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Roger Mylle (Bellegem, BE) proved how to get the most out of a pigeon strain

Roger Mylle was a one-piece, no-frills man. Only proven pigeons were eligible to use for his stock building. Deliver top performances or disappear, was the motto.

Perform or disappear

Trying to reach the top of the pigeon sport ladder with healthy ambition… that was the goal that Roger Mylle had in mind when practicing his favorite hobby, the pigeon sport. There are certainly many roads that lead to Rome here too. Although there is also a dose of luck, in addition to expertise and feeling on the part of the fancier.

Top performances in the long term are always based on a strong base of pigeons. Roger Mylle knew that better than anyone. The purpose is to build such a colony. The question is: how do you go about it, and what is needed for this? Investing in (often very expensive) pigeons with an excellent dream pedigree, was an option. But, Roger concluded… paper pigeons do not win a prize, and / or have not yet been able to prove themselves. There was also option 2: starting from proven pigeons, hitters with nobility, with proof of top performances on the battlefield, on the tough (inter) national races of the long and extreme long distance.
Roger chose the latter… in his eyes, the shortest and only straight path to success. He had learned this from his own professional experience… starting with the best ingredients. Although he had also watched from the corner of his eye how national toppers from the region performed compared to him. As reinforcement, they often went to get top pigeons from small, strong-performing fanciers, and especially focused on pigeons that delivered exceptional performances in hard racing weather and / or crack pigeons and winners that they often had contend themselves..
Not the pedigree / descent of the pigeon played a role in this, but the outstanding performance delivered. For example, fellow countrymen and national toppers such as Roger Vereecke, Sylvere Toye, Etienne Devos, Andre Vanbruaene… showed this to him. They went for the purchase of the crack itself, or - if it was not for sale - the direct children of this fantastic performer, or participated in joint breeding with their own toppers and crack pigeons.

The late Roger Mylle also built up his stock around proven long distance cracks, pigeons that had delivered their top performances in his own loft. Stunners with proof as a breeding pigeon and / or as a racing topper. These got their place in the breeding boxes, from where they were responsible for the progeny… together with an annual round of youngsters from the best racing pigeons. With this approach Roger Mylle proved to be right, and in no time was able to connect with the national top long distance and extreme long distance. The titles and KBDB Ace pigeons won up to the national level do not lie, and are the best proof of this.  You could read them in a previous report about the richly filled honors list of sports friend Roger Mylle. Although they may not have received the necessary attention they deserved before, the titles and ace pigeons that have been acquired are no less meritorious, and prove the strength and enormous class of the modern Roger Mylle pigeon.

A leading role in all of this is played by the descendants of 2 golden stock breeders, with Labeeuw and Mathieu Pau. We briefly introduce them to you, with their main descendants.

A crossing of these 2 successful lines of Labeeuw and Mathieu Pau, is the basis of one of the current super cracks of the Roger Mylle colony, namely:

Bagatelie BE18-3071236

9. Nat Ace Pigeon Long & Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2019
7. Nat Limoges 10.783 p.
13. Nat Libourne 4.354 p.
173. Nat Brive 3.755 p.
189. Nat Tulle 7.155 p.
his father ‘Zaaf’ is grandson of both Labeeuw as well as Mathieu Pau

Base Sire 1 : De Labeeuw

Roger Mylle had clearly tapped into a new gold vein with the Labeeuw. De Labeeuw is a pure Stichelbaut pigeon, originating from Frans Labeeuw (the late Aloïs Stichelbaut branch) as grandson of the Primus-inter-pares over 5 Barcelona races. This Labeeuw immediately set himself up as a breeding cock with dominant top genes. Already in his first year breeding, he gave birth to a huge super crack, with the "St. Vincent".A whole series of top talent in 1st, 2nd and subsequent generations followed in his wake. Here is an overview of the main current toppers in the breeding and racing lofts ... the 'golden blacks' of Bellegem:

St.Vincent BE11-3047804 (son Labeeuw)

1.Best St.Vincent Pigeon of Belgium over 3 years 2014-15-16
1.Best St.Vincent Pigeon Internationaal over 2 years 2015-16
1.Best St.Vincent Pigeon of Belgium over 2 years 2015-16
10. Nat St.Vincent 2.562 p. – 61. Internat 103643 p. ‘16
38. Nat Pau 1.661 p. ’14
40. Nat St.Vincent 3.037 p. ’15
45. Nat St.Vincent 3.240 p. ’14
83. Nat Cahors 7.140 p. ‘14

This St. Vincent has also turned into a top class breeder.

