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Davy Neirynck (Baaigem, BE) Achieves Great Results with Tom Van Gaver’s Pigeons.

Davy Neirynck achieves great results on official flights with pigeons from his brother-in-law, Tom Van Gaver.

The Start of Something Beautiful

Davy is a young but very motivated hobbyist who has been active since 2015. He is the brother-in-law of Tom Van Gaver and has two beautiful children with Tom’s sister, Fien. When their relationship was still in the early stages, Davy came to visit Tom during the pigeon's arrival from Poitiers and Cahors. That day, there was a very strong northern wind and the homecoming of the pigeons was phenomenal! They excelled in every race and category, taking first place at the local level and having very early placements at the national level.

That day, Davy decided, impressed by the sight of so much action, that he too was going to keep pigeons. Not just to watch, but to seriously compete in the races… A few months later, the couple Davy Neirynck-Fien Van Gaver rented a house only a few kilometres away from the lofts of Tom Van Gaver. Here, they placed a tiny loft of two-by-two meters with a small aviary attached. Davy then settled 8 yearlings into their new small home. The approach he used was finely copied from Tom, and Davy executed it perfectly. The first season was an instant success despite having no prior experience. He performed in the provincial and national races as if he had been a fancier for 10 years. On the advice of Tom, he basketted on the last national long distance flight, Tulle. This ended with super results. Against 197 yearlings, the result was a formidable 5 on 5 with  5-12-15-17 and 24.

This too helped to draw Davy further into the pigeon sport, and in the coming years, it became a priority for him to find a new home where he could have garden lofts. Davy found his place in Baaigem and can now practise his hobby from a great location. Because of the family situation, the choice was made to start with some youngster and a few yearlings and old hens. The breakthrough for the colony Neirynck happened in 2020. He got 3rd place in the Provincial Championship East-Flanders Extremely Long Distance as well as the 9th Provincial Ace Pigeon KDBD through a few spectacular results on the national extremely long distance races.

Several super results from the last season :

20/06/20 Vierzon : 1-2-9-12-15-20-23-25-26-... / 446 old pigeons (19 on 27)
11/07/20 Argenton : 14-17-75-93-102-163-277-... / 7.260 yearlings(15 on 20)
18/07/20 Issoudun : 7-16-22-29-37-41-159-... / 4.624 yearlings (15 on 18)
3-61-101-209-640 / 2.860 old pigeons (5 on 5)
01/08/20 Gueret : 5-6-17-76-113-139-242-... / 3.649 yearlings (11 on 15)

Between the National KBDB Ace Pigeons

By the way, Tom van Gaver visits Davy every year to pick up a few cocks. In 2020, Tom won the 5th National Ace Pigeon KDBD Longer Middle Distance with one of those very cocks. In addition, the final national young pigeons race turned out to be a true spectacle. Both Tom and Philip De Maeseneer (who predominantly races with Van Gaver pigeons !!) were still in the running for National KBDB Ace Pigeons. The final race from Chateauroux became a bone-crushing competition with a heavy northwestern wind, making it very difficult to achieve the national 1st place in the region. Yet one of the very first registered results was the wonder bird Finnman from Philip De Maeseneer who, just like the 4 weeks before, arrived in time. With this, the wonder bird of the Finn-line secured the national title for itself. At that moment, a wild party broke loose in Denderwindeke, which was recorded and its video has become quite famous by now. That video was immediately sent to friend Tom Van Gaver, who, while watching the crazy images of Philip and his Finnman, also had a bird suddenly descend from the skies… Indeed : it was Dark Ace, Tom’s Ace Pigeon candidate. This Dark Ace and a loft mate (Dochter White Finn) still beat Finnman and achieved the 1st and 2nd prize Zonal as well as 1st Provincial against wind and weather. Naturally, another party broke out in Baaigem at Davy's, and in Moortsel at Tom’s. Truly a dream come true.

Images of the wild happenings after the homecoming of Finnman were already going around the globe. Naturally, Finnman became a celebrity after his title.
Dark Ace, just after his performance on Chateauroux.

So, Dark Ace (BE20-4014353) was bred by Davy Neirynck and played by Tom Van Gaver. Its parents are also Davy’s base couple. Together with dochter Finn and nestbroer van Blue Finn, they are the red line throughout Davy’s colony, together with the old birds of Tom. Davy also regularly does joint breeding with Gregory Tallieu, who also predominantly uses the Van Gaver breed. All of this makes sure that quality is central for the Neirynck family.

Dark Ace : 5th National Ace Pigeon of Tom Van Gaver, bred by Davy Neirynck.

The father (Brother Fred Jan Pappens : BE16-4078677) and mother  (Fijne 059 : BE17-4156059) of Dark Ace are so the parents of, among others: 4th Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2018, 1st local + 5th provincial Blois, 1st Toury 347 p., 2nd Noyon 603 p., 2nd Sermaise 882 p., 2nd Issoudun 154 p., 5th Argenton, 386 p., 6th Noyon 603 p., 8th Toury 471 p., 9th Zonal Chateauroux 5.438 p., 16th zonal Issoudun 4.627 p., … This clearly shows that we are talking about an extraordinary breeding couple.

Brother Fred : Father of, among others, Dark Ace
Fijne 059 : Neirynck super breeding hen.

Even More Quality on the Lofts

Dark Ace and his parents are not the only gems in this colony of top birds. At PIPA’s total sale of 2017, Davy, after advice from Tom Van Gaver, bought a daughter of Finn, a full sister of Finnman’s mother, who is also a great breeder, and Philip bought the mother of Finnman. The daughter of Finn is the mother of BE19-4102636, who excelled in Tulle with 1st local, 2nd provincial, 2nd zonal, and 46th national. Beyond that, there are also prestigious prizes on the honours list from Blois, Noyon and others… This one too is a golden hen underneath the tiles of Davy’s loft.

Additionally, there is also Nestbroer Blue Finn (BE17-4077397), who deserves to be called another supporting pillar of Davy Neirynck’s loft. Blue Finn and his nest brother were bred by Sam Bostoen, and they are from the lineage of White Finn (given to Sam by Tom), coupled with a daughter Meau Pec. Both Blue Finn and his nest brother are extraordinary pigeons. Blue Finn was the sensation of Tom’s lofts in 2020, winning the 8th National Ace Pigeon KBDB as well as being the best Belgian pigeon over 7 national long distance races. He is also the father of Adrien, the 11th Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance in 2020. His nest brother never raced but turned out to be just as good a breeder. The results of Blue Finn are still passionately discussed. His nest brother became the father of the best pigeon of Davy Neirynck in 2020, White Finn's Lass (BE19-4101653). This bird was the 9th Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB and is well represented in several PIPA-rankings.

As mentioned earlier, Davy Neirynck has a lot to thank Tom Van Gaver and specifically the Finn-lineage for. Top performances and victories on the national level are par for the course for these young and ambitious fanciers. We most certainly have not seen the last of them, and with the aid of Tom’s pigeons, there is a beautiful and unique story of success going on.