The Combination Derksen v/d Keuken (Almelo, NL) takes a double win with the 1st and 2nd prize at the NPO-race from Sermaises in Prov. 9

At the NPO race from Sermaises of Province 9, brothers-in-law Anthony Derksen and Edwin van de Keuken got themselves at the 1st and 2nd place against no less than 6,702 pigeons. Moreover, this season they play already 3 x the 1st in the CC3 of Province 9.

One of the auctions that attracted the most attention last year was surely the Derksen Van De Keuken auction. These fanciers have built a strong colony in recent years and sold all their best breeding & racing pigeons of 2018 and older. It was an auction with many pigeons that had already proven themselves. The auction turned out to be a best seller with, among other things, the 2nd most expensive Dutch pigeon ever sold (Son Olympic Solange). The trendsetters in this sale included:

Son Olympic Solange - 170,000 EURO (2nd most expensive Dutch pigeon ever sold)

Olympic Mayra - 46,500 EURO

Madison 2.0. - 39,500 EURO

Madison 4.0. - 38,000 EURO

Daughter Eye Catcher - 20,000 EURO

Maximum - 10,000 EURO



You can read an article about many of these toppers here.

Also in the 2021 season we are witnessing once more excellent performances with offspring of the aforementioned top-class pigeons. In addition to a number of amazing series (high prize percentages), these fantastic birds have already won a 1st prize 3x in the CCG3 of Province 9. The absolute highlight, so far, has been undoubtedly the 1st and 2nd place in the NPO race Sermaises of Province 9. Who knows what more surpising performances will follow this season? Below you can see the results of the races in which the birds won 1st prize in the CC3 and/or Prov. 9 (only prizes in the 1st 100). A more detailed description of some of these top-birds follows further on in our reportage.

24/4 Burdinne CC3 227 km 4,173 p.: 1-4-8-30-32-33-37-39-42-70-73-81-88-89-90-etc.(35/63) 1/5 Quievrain CC3 299 km 4,012 p.: 1-13-19-23-29-47-54-etc. (28/64) 23/5 Sermaises CC3 552 km 930 p.: 1-2-9-23-41-64-77-etc. (10/20) Sermaises NPO/Prov. 9. 552 km 6,702 p.: 1-2-32-etc. (11/20)

NL19-1298802, 1st NPO Sermaises Prov. 9 (6,702 p.)


This high quality bird won the 1st in the NPO race Sermaises from Province 9. Looking at his pedigree, we see that his father is a 100% Verkerk pigeon (from Goofy x Feline and Contador x Benita). His mother is a daughter of super Golden Angel (6th Nat. Olympiad pigeon Allround Brussels 2017). Only a week after his victory from Sermaises, this wonderful bird got yet another top prize last weekend (29-May) with the 6th Nanteuil against 2,658 pigeons.

You can see some excellent results of the '802 right below:

1st NPO Sermaises 6,702 p. 4th Dizy le Gros 1,697 p. 6th Nanteuil 2,658 p. 18th Nanteuil 10,988 p. 21st Tilburg 14,900 p. 27th Quievrain 10,506 p. 36th Dizy le Gros 10,027 p.

NL19-1298704, 2nd NPO Sermaises Prov. 9 (6,702 p.)


NL19-704, a full sister of the NL19-802 mentioned above, won the 2nd prize in the NPO race from Sermaises. So, the birds that won 1st and 2nd NPO Sermaises against 6,702 pigeons are brother and sister.

NL19-704, too, has given a number of top performances, such as:

1st NPO Sermaises 6,702 p. 1st Chateaudun 434 p. 12th NPO Chateaudun 3,115 p. 6th Quievrain 1,561 p. 11th Quievrain 4,701 p. 29th Beek en Donk 15,608 p.

NL19-1774393, 1st Burdinne (4,173 p.)


At the race from Burdinne on the 24th of April this hen totally rocked (NL19-393)! She won a 3rd Beek en Donk (3,689 p.) and 3rd Burdinne (7,923 p.). In her pedigree, we only see top pigeons such as Madison 4.0, Olympic Madison and Son Olympic Solange.

NL20-1135373, 1st Quievrain (4,012 p.)


The last winner in this list is the hen NL20-373. This glorious yearling won the 1st Quievrain (4,012 p.) and also the 9th Beek en Donk (3,772 p.). Head-flying is not an issue for her, either. She’s got real talent for it, which she has definitely inherited from the great birds of her lineage, such as her father Son Olympic Madison. Olympic Madison was 2nd Nat. Olympiad pigeon Cat. G (Budapest 2015). Her mother is a half-sister of Maxima and Olympic Maxwell.