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Auction weekend ends at 295,000 EURO, Frans Bungeneers (BE) 3,311 EURO / pigeon, Karlo van Rompaey (BE) 3,083 EURO / pigeon

These auctions ended on Sunday 14 March: Bruges Barcelona Club, Karlo Van Rompaey, Demaret-Marichal, Kees Nijeboer, Franz-Josef Irmer, Alexandre Margris, Geoff & Catherine Cooper, SG Blackert Markus & Albrecht, Pieter Veenstra, Pieter Woord & Frans Bungeneers .

Bruges Barcelona Club - 13 pigeons - 1,131 EURO / pigeon
For the auction of the Bruges Barcelona Club, 13 pigeons were donated, which generated a total yield of 14,700 EURO. A double grandchild of New Laureaat performed best in the auction that was put together thanks to donations. Double New Laureaat was sold for 2,500.

Karlo Van Rompaey (BE) - 6 pigeons - 3,083 EURO / pigeon
Anyone who says Karlo Van Rompaey automatically says Hattrick. His National victory was the start of something beautiful. Hattrick turns out to be able to pass on his great genes. A Hattrick special was organized at PIPA in which it was possible to purchase something from the genes of the Hattrick. It turned out to be a wonderful auction with an average of 3,083 EURO / pigeon. The tastemaker in the auction was the pied cock from Hattrick x Boxster. After a serious battle, the counter remained at 8,600 EURO.

Demaret-Marichal (BE) - 7 pigeons - 1,486 EURO / pigeon
The new super combination consisting of Grégory Demaret & Thierry Marichal had exceptional seasons on the International races in 2019 and 2020. Especially for PIPA they tried to breed a group of powerhouses that everyone could benefit from. It became seven pigeons from their best breeders. Nirvana's mealy half-sister became the most expensive with EUR 2,000. With the quality they have, we will undoubtedly be hearing a lot more from this tandem.

Kees Nijeboer (NL) - 18 pigeons - 2,289 EURO / pigeon
Kees Nijeboer's Sola team has already gained a lot of fame. In the past period Kees decided to sell his best racing pigeons on PIPA, including Kleine Sola herself. They all became performance pigeons that could benefit every loft. Not surprisingly, Kleine Sola became the most expensive pigeon in the auction. Her new owner pays 4,000 EURO for her. The same amount was also paid for Kees, his best hen at the time. He calls her Olympic Esther Sola, this hen has received two top 10 nominations for the Olympiad. In total, the auction raised 41,200 EURO.

Franz-Josef Irmer (DE) - 16 pigeons - 1,731 EURO / pigeon
Franz-Josef Irmer has built up a great colony of pigeons. He collected the very best in recent years. In his auction we found descendants of: Victor, Best Kittel, Porsche, Greipel, Kittel and so on. The pigeons did not go unnoticed, which resulted in a total yield of 27,700 EURO.

Alexandre Margris (FR) - 8 pigeons - 1,119 EURO / pigeon
Often seen as the best one of the best French pigeon fanciers ever, with an exceptional arsenal of National Ace pigeons and Olympiad pigeons; that's Alexandre Margris. He brought a beautiful group of pigeons into the auction, led by the 1st provincial Ace pigeon Black Quango Lotus. It was sold as the most expensive for 1,500 EURO.

Geoff & Catherine Cooper (UK) - 8 pigeons - 1,713 EURO / pigeon
Geoff & Catherine's Wollongong special opened with a very special one. A son from Farmer George paired to Wollongong. So two international winners paired together. The chequer cock became the most expensive in the auction with a profit of 2,900 EURO. The second most expensive was a double grandchild of Wollongong. However, this one also has Lloyd and Armando as grandparents. A beautiful pairing, this pigeon was sold for 2,500 EURO. In total, the auction of the Cooper family raised EUR 13,700.

SG Blackert Markus & Albrecht (DE) - 35 pigeons - 2,120 EURO / pigeon
One of the biggest stars in the firmament of the German pigeon sport is the combination Albrehct & Markus Blackert. Winning top prizes is their motto and they have succeeded wonderfully in this for many years. They are praised for their top couple Joker x Black Sun. Their descendants have already flown an unbelievably long record of achievements. In 2020 a grandson (Supersonic 207) flew to an Olympic nomination. This one was also auctioned. And how, no less than 20,000 EURO was paid for this excellent pigeon. This also made him the most expensive pigeon in the auction. The Joker x Black Sun couple also went under the hammer. The cock from 2010 and the hen from 2011 were sold together with one of their children for an amount of 5,200 EURO. The buyer is expected to be delighted after this purchase. In total, the auction raised 74,200 EURO.

Pieter Veenstra (NL) - 14 pigeons - 2,332 EURO / pigeon
Pieter Veenstra gained fame for years with well-known toppers such as Mr. Blue & Dolce Vita. Today the eyes are on their Return Flojo. She is related on motherside to the legendary Mr. Blue and therefore also Dolce Vita. But it's not just Return Flojo that impresses, an example of another exponent from the same pairing is Cartier. Now a fixed value in the breeding loft and last Sunday at the basis of the most expensive pigeon in the auction of the Veenstra family. The Cartier x 4 legends 821 pairing produced a jewel of a chequer hen that ended at a cost of 6,200 EURO. A half-sister of Return Flojo also impressed by finishing at 4,200 EURO. In total, the auction raised 32,650 EURO.

Pieter Woord (NL) - 11 pigeons - 2,109 EURO / pigeon
While Pieter Woord and Louw Van Den Berg already managed to claim the attention in 2017 with the International victory from Perpignan with Leontine, in 2018 it became Powerboy who won the 1st International against 11,739 pigeons from Pau! If you put that together you get the '882 and' 883. Two beautiful hens who yesterday brought the auction together with their 9 companions to a success. The sisters were sold for 4,800 EURO and 3,200 EURO. They did not get all the attention because there was one who did better. Namely a full sister of Leontine. Her mother's image was sold for 5,000 EURO.

Frans Bungeneers (BE) - 9 pigeons - 3,311 EURO / pigeon
Anyone who looks at the 'Barcelona palmares' of Frans Bungeneers will not dispute that Frans is rightly declared the only real king of Barcelona. Once more reason for our marathon fanciers to immerse themselves in the colony of Frans and try to get hold of something. There were nine opportunities for the buyers. Prices fluctuated between EUR 2,100 and EUR 6,400. Not entirely unexpectedly, a son of his Elena became the most expensive of the auction. In total, the auction raised EUR 29,800.