New auctions: Collectors Items, Jos Martens, Jos Thoné, Pieter Oberholster, Wendela Wiersema, PIPA Breeding, Kemper Pigeons, Dean Pallatt & Ken Easley

Monday the 5th of April these new auctions will start: Collectors Items, Jos Martens, Jos Thoné, Pieter Oberholster, Wendela Wiersema, PIPA Breeding, Kemper Pigeons, Dean Pallatt & Ken Easley.

Collectors items

Children of top-pigeons – often no longer alive – or pigeons from celebrated bloodlines that turned into fantastic breeders. PIPA makes a point of tracking down these 'collectors’ items' and puts them up for auction. In this auction, PIPA presents a beautiful group of unique pigeons – chosen especially for the quality experts! Pigeons from the very best of Gino Clicque, Jan Hooyymans, Bart Geerinckx, Jelle Roziers, Pipa Elite Center, Jelle Jellema, Batenburg-van de Merwe, Verweij-de Haan, Günter Prange, Donckers Stickers, etc.

Jos Martens (NL)
Youngsters of the best breeders and racers

The very best of the Dutch long distance master, Jos Martens, in an exclusive auction on PIPA. A wonderful selection of pigeons from Jos’ best racing and breeding icons are up for auction. Jos Martens is one of those South Limburg long distance wizards who have definitively earned their spurs in the pigeon sport. Suffice to say that he has experienced the bliss of winning an International classic in 2018 for the third time in 10 years!! After the 1st Int. Tarbes 2010 and the 1st Int. Marseille 2015, he has now won the 1st International in the extremely difficult race from Perpignan, at a speed of 816 mpm. It was the glorious Helios that won this battle… Up for auction, children of 1st Int. Marseille winner André… of Super Kweker 673, father 1st-1st-2nd Nat. Ace pigeons… of National top-bird Dark Night… and of course brothers/sisters and children of the 1st Nat. ace pigeon & 1st Int. winner Helios.

Jos Thoné (BE)
Youngsters of the best breeders and racers

Jos Thoné has dominated the pigeon sport for the past few years, and he has done so with a mastery in a league of its own: National victories, Olympiad pigeons, KBDB ace pigeons – all to the credit of this amazing maestro. Especially for PIPA, he has selected an excellent group of pigeons from his very best breeders. Up for auction, children of top pigeons Figo James (2x 1st Nat. Zone & 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Chateauroux)… Billy (1st Nat. Zone Gueret) x Sachi (1st Nat. La Souterraine & top-breeder)… Wulf (3rd Ace pigeon PIPA Ranking) x Latoya (4x 1st prize)… Tiko (1st Bourges pigeon PIPA Ranking) x Alexa (1st Nat. Zone Montelimar)… Kajo (1st prov. ace pigeon KBDB with 14x 1st prize) x Sacha (7x 1st prize) ... parents of Babe, 1st prov. & 3rd Nat. ace pigeon KBDB… from parents Galaxus (6x 1st prize)… from Gaggan (2x 1st Nat. Zone)… from Koen (4x 1st & top-breeder) x Mother Atlanta (2nd Nat. Zone)… from parents Aretha (7x 1st prize)… from parent Candira (3rd Olympic Hope pigeon)… from Gagano (12th Nat. ace pigeon KBDB) x Aldina (1st prov. Libourne)… and finally, from Bill (1st prov. ace pigeon KBDB) x Candira (Olympic Hope pigeon).

Martial Maindrelle (FR)
Top-pigeons & youngsters of the best breeders and racers

Doctor Martial Maindrelle is probably the most successful fancier in France who, since 1999, participates in the Olympics on behalf of his country and owns a supreme colony of top-quality racing birds. The chief bird of his colony is the great Olympic Cannonball, 1st National Ace Pigeon and Olympiad Pigeon, whose descendants, in their turn, have shown themselves to be the new stars of the colony. For instance, Olympiad pigeon Olympic Nico, a star-racer, proved to be a star-breeder, as well – just like De 313, Julia, Two Hundred, Bernadette, Zijdie and Nadie. More recently, Martial discovered another topper with 'National Sparkle' (AB-CTCT), a granddaughter of Olympic Cannonball who won 2x 2. Nat. Ace bird in France as well as 1. World Best Pigeon middle distance 2020. Up for an exclusive auction on PIPA, offspring of this fantastic colony, in which the hen Triple Victory, 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2020, plays a leading role.

