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Auction weekend ends; Jan Hooymans (NL) 5,400 EURO / pigeon, Jelle Jellema (NL) 3,409 EURO / pigeon

These auctions ended on Sunday April 4: Vermeerbergen-Wilms, Yves Vandepoel, Jan Hooymans, Derek Rooney, Cor De Heijde, Geoff & Catherine Cooper, Jelle Jellema, Mike Ganus & Youri Deblanc.

Vermeerbergen-Wilms (BE) - 14 pigeons - 1,521 EURO / pigeon
The grizzles of the combination storm home every year on the beloved game with the youngsters. Many of these colored winged friends are still descendants of the famous Pitbull. Likewise, the most expensive in Sunday's auction. The inbred Pitbull was sold for 3,000 EURO. He is therefore part of a total revenue of 21,300 EURO.

Yves Vandepoel (BE) - 22 pigeons - 2,145 EURO / pigeon
Yves Van de Poel is a well-known fancier who is never afraid to take on a challenge. In a brilliant career he added the National palm of honor three times to his palmares and he won the 1st Nat. Chateauroux 4,316 pigeons in 2014… 1st Nat. Chateauroux 13,876 pigeons in 2017… and the 1st Nat. Perpignan 4,205 pigeons in 2016. A strict selection by Yves led to a wonderful group in his auction. His offer consisted mainly of pigeons that were bred from the best Van De Wouwer pigeons that he owns. The seasonings of his sales were Inbred New Kim 895 (4,400 EURO) and Double Kaasboer 899 (4,800 EURO). In total, the auction of Yves brought in EUR 47,200.

Jan Hooymans - 7 pigeons - 5,400 EURO / pigeon
The highest average this weekend was achieved by Jan Hooymans. Most of the credit for this went to Beauty's Harry Birdy, the checkered hen brought in 14,800 EURO. She is a double granddaughter of Harry and comes straight out of Beauty Harry. She is therefore also a half-sister of New Harry. The other six pigeons also performed well. They stormed as seven to an average of 5,400 EURO / pigeon.

Derek Rooney (UK) - 15 pigeons - 1,630 EURO / pigeon
With direct children in the lofts of the Jan Hooymans stars Harry and New Harry, Derek Rooney has a very strong breeding base. This included children from the phenomenon Armando van Verschoot and children from Gino Clicque's Golden Prince and the topper Golden Girl, breeder of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB First Lady at Gino Clicque and now a top breeder in the lofts of Derek Rooney. His auction went very well and the 15 youngsters generated a total yield of 24,450 EURO. The most expensive pigeon was an inbred grandchild of Harry van Jan Hooymans. The counter stood at 2,700 EURO when the auction ended.

Cor De Heijde (NL) - 12 pigeons - 2.725 EURO / pigeon
It is a pleasure to go through the pigeons from the Cor de Heijde auction. Time and time again it is full of quality. This time too with a daughter of Naomi (1st international Ace pigeon Barcelona '13 / '14) and a son of Agen x Blue Dream (1. Nat. Agen 6,379 b. X 1. Nat. Barcelona hens 1,742 b). Both performed very well and ended at EUR 4,600 and EUR 4,000. The most expensive of the group of 12 became a granddaughter of the Jonge Don Michel. It ended at an amount of EUR 4,800.

Geoff & Catherine Cooper (UK) - 14 pigeons - 1,189 EURO / pigeon
By winning 4 times the 1st International, this sympathetic male-female tandem is a jewel in the crown of the British pigeon sport. George became an absolute stock cock, himself a strong racer with descendants who made it to the highest level of the International podium. Important breeders of the moment are the top racers of the past: 1st Int. Bordeaux Farmer George, 1st Int. Pau Wollongong and 1st Int. St. Vincent hens Farm Ivy. In their auction it was New Farmer George who finished highest with an amount of 2,700 EURO. His name says it all, because he is a son of Farmer George. The mother is also no stranger because she is a daughter of New Laureaat. A wonderful pairing that led the group of 14 pigeons to a total yield of 16,650 EURO.

Jelle Jellema (NL) - 53 pigeons - 3,409 EURO / pigeon
A very unique pigeon formed the basis of Jelle's great auction. Namely a son of Silke, the 1st National Barcelona of 2020. As probably expected, he became the most expensive pigeon in the auction of Jelle and was sold for 24,000 EURO. Herewith the 5 most expensive pigeons;

Silke 287 - 24,000 EURO
Daughter Lars x Romy - 7,000 EURO
Daughter New Jade 1 x Rena - 6,400 EURO
Inbred Son New Rena - 6,400 EURO
Daughter New Jade 1 x Rena - 6,400 EURO

The auction of Jelle raised a total of 180,700 EURO. A great result!

Mike Ganus (US) - 13 pigeons - 3,054 EURO / pigeon
One of the biggest icons in the international pigeon sport is Mike Ganus - the team of One Loft Race stars that he managed to bring together in his capital breeding colony is unparalleled! It was once again licking his fingers with the offer that Mike had prepared for PIPA again. Led by Laura's Princess 217 (4,600 EURO), she guided the group of 13 to a total yield of 39,700 EURO, which means an average per pigeon of 3,054 EURO.

Youri Deblanc (BE) - 4 pigeons - 1,575 EURO / pigeon
The well-known Julien was the founder of Youri's colony. In recent years, Julien has managed to deliver a regiment of greats to Youri but also to others. One of his sons is Crack Julien, he became the father of Crack Monti 440. This was sold as the most expensive in the compact auction of Youri for an amount of 2,200 EURO. Together with his other 3 companions, the auction ended at an average of 1,575 EURO per pigeon.