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With the postponement of the 2021 Olympiad, the production of PIPA Collectors Edition was also postponed by a year.

Now Corona-vaccination programs do their job and events can take place again in the narrow future, we can proudly announce that the exclusive anniversary-edition of PIPA Collectors Edition shall be presented on the Olympiad 2022 in Bucharest (Rumania).

With the exclusive book PIPA celebrates a late party! The world’s leading pigeon-auction website existed 20 years in 2021 and therefore they present an exclusive anniversary-edition of PIPA Collectors Edition. With a circulation of at least 25,000 and free handout on the biggest pigeon shows in the world. Sign in now and celebrate 20 years of PIPA with us in the 2022 edition on

The strength of PIPA Collectors Edition

Exclusivity, professionalism and top quality; the characteristics of PIPA Collectors Edition easily follow the basic values of auction house PIPA. We like to sum-up the conditions for you:

- Luxury edition
- Circulation of at least 25,000 in English and Chinese language
- Handed out for free in the leading shows in the world*

  •             the Olympiad (Rumania, January 2022)
  •             Fugare (Belgium, February 2022)
  •             Spring Exchange (Netherlands, March 2022)
  •             Kassel (Germany, October 2022)
  •             Lang Fang show (China, November 2022)**

            * only when the shows are not cancelled

            ** in case this show is cancelled, PIPA Collectors Edition VI shall be send to all 
                the major clubs in China

- Exclusive presentation for fair prices

  •             1 page full colour (Euro 1,000,- *)
  •             2 pages full colour (Euro 1,650,-*)
  •             2+1 page + loft report (Euro 2,450,-*)
  •             Extra pages (Euro 800,-*) … *prices excl. VAT

- Online available and can also be ordered via the website for only the shipping costs.

Sign in now!

Ensure your participation in the new anniversary edition of PIPA Collectors Edition! React soon to avoid disappointments, as the number of pages for this exclusive edition is strictly limited.

To sign up or for more questions, please contact Chantal Vredeveld.

M: +31 (0)6-10603325