaphorical firework and an impressive display of their pigeons coming home like rockets. No small feat considering it was done on a rather challenging Bourges… though one that was raced under great weather conditions, sunny periods and a headwind that came predominantly from the North-East. It only took an hour for the national rankings to be filled up with winners.

The fastest old bird arrived in Rumbeke at 13h 09’12. It had flown a distance of 427.658 km, which means that its average speed, and the highest among the old birds, was 1260 m/min. You have to give it to Kurt Platteeuw and his team, when the conditions allow them to perform well on the national level, meaning the weather gives them a fair challenge, they score. “Otherwise we do not stand a snowball’s chance in hell in this area” The enthusiastic Kurt explains without embellishment. “At high speeds, the top prizes are for Antwerp or Limburg, as we saw happening a lot in 2020, as I am sure everyone knows. This Bourges with the first chance we had in a long time at the national top, and it was immediately a hit. I think it is safe to say that the top prizes are fairly divided across East- and West Flanders and a little bit of Henegouwen. When that is the case it is even better to be able to perform well.”

Bourges: #8, with 9 pigeons among the ‘Top-30’ National

The fresh victory on the National Bourges I gives Team Platteeuw its 8th national victory of its prestigious, if not very well known, pigeon career. We will present to you these 8 gems 

1st national Chateauroux     29.591 p. in 2016
national Gueret               13.885 p. in 2010
national Limoges            16.569 p. in 2019
national Tulle                  5.323 p. in 2018
national Argenton           4.782 p. in 2012
national Souillac             4.056 p. in 2019
st national Aurillac              3.586 p. in 2019
1st national Bourges
         34.311 p. in 2021

And then we have not even started talking about the number of National Ace Pigeons KBDB among the National `Top-10`, namely those on the places 1-2-3-3-3-4-5-5-5-6-6-7-8-8-9-9 etc… Formidable! Still, this is not enough to cool the ambition of Kurt and his teammates. The goal is to complete the `grand-slam`. That is to finish on the honours list of every national race of the grand middle distance and middle distance. The only ones still missing, of the classics, are La Souterraine and Brive. Cahors and beyond is for other pigeons thus Kurt.

An achievement of the highest degree

The arrival of the pigeons from Bourges gave reason for celebration at Rumbeke. Showing the numbers easily explains why.

Bourges National 34.311 old birds:
Of which 43 pigeons classified themselves per 10 (1:10), and 71 prizes were won out of the 113 basketed pigeons

Bourges National 25.096 yearlings:
With 37 pigeons per 10 (1:10) and 53 prizes at the national level (per 4) out of 137 basketed pigeons
Note that among this group were 63 pigeons that were not basketed last year. “Perhaps it was somewhat over-ambitious to already allow these birds to race at the national level, but that way they do learn the mentality of our motto, what is good, arrives quickly. It is a hard way of learning for those youngsters, of which people expect results in just a couple of weeks.”

“We can already hear a lot of people say, success thanks to quantity,” Says Kurt, though he quickly counters that with an explanation of his vision and approach. “Look... if Team Platteeuw races with its pigeons then everything, and I mean everything, goes into the basket. That means every cock and hen. At the basketting, we can turn the through upside down because all the lofts are empty. What is a lot of pigeons? Some race with 50, 60 or more pigeons, but still have as many on the loft doing nothing (read: partners at home), or just sent a select group while others are granted a resting week. Not here, we basket everything. Besides, anyone is free to try and copy the program that we have our pigeons race. Which is partaking in 10 races over 12 weeks and includes roughly 6000 racing kilometers. For example; the old birds are basketted 4 weeks in a row (this is Chateauroux Prov, Bourges Nat, Chateauroux Nat and Limoges Nat), then they get a rest week. Only to go on another 4-parter (Brive, provincial grand middle distance race, Limoges en Gueret) after which a new rest week follows then finishes with the two-parter Tulle and Souillac (or Chateauroux). Our racing pigeons have a career of 5 years following this style. Who would like to give it a try?

Kurt continues: “No, not every pigeon can handle the system, there are drop-outs weekly, but that is natural selection. The national program on the grand middle distance has rather small win chances for West-Flemish fanciers (because of the location) - Except under difficult racing conditions. Those conditions force us to focus on the national middle distance, and when the opportunity arises, the grand middle distance. When you get a shot, you must be ready to strike, like we did now at Bourges. Though to be entirely honest I had not really expected this result myself, considering the short distance and the location of the race, which had roughly equal and fair chances for the majority of the participants thanks to the North-eastern wind.”

