Report of the 2021 Hotspot-2 Race at the Derby Arona Tenerife

The second hotspot race was held earlier this week in Tenerife! Team Knol Pigeons (Netherlands) wins the 1st International Derby Arona Hotspot Race 2 with pigeon Toutatis.

With 450 pigeons overcoming the recent survival race from Gran Canaria, the team returned to the same liberation site in Punta Sarina on the island of Gran Canaria for the second time in as many weeks, for the first of what they describe as endurance race. A race slotted in between the official hotspot 1 & 2 races.

With a midday departure from the loft travelling to the north of Tenerife, the birds were soon on board the late afternoon ferry, with video footage once again monitoring their progress during their trip, this once again showed their arrival at the lib site early evening, where they were left to settle overnight.

Race day and with the morning opening up with broken blue skies and a predicted 21klm per hour North North Easterly breeze and good visibility across the Atlantic in the direction of Tenerife some 100klm ahead of them Abel was happy to release the pigeons at 09:00.

With this being the second time these pigeons were to face the Atlantic, it wasn’t long after that reports were relayed to the loft that following the release the pigeons cleared the race point in under five minutes and were seemingly on their line in the direction for home, a vast difference on the previous race (survival race), when following the liberation somewhere clearly seen to be lingering up to thirty minutes after release, proving once again as in previous years that once they have confronted the first initial flight across between islands they seem to make light work of future racing.

Team Will Curtis & Pigeon Shaaron 1st UK 1st International Endurance Race 1

At the loft with news of the quick orientation and the birds finding their line the team predicted a fast race was to be expected on this occasion and so the wait began, with no major prizes on offer for this one, as it’s an additional training race, today’s leaders would receive some reward with each participant within the top ten gaining a bonus of 220e reusable credit for next year’s series.

Taking 1st England 1st UK and 1st International we have Team Will Curtis with their entry Shaaron taking its first high flying position recording a winning time of, ironically this pigeon overcame two days out on the previous hotspot race once again showing time out sometimes plays dividends in regards to knowledge in future events, furthermore this is the second time the Curtis team have gained pole position in the first endurance race as it’s a repeat of the same race back in the 2019/20 series.

Team Maria & Huerbert Bramkamp and Pigeon Sport 2 2nd international endurance race.

In the runner up position with 2nd international we go to team Germany with Team Maria & Hurbert Bramkamp with pigeon Spork 2 timing in on, another regular visitor to the top flight of the Derby Arona in previous years performances this year for this pigeon have been midfield however it has made a few visits within the top hundred arrivals including 2nd way back in race one.

Team Millys Loft 2nd England 2nd UK 3rd International Endurance race 2 with pigeon Champaign Shamane

For 3rd & 4th international we go to two worldwide experienced one loft race entrants as we head back to the winning nation of England with Team Millys loft once again profiled in 3rd with pigeon Champaign Shamane on recording its first appearance in the top ten, holding team Pieter and Anna Oberholster in the 4th spot with pigeon named Vienna timing in on

Team Germany take 5th international with arrival of their second pigeon Deep Red for Team SG Hornemann timing in on, whilst pigeon Fallina for Team Monick, Nys,& Kris Govers make another top flight appearance in 6th after securing 1st place back in training race 6 for team Belgium.

Team Slovakia and current king of sprint leading syndicate of Sadlak, Vendelin & Andrej take 7th International with another of their other entries Arona 01 timing in, whilst the Netherlands entrant and 2019/20 hotspot race winner Sjaak Buwalda claims the 8th spot with pigeon Frysian Nugget, with a time of just edging a second arrival from team Slovakia with Team Kolm and pigeon Luísa timing in on, and with such leaving the final top ten position to Team Jef Goris from Belgium with pigeon Uriendje on

With the leading pigeons arriving safely back at the loft, and with arrivals returning at regular intervals during the following hours it was no doubt a sigh of relieve for all concerned to see a huge difference from the previous outing a week earlier as night fell 406 pigeons from the 450 liberated were perched and with an additional arrival the following morning it proved that the majority of pigeons had now overcome the fear of the Atlantic Ocean as the numbers increased to 418.

With two journeys across from Gran Canaria now completed in hotspot one and the recent endurance race by the remaining entrants, a week later the birds were again making the journey across the water for the second of three hotspot races with an increase in mileage to 125klm to a more central liberation site on the island.

Race day and in true Canarian style the morning broke with blue skies and a light North by North Easterly wind over the island, Abel was happy to cut loose his cargo at 09:00, with news and after watching the release movie that the Arona team offer following each official race, we could clearly see that whilst the majority of the release had made their line and cleared, a small number were clearly seen a little hesitant at first insisting on remaining in the vicinity of the lib site and with continued filming whilst the main batch cleared over and beyond the mountain ridge this small team were clearly seen to be taking a more coastal line.

A small batch of pigeons remaining within the vicinity of the liberation site orientating their line and below finally making their way along the coast.

At the lofts with reports of the liberation filtering through the team were also made aware by local fanciers reporting that whilst on land the winds were of moderate strength, on the open waters of the Atlantic they were believed to have increased, so as such clearly indicating the pigeons would need to face the cross winds and hold their line to Tenerife.

Team Knol pigeons Netherland’s 1st international hotspot 2 with pigeon Toutatis.

