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Auction weekend ends at 327,400 EURO, Jelle Jellema (NL) 5,356 EURO / pigeon, Tom van Gaver (BE) 3,673 EURO / pigeon

These auctions ended on Sunday 21 March: Jelle Jellema, Tom Van Gaver, AT Breeding loft by Hadrien Marsille, Samuel Mbiza, Hardy Krüger, Stefaan Lambrechts, Arie Dijkstra, Mark Gilbert & Verweij De Haan.

Jelle Jellema (NL) - 16 pigeons - 5,356 EURO / pigeon
One of the cocks that has had a major impact on Jelle Jellema's successes in recent years is MG430… father of, among others, Silke with 1st Nat. Barcelona and 3rd Int. Narbonne, but also father of Joyce 8th Nat. Agen, Evi 9th Nat. Perpignan, 10th Nat. Barcelona, ​​Anna 13th Nat. Marseille and MG430 is also grandfather of the 4th final Victoria Falls 2020… And more, many more National top rankings were achieved with descendants of this giant. PIPA organized a MG430 special together with Jelle, which was a resounding success. 16 pigeons were sold for a total amount of 85,700 EURO. A great result. The stars of the auction were the following:

Son MG430 x New Jade 7 - 19,000 EURO
Daughter Yinthe - 8,400 EURO
Daughter Joyce - 8,200 EURO
Daughter Rena - 5,800 EURO
Daughter Joyce - 5,800 EURO

Tom Van Gaver (BE) - 15 pigeons - 3,673 EURO / pigeon
A great collection of 15 pigeons from Tom was sold very successfully yesterday. That is not surprising, because Tom shook the tree a number of times last season. His results are impressive and his stock pigeons continue to push his colony to a higher level every year. Not only in their own loft but also with others. (for example 1st national ace pigeon youngsters by Philip De Maeseneer). Once more reason for potential buyers to take action, it was not easy because many people were interested. The auctions ended in total at 55,100 EURO, the three best-selling pigeons were the following:

Finnman's Magic - 6,600 EURO
Finn's Tetske 98 - 6,200 EURO
Finn's Tetske 79 - 6,000 EURO

AT Breeding loft by Hadrien Marsille (BE) - 977 EURO / pigeon
The young fancier Hadrien Marsille distinguishes himself with super performances that already pushed the youngster towards the National championships among the youth of the KBDB. In 2015, 2016 and 2018 he became the Belgian Youth Champion and his name is also displayed in the absolute top among the senior members. With Golden Clyde 130 in the lead in his auction, we immediately have the most expensive pigeon from the auction. The 3rd provincial ace pigeon closed with an amount of 1,700 EURO. Together with the other pigeons, his auction closed with a total proceeds of 12,700 EURO.

Samuel Mbiza (SA) - 7 pigeons - 2,921 EURO / pigeon
For a long time, Samuel Mbiza ruled the international headlines with the record-breaking purchase of Golden Prince from Gino Clicque. Samuel Mbiza bought the Golden Prince as the then most expensive pigeon ever in the world in online auction for no less than 360,000 Euro. Golden Prince descendants have won in recent years a.o. 2x 1st National Ace pigeon by Gino Clicque and many other top prizes. Samuel auctioned two direct children of this icon on PIPA and further supplemented the auction with a number of special grandchildren. The children both ended up at 7,200 EURO and thus became, as expected, the most expensive pigeons in the auction.

Hardy Krüger (DE) - 10 pigeons - 2,580 EURO / pigeon
With his Black Power dynasty, Hardy has a super stock of pigeons under the roof that managed to win cartloads of 1st prizes, Ace pigeon titles and eventually Olympiad participations. One of the exponents of Black Power is Black Diamond. The grandson of the legend was today at the basis of the two most expensive pigeons in Hardy's auction. He sold two children with Black Luna as mother for EUR 3,800 and EUR 3,400.

Stefaan Lambrechts (BE) - 43 pigeons - 1,617 EURO / pigeon
The Lambrechts colony excels worldwide and the dynasty of 1st National Ace pigeon Lincia is one of the most famous worldwide. But descendants of basic couple Blauwe Gert x Van Loock also excel all over the world… the youngest breeding sensation is the 1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB 2018 Venus; her genes already turn out to be worth gold and are already winning with Stefaan and enthusiasts worldwide. The most expensive pigeon in Stefaan's auction was New Venus 610, this full brother of Venus was sold for 9,200 EURO. The red cock will undoubtedly make his new fancier rub his hands. The children of Venus and Lincia also ended up on nice amounts. For example, a son Lincia was sold for EUR 3,600 and a daughter of Venus for EUR 5,000. Stefaan's auction raised a total of 69,550 EURO.

Arie Dijkstra (NL) - 14 pigeons - 1,479 EURO / pigeon
Arie has an unparalleled hen in his breeding loft with Gastorina. The perfect blue, born in 2012, is a granddaughter of Gaston van de Wouwer's De Kaasboer. She has already produced many first prize winners and her grandchildren are also regularly heard. This year it was announced that a grandchild was nominated as 2nd in the Netherlands for the Olympiad in the Allround class. Arie paired her with Rocking Blue for PIPA, it comes directly from the Leonardo x Tinkelbel couple and has already delivered a book full of references. The youngsters from this couple were sold for EUR 3,200 and EUR 1,900. Together with their companions, the auction ended in total at 20,700 EURO.

Mark Gilbert (UK) - 7 pigeons - 2,757 EURO / pigeon
Mark is one of the leaders in the International classics, so that is guaranteed to be top class in auction. Among other things, the best lines of Batenburg-VD Merwe and Jellema, out children of 1st Int. Barcelona winners New Laureaat, Kleine Jade, Special One, Lloyd, Sumerian Fighter… from 1st Nat. Barcelona winner New Witbuik, 3rd Int. Barcelona Silvie, 5th Int. Barcelona Luna May, Olympiad pigeon Romee… and finally a child of 2x 1st National winner Southfield Hugo x Yvette, mother 1st Int. St. Vincent. The pigeons were very popular and were sold for a total amount of 19,300 EURO. Most expensive pigeon in Mark's auction became a child of Hugo. The blue son ended up with a sum of 4,400 EURO.

Verweij-De Haan (NL) - 8 pigeons - 2,263 EURO / pigeon
The star of Verweij-de Haan's loft is Milos. The ancestor is now 19 years old and appears to be more fertile than average. That is why a son of Milos proudly stands out on spot one in the Michel and Peter auction. It was the most coveted by the buyers and finished highest in the auction at an amount of 5,800 EURO. The other seven pigeons performed well, which resulted in a total yield of 18,100 EURO.