Batenburg-Van de Merwe (NL) is proud of prime breeding collection

Standard highlights in PIPA's auctioning season are the auctions of Batenburg-Van De Merwe. Once again they bring in the very best long distance material for the auction season.

The combination is in the possession of a unique collection of marathon hens among which the 1st International Barcelona winners New Laureaat, Special One, Sumerian Fighter, Jeff and since recently also Queen of The Night, winner of 1st Int. Barcelona 2020, are the greatest highlights.

From Tuesday the 13th of April onwards, an auction will run selling the direct descendants of all the best breeders, as well as from various 1st Nat Ace Pigeons and 1st National winners of the champion colony Batenburg-Van De Merwe.

Learn more about the unique Barcelona racers from Klaaswel in the video below, which also contains images of Queen of the Night and Jef!