In light of the conditions and the uncertainty of the race in general and the appreciation of the route involved, everyone sat to await the first arrivals, with the clock seeing last year’s race winning time come and go, it was on 1 hour 34 min that two pigeons made their appearance at the loft and following a few moments of hesitation made their way in to record their arrival, taking the glory of 1st international hotspot 2 and the 6,000 euro prize we go to the Netherlands with Team Knol Pigeons with pigeon Toutatis recording a time of 10,49.59.05 this is the second time in the top ten as previously scored an 8th international position in training race 10 and more recently 22nd in last week’s endurance race.

Team Viglas JJJ Slovakia 2nd international hotspot 2 with pigeon Sany

The second arrival over the pad claiming 2nd international and 1,000 euro we go to Team Slovakia with pigeon Sany entered by Team Viglas JJM, recording a time of a pigeon whilst hasn’t shown much during the series has however maintained a mid table position prior to today’s outing.

With both arrivals within the loft and whilst it was only a few minutes wait it did seem forever until the next arrival were recorded, taking 3rd international and position of 1st UK/Ireland we go to team Ireland with Team Mike & Beryl Woodyard (Team Highway Lofts) claiming the 750 euro prize with pigeon Celtic Minni recording its arrival at, the Czech Republic take 4th international and the first of 220 euro prizes for positions 4th to 10th with Team Familie Karas Antonin with pigeon Radhesjam bh timing in on, there was to be a ten minute gap until we witnessed the next arrival with a small batch landed with team England taking 5th spot as Team Will Curtis maintains within the leaders this time with pigeon Kon 911, on, Team Anii Pigeons Warriors from Romania take 6th place with pigeon Warrior on the clock on 11.0257.95, closely followed in by Team Herald Attila from Hungary with their entry Atte 97 on for 7th, resulting in 8th international going to another Hungarian entrant in Team Jozsef Kovacs entry Eniko 2 on 11.02 58.75 for 9th we return to the Netherlands in Team the Oener Brothers and pigeon Fausto with a time of as the Czech Republic round up the top flight with pigeon Calypso for Team Ceska Trebova on

Team Highway Loft (Mike & Beryl Wooyard) 1st UK/Ireland 3rd International hotspot 2 with pigeon Celtic Minni

With the larger prizes allocated, once again as in all hotspot races the prizes go down to the top twenty and as the remainder of the latest batch fight for positions the 100 euro for 10th to 20th is allocated as follows, in 11th is Team Pec & Batenburg Belgium with Pigeon Kubo on, 12th Mark Gilbert England with pigeon Southfield Hartis, 13th Team Soeboer Netherlands with pigeon Pleda on, 14th Team Essex Rockets entry Mean Machine, Team Germany take 15th with team Jurgen Stefaniszyn with pigeon Zumba on, with the current leader of the king of the Atlantic prior to today pigeon Charles 390 for Marc de Cock in 16th with, Team Herbert & Jones from England take 17th international with their entry Barney on, whilst 18th goes to the Netherlands in Sjaak Budwalda entry Friesian Nugget on, followed by team Austria and Alois Wiefler in 19th with pigeon Acaymo 153 on, with the final top 20 winning pigeon of Boomerang 02 for Team Tom & Gaynor, Wales taking 20th on 11..06.02.95

With the leading four pigeons in the loft, this captures the first batch shortly afterwards.

Once again, the Atlantic turned out to be a challenging affair which is always the case as each day and conditions differ from the previous and will without doubt in the future but thankfully, we seen a steady flow of pigeons drifting in as the afternoon went on, and as we witnessed the final minutes of light a brave 210 pigeons had covered the journey.

Day 2 opened up with a few early arrivals indicating that they weren’t too far away on the night and as day two progressed a further forty plus pigeons had returned and with a few more in the days that followed it brought the numbers to 260 62%

Team Sadlak Vendelin & Andrej still leader in the King of Sprint ave with pigeon Arona 15

With another Atlantic flight overcome, we take another look at the averages, in the king of sprint average, still out in front is Team Slovakia with pigeon Arona 15 for Team Sadlak Vendelin and Andrej with 46,724 pts in 2nd is Team Luckspil from Belgium with pigeon Mathias on 46,113, and still amongst the leaders is Team Armano Soto racing pigeon syndicate with their entry Iona on 45,875pts.

Team Kolm pigeon 1st King of Atlantic average leaders with pigeon Luísa

In the king of the Atlantic challenge which is for all races on and over the Atlantic including the final race we have Team Kolm from Slovakia in 1st and 2nd with their entries Luísa on 31.191pts and pigeon Sifka on 30820 pts closely followed by Team Irelands entry Celtic Misfire for Team Highway Lofts on 30,726

With hotspot race 2 behind us were now getting to the more serious end of the series with the semifinal from the east of Gran Canaria planned for Thursday 18th March a distance 135 klm followed by the ultimate challenge from Fuerteventura a distance of 280 klm which will of course bring a testing double island flight to Tenerife over two stretches of Atlantic Ocean.

Due to the worldwide restrictions currently in place on travel and with the knowledge and unfortunate situation that many fanciers will not be able to attend the lofts for the finals week, a time which traditionally brings together many fanciers from all parts of the world enjoying the proceeding and excitement, the team have made the decision to continue with the final race on sat 27th March with full coverage via livestream and other sources throughout, this will also be used for the basketing procedure on the Thursday via the link at

For the UK participation for the next series of the Derby Arona, in light of the current situation within the UK and Europe, we are at this stage planning on shipping as normal, in June and Sept, however our plans may have to be altered, at short notice closer to the time if needed due to shipping regulations