The strategy behind the top successes and national victories

Good pigeons can be found everywhere, from the coast up to the German border, but these pigeons have different talents. Platteeuw pigeons excel under difficult flying conditions with a headwind, often resulting in speeds around 1200 m/min or less. Which are exactly the conditions that allow them to take gold (due to the location) on the national level. Since the program that Team Platteeuw has prepared for its pigeons is anything but easy, pigeons that can handle it are sorely needed. “Veterinarians aren’t getting rich of me,” says Kurt. “Before the season we vaccinate against pretty much everything that can be vaccinated against, that gives our pigeons resistances a boost. Medication is not needed for our pigeons that are basketted week in, week out. With our own Platteeuw yellow drops and yellow crystals, we make sure that our pigeons are in optimal condition. Our pigeons recover quickly and properly when they get back home, we prepare specific feeding based on proteins and fats. The basket takes care of everything else. Every other theory is rubbish… only `victory` matters!”

Greta brings in a national victory from Bourges

Kurt Platteeuw and Pascal Ariën are good friends who have bonded over the pigeon sport. To give an example of their friendship, once Kurt asked Pascal to “Give me a few of your good birds which contain your old lines, and in which you can put your trust.” Kurt went on to explain. “The reason I said this is because I knew the pigeons would work well with my system. Excelling during harsh flying conditions is ingrained in these pigeons.”  It was thus that several pigeons from PEC (PIPA Elite Center), ended up in the lofts of Team Platteeuw, and with massive success. So are the pigeons which qualified at 1-10-67 national Bourges, all PEC-pigeons that arrived at Kurt’s loft through Pascal. For example, the recent winner Greta, about whom you can read below:

-Greta BE19-4184164

1st Nat Bourges 34.311 Old Birds ’21
139th. Nat Brive 4.238 p. ’20
304th. Nat Argenton 23.258 p.

She is a direct descendent from the PEC, the daughter of Son Porsche BE18-4194588 (from the golden breeding couple Porsche 911: 5. Nat. Ace Pigeon GHF Yl KBDB ’15 coupled to Ellis: 1st Nat Ace Pigeon GHF young birds KBDB ’16 by Jo Bauters. x Sister Norma BE10-5170894 (Norma was 4th Nat Ace Pigeon GHF KBDB ’11 at Verreckt-Ariën). Champion and Ace Pigeon genes in abundance in this bird!

The nest sister of Greta - named Lieve - classified as well in the top of the national rankings of Bourges with an impressive 67th National place! She also scored as the 5th fasted old bird of the race.

Lieve BE19-4184163

67. Nat Bourges 34.311 oude ’21
1. Club Chateauroux 405 d.
9. Club Argenton 487 d.
18. Prov Limoges 2.139 d. – 125. Nat 9.756 d.
48. Prov Chateauroux 3.608 d.

The second old bird to score a podium place on Bourges was also a direct PEC-pigeon.

-Pascale BE19-4184174

1st Club Pontoise 395 p.
4th Club Blois 550 p.
10th Nat Bourges 34.311 old birds ’21
11th Nat Aurillac 3.004 p. ’20
25th Prov Bourges 4.881 p.
71st Nat Brive 4.238 p. ’20
99th Prov Argenton  4.305 p.

She is a daughter of Brother Little Star BE17-6024482, directly from Bart Geerinckx (Little Star was the 1st Nat Ace Pigeon GHF KBDB 2015… descends from Blue Lagoon x Iron Lady)  x Sister Porsche BE17-4062612 (from the golden PEC breeding couple: Wacko Freddy x Lieve ).

No, quality does not lie! Clearly, the people of PEC could also enjoy from the sidelines. At a first glance, you might think that it is about “woman power”. Though according to Kurt the cocks perform just as well. A highlight is that one of the first descendents of New General BE17-3117649 (2nd best Long Distance Pigeon of Belgium over 4 National Races 2018, 3rd Best Long Distance Pigeon of Belgium over 3 National races 2018 PIPA-rankings… and most expensive pigeon of the auction of march 2020), immediately classified himself as the 25th National among the yearlings. Son Sea Cove BE18-698 has shown his exceptional breeding qualities as the father of the 24-62-157. National Bourges 25.096 Yearlings. As has been said before: What is good, arrives quickly!

To be able to strike so strongly on the first national classic of the season, like Team Platteeuw, gives us a preview of the coming weeks. When the pigeons in the lofts are in top condition, are top pigeons and both the fancier and the pigeon is skilled… then much, if not everything, is possible. Be convinced that Kurt Platteeuw and his team have their mind firmly set on producing a sequel to this little spectacle under the slogan: Victory is all that matters! Congratulations!