Wendela Wiersema (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders & racing pigeons, plus some outstanding racers

First a junior champion and then a champion among the senior members – that was Wendela Wiersema’s route and she followed it with brio. When she is basketing in the club everyone knows that she will compete for the highest prize. And, in the meanwhile, she participates in the big games for important victories and top-rankings in various National competitions. Up for auction: the winner Super 023, with 1st prov. Chimay 13,945 p. and children of top couples Barbarian 989 (1st-2nd-2nd-3rd-5th-5th-9th prize) x Super 023 (1st prov. Chimay 13,945 p.), The 343 (father 3rd Nat. Ace pigeon) x Blue Wonder (6x top 10 & top breeder), parents Runner Up Ace (2nd Nat. Ace pigeon NPO) and Pootje (father 1st NPO Quievrin 5,051 p.) x Krasje 657 (top breeder).

PIPA Breeding (BE)
Children of Best Kittel, Best Kittel II, Junior, Daniel, Mother Best Kittel, Mother BK II, Shakira, National Ace Hen, Mother Daniel

4 X 1st national ace pigeon sprint KBDB in a period of 6 years, all bred from one closely related family. Dehon-Demonseau won the 1st national ace pigeon sprint KBDB in 2015-2017-2019 and 2020. In the years when they didn’t win the 1st prize, they won the title of 2nd (2018) and 4th (2016) national ace pigeon. The leader of this family is Best Kittel, who won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon in 2017, which was only a year after he had already won 4th National Ace Pigeon. In the meantime, and after moving to PIPA Breeding, he has evolved, in three years time, into a superb breeder and his direct children Best Kittel II & Junior have won 1st and 2nd national ace pigeon KBDB respectively. Altogether, Best Kittel is already father & grandfather of at least 50 X 1st prize winners, in more than 20 different lofts. The Best Kittel family excels at the One Loft Races, too. In 2020, PIPA Breeding took part in only 1 One Loft Race: Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. There, 3 different pigeons, all from the Best Kittel family won the following titles: both the 3rd (direct child Best Kittel) and the 5th Ace pigeon Grand Average, plus the 13th place in a tough final of 544 km. In 2020, in Pattaya OLR, the brothers Al Kandari won 18th in the final with a grandchild BK. In 2021, Freddy Coppens won 23rd in the final Pattaya with 50% Best Kittel. Petrus van Eeden, in South Africa, won 1st place in HS 3 in the last edition of the SAMDPR with a grandchild BK.
In this auction, we aim to bring together a unique group of youngsters, coming from a pairing of a top cock of the BK family with one of the top hens of the same family, of which the most beautiful pigeons were selected.

Kemper Pigeons (DE)
A super selection of Van Den Bulck breeders

Very few pigeon breeds were as powerful at the International sprint as the breed of Dirk Van Den Bulck. The German group Kemper Pigeons owns a number of fantastic VD Bulck breeders, and some of these diamonds are now up for auction. Among them, you can find children of the legendary brothers Kittel and Greipel… of the Sangers super-hen Gold Dust, most likely the best breeding sister of Kittel ever… a full sister of 1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB Sagan… and children of the best sons of Kittel via FJ Irmer.

Dean Pallatt (UK)
Jelle Jellema Extreme Distance Special

Dean Pallat brings once again to our auction a unique selection of youngsters from his collection of direct Jelle Jellema breeders. Dean owns, without a doubt, the most valuable Jellema collection in the world. In his lofts you will find practically all the direct children of every single top-bird. In this fantastic auction: the wonderful offspring of these top-birds’ children: 1st Int. Barcelona winner and top breeder Kleine Jade, Olympiad and 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Romee, 3rd Int. Barcelona winner and top breeder Silvie, MG430, breeder of 1st Nat. Barcelona 2020 Silke and more top racers, and the stock breeder Zwart Goud, Rena, Jill, 969 Son Zwart Goud and Silka, superb racer and brother of Silke, 1st Nat. Barcelona 2020, 2nd Int. Jl. Narbonne 2016 and grandmother 15th-24th-40th Nat. Barcelona 2020. And last but not least, descendants of Last Saffier and his daughter Miss Saffier, winner of 1st Int. hens & 2nd Int. Pau 2019.

Ken Easley (US)
The best breeders

The American family Ken Easly are well-known breeding specialists of birds that excel in the most prestigious one-loft races, all over the world. A household name, regarding also the winners and ace pigeons of the Million Dollar race, they owe their fame to a family of pigeons selected according to very high standards. Hardy Krüger and Alfons Klaas pigeons play an important role in Ken Easly's collection. Especially Konbird (full brother 1st Million Dollar winner Konstantin), who is now a stock pigeon. This colony of champions offers all its best breeding pigeons in an exceptional auction: parents of super-pigeons and real collectors’ items from the International world of the One Loft Races.