Alexandre Margris (Gennes-Ivergny, FR) and his collection of Olympic pigeons

The Margris father & son, led by Alexandre, are running one of the leading teams in France, There is a whole philosophy hiding behind their success but mainly a fantastic strain of pigeons built around several Olympic pigeons.

When you are able to repeat your performances but mostly to stay at the top of the bill during several years, then you must probably have a lot of skills within the pigeon sport but, even more important, you must work with a strong strain producing you new cracks on a regular base.
Well, this may be the case for Alexandre Margris. Well on his thirties, this man is a compulsive challenger whose daily life is built around the pigeon sport. Alexandre is a man constantly looking to improve himself. He can obsessively seek the slightest improvement likely to make the difference, whether it is about the daily care for his pigeons, the potential improvements in his lofts or in his quest for the key bird that will bring a huge input to his loft.
This is how he took the habit to keep his focus on the market and he often managed to sniff out a good shot by introducing pigeons from top performing lofts before they literally explode later. Likewise, he recently decided to form a partnership with Frédéric Lefevre (Team FL - France) who loaned him several pigeons bought from some big names of the marathon races like Batenburg-Van de Merwe, Verweij-De Haan, etc. You realise it, he is clearly targeting the international races in the near future too.

In 2020, his pigeons brought him once again a lot of satisfaction with the following rankings in the french national championships:

2. National Ace Bird All-Round with 'Géantissime' (FR17-042250)
3. National Ace Bird All-Round with 'Lucie' (FR18-036236)
3. National Champion General
9. National Champion Long Distance (500-750 km)

Who are the main pigeons hiding behind these success?

- 'Olympic Timoko' (FR11-237561)

Despite his age, 'Olympic Timoko' (1. Olympic Pigeon Cat. B France - Poznan 2013) can be considered as the flag-bearer of the loft. He is the first iconic pigeon of the Margris loft and a special breeding program has been organized around him. That's how he has earned so much breeding references over the last few years through a large group of his descendants. Two of the main racers from 2020 wearing the label 'Timoko', being:

- 'Géantissime' (FR17-042250)

2. National Ace Bird All-Round 2020

'Géantissime' and his fantastic wing.

The second pigeon stamped 'Olympic Timoko' who was put under the spotlights in 2020 is the promising 'Houdini', brilliant winner of the semi-national race from St-Junien (492 km) against 2.963 yearlings (highest speed from 8.357 pigeons).

- 'Houdini' (FR19-014405)

These two crack pigeons are full cousins as the father of the first one and the mother of the second are brother & sister (bred out of 'Olympic Timoko' x 'Tornade du Rib', this one being a direct daughter of a brother from 'Olympic Timoko'). They are proving the efficiency of the breeding work achieved by Alexandre. Let's get to the next top pigeon:

- 'Olympic Hellboy' (FR13-14314)

'Olympic Hellboy' is another important pigeon from the team and, after a brilliant career in the racing loft during which he earned his status of Olympic pigeon (1. Olympic Pigeon Cat. A France - Brussels 2017), he also joined the breeding team (see later).

- 'Olympic Orion' (FR14-22308)

The same remark goes out to this other top pigeon from the loft, 'Olympic Orion' (2. Olympic Pigeon Cat. B France - Brussels 2017). He was bred out of a great mix of the old basic lines from Margris and Alexandre knew that he could be of great help if he would find the right pigeon to cross. The rest of the story is known: he produced several crack pigeons.

When he was still in the racing team, 'Olympic Orion' became father of the fantastic 'Viktoria', one of the new gems discovered in the gold mine of the Margris family.

- 'Viktoria' (FR18-36166)

In 2019, 'Viktoria' won the title of 1. National Ace Bird Sprint 'World Best Pigeon' (FCI) with no less than 6 first prizes (check the picture). She is a direct daughter of 'Olympic Orion' when paired on 'Lizz', a direct daughter of... 'Olympic Hellboy' (see previously). And the year before the birth of 'Viktoria', this same pair already bred an extraordinary gifted pigeon being:

- 'Olympic Oriane' (FR17-42257)

This one became 3. Olympic Pigeon Cat. G France - Poznan 2019. We are dealing here with a very strong family of performers able to classify themselves for the Olympiads on a regular base.

We must underline in all of this that both 'Olympic Orion' and 'Olympic Hellboy' (respectively father & grandfather of both 'Viktoria' and 'Olympic Orianne') are two grandsons of the super breeder 'SJ Photo', a pigeon born in the lofts of Dirk Barbry, the main branch of the famous Willy Vanhoutte (Wevelgem) whose pigeons are appreciated all over the world. This 'SJ Photo' is also father to the last important pigeon currently deserving a mention from Margris:

- 'Olympic Yankee' (FR13-014371)

'Olympic Yankee' ranked himself as 1. Olympic Pigeon Cat. B France - Brussels 2017. He was bred out of a mix from the old Margris lines.

With such a classy team both in the breeding & racing loft, it is not a surprise to notice that Alexandre Margris is at the top of his game since many years now. And you know what? Believe it or not, we think it's not yet over.