Francis BE13-3004018 (son Labeeuw)

59. Nat Brive 3.850 p.
64. Nat Libourne 5.024 p.
132. Nat Perpignan 4.620 p. etc…

has since grown into an excellent breeding cock

Alessio BE17-3031257 (son Labeeuw)

58. Nat St.Vincent 3.038 p.
80. Prov Cahors 1.116 p.

Ben BE19-3036271 (son Labeeuw)

31. Prov Narbonne 588 p. ’20
33. Prov Chateauroux 4.976 p. ’19
55. Prov Souillac  1.639 p. ’20

Alfred BE17-3031307 (grandson Labeeuw)

14. Nat Narbonne 3.873 p. – 41. Intnat 9.813 p. ’19
40. Nat Agen  5.140 p. – 49. Intnat 12.433 p. ’20

in addition to a cartload of other top performances

Ajan BE17-3031887 (grandson Labeeuw)

1.Club Barcelona 121 p. – 349. Nat Barcelona 7.301 p. ’19
73. Prov Barcelona 945 p. – 531. Nat Barcelona 6.178 p. ’20

Bartoli BE19-3036225 (2 x Labeeuw in the pedigree)

66. Nat Souillac 7.514 p.
297. Nat Brive 4.238 p.
419. Nat Limoges 9.756 p.
Super yearling: 3 x long distance in 2020 and 3 x Top!

These are just a few of the wealth of top talent that was bred from golden stock sire Labeeuw.

Base Sire 2: Mathieu Pau

An excellent breeder per say, and central figure in the stock building. A striking example of the breeding strategy of the late Roger Mylle, in particular… breeding from his own winners and crack pigeons. This Mathieu Pau first showed a piece of his pure racing skills, before continuing his enormous class and breeding dominance with his progeny.

Mathieu Pau BE06-3003346

2. Nat Pau 2.283 p.
61. Nat Tarbes 4.818 p.
81. Nat Orange EB 1.187 p.
133. Nat Bourges 20.589 p.
203. Nat Brive 17.446 p.
313. Nat Montauban  7.203 p.

This fantastic athlete is one of the most beautiful pigeons we have ever seen, close to perfection. The prototype of the modern long distance pigeon. No wonder that he is the basis of an impressive series of new crack pigeons, winners and real toppers. This from the national grand middle distance to long distance and extreme long distance! A quality that is given to few real long distance pigeons.
He started breeding in 2013, and immediately brought a super crack into the world with Pau Joël. A whole series of long distance toppers followed in his wake. We list the main descendants who have made beautiful days by Roger Mylle during the last seasons:

Pau Joël BE13-3004108 (son Mathieu Pau)

1.Best Perpignan pigeon of Belgium over 2 years 2017-18
1.Prov Narbonne 527 p. ’14 – 29. Nat Narbonne 2.802 p. – 84. Intnat 8.360 p.
17. Nat Perpignan 4.620 p. ’17 – 56. Intnat 14.851 p.
20. Nat Perpignan 3.966 p. ’18
78. Nat Limoges II  7.274 p. ‘18
85. Nat St.Vincent 2.562 p. ’16

Zorro BE16-3006855 (son Mathieu Pau)

Giant of a super crack, wins 3 x in Top-38 National!
31. Nat Aurillac 2.489 p. ’20 – 1. Prize Local (> 35° C)
36. Nat Jarnac 5.371 p.
38. Nat Chateauroux 4.389 p.

Barbero BE19-3036273 (grandson Mathieu Pau)

72. Nat Brive 4.238 p.
130. Nat Souillac 7.514 p.

descendant from a crossing of Mathieu Pau and Labeeuw lines

Blauwen Crack BE18-3071278

12. Nat Libourne 4.354 p. ’19
39. Nat Brive 3.755 p. ’20
160. Nat Souillac 6.668 p. ’20
grandson of Brother Mathieu Pau

Souillac BE19-3036264

18. Nat Souillac 7.514 p. ’20
From grandson x granddaughter Mathieu Pau, crossing with the Labeeuw-line

The current top athlete also belongs in this list Bagatelie BE18-3071236 - 9. Nat Ace Pigeon Long & Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2019, 7. Nat Limoges 10.783 p., 13. Nat Libourne 4.354 p. here (see above). His father "Zaaf" is grandson of both Labeeuw and Mathieu Pau.

These are just a few of the wealth of top talent that resides in the lofts of the late Roger Mylle. No pedigree pigeons, but proven top class. Super pigeons that abundantly displayed their skills on the results sheet. Pigeons with a preference for hard work, tough racing weather, and were able to perform great in it. For example, there are currently more than 30 pigeons with at least 1 or more prizes within the "National Top-100" on their performance list. Not as easy as it sounds.

As a final conclusion, it can be said that the Mylle pigeons reached the national top in a playful way and guarantee top prizes in the (inter) national long distance and extreme long distance. A colony that was coming to its peak, in full bloom. It is here where you as a fellow sports companion should take advantage of it, to gain reinforcement, with the greatest chance to succeed and